Magical Explorer Chapter 51

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Takioto Kousuke 2

Ludi's POV


"Hmm, there's no need to worry, right?"

The one who said that is the person Kousuke considered his master, Mizumori Yukine, the vice president of the public moral committee.

"Takioto is not an idiot. He must have seen this coming already. Isn't that why he is still casually diving into the dungeon right now?"

I nod along.

"I have been keeping an eye on them but it seems like I will have to pay more attention huh. It might just be my personal opinion but a person can be easily influenced by words and gazes received from other people."

I agree.

I once got a chance to visit the library in this town. There was a noisy group of women but after they noticed the gazes of the people around them, they gradually break-up.

"Yes, I think so too."

They lost to the pressure of the surrounding gazes but they were the one in the wrong in the first place.

"Certainly, we can't praise his action either. In the first place, as the vice president of the public moral committee, I will have to be careful about my stance on this."


Yukine-san raises her voice.

"If it is strength that he sought after, then his action is only reasonable. Regardless of people's opinion of him, shouldn't he be praised for his training efficiency? He didn't bother anyone in the first place, right?" 

It was as Yukine-san said. He didn't show up at the cla.s.s but he also didn't interfere with the cla.s.s itself.

"Should I have a word with the L L L?"

Sempai shakes her head at my words.

"No, it's better to leave them alone until something happens. It's the same when we were dealing with MMM and SSS. It will just fan the flame of jealousy and their actions will just become more radical. Captain Steph once intentionally fan the flame and suppressed them herself to serve as an example. That time she went quite overboard too."

Umm, well…. Those two must have it hard too huh.

"I understand it too well, I wanted to sigh. Well, I can sympathize with President Monika but in Captain Steph's case, I can't even begin………I said too much. Please forget what I said earlier."

The current generation saint, Stefanisama has a lot of good rumors circulating around her. Rather, I hear nothing but good rumors about her. However, despite all that, I still can remember the sense of wrongness coming from her. Sometimes I can only see the smile that is always on her face as a mask.

"Let's wrap this up. Does Takioto know of this?"

"A friend of Kousuke already told him."

"Fumu, It is Takioto's problem. Let's not be impatient and act as normal. Rather, we should focus on our training to ensure that we are not left behind, right?"

"Surely, since he started going to the dungeon, he has become abnormally stronger…. I have to keep up too."

No, we are already left behind. I can see it with the result of his training with Claris. Claris was on her knee while Kousuke was still standing.

I think Claris also think so too. Ever since her win-rate keep decreasing, she has been increasing her training time as well. I understand your feelings but if it is going to interfere with your normal work then you will get scolded by Papa, you know?

"I am also frustrated about that, I've never seen a person that can grow so much in such a short time."

Yukine-san happily said so. Then, as if she just remembered something, she suddenly speaks to me.

"….Ludi is living with Takioto at the headmaster's house, right? How enviable."


I stopped breathing. Does sempai want to live with Kousuke too?

"You would have a lot of motivation to train if you are living with him right? You can even consult about magic with Marino-san and Hatsumi-san. It's the best environment to train yourself."

I let out a sigh in relief. Come to think of it, this person is no less a training idiot than Kousuke, huh.

"Back to our conversation, if you can't stand the difference in ability, why not try asking him directly? Why did he want to become stronger so bad? Unexpectedly, I think he might casually just answer. Rather, I want to know his reason too. Why don't we try asking him together?"

I imagine myself and sempai asking him together…..

"No, I will ask him myself."

I answered so. Sempai responded with: "I see" and nod.

"… the future, Takioto might become the target of jealousy more than ever before, huh."

Speaking of that. I cut in.

"The situation might become even worse. But that is still just a possibility. If he plays it well then something like that won't happen."


"If it for his goal then he doesn't seem to care about his own reputation."

That's my thoughts. Rather, isn't that what's happening right now?

"It is as you said. However, he is not alone. That's the one thing I can say for sure."

Yukine-san stands in front of me with an expression that's more serious than before.

"No matter how Takioto is hated by the other students, I will never give up being his ally."

"I don't think he is a bad person after all" she said that and laugh.

Then it came to me, the reason why Kousuke trusted her so much despite the short time he knows her.

"That's my intention but, Ludivine Marie-Ange de la Trefle-dono. What about you?"

When she asked me, I try thinking about Kousuke. The only thing that came up to my mind is the incident at Hanamura hotel.

Betrayed by a person that served the Trefle house for over ten years, in that situation that can only bring me despair, he became my s.h.i.+eld despite the danger to his life. And despite knowing my true personality, he did not pull away from me. Rather, it has become easier for us to get along since I can talk to him without minding myself. Was there anyone outside my family beside Claris that I can put my trust in and just be myself?

"I will continue being Kousuke's ally too."

"I would be lonely without a ramen friend, right?"

After I said that, Yukine-san let out a laugh.

"Then it's fine. If something happens I will be there to support you. Well, he doesn't look like he needed our help in the first place though. This time the incident looks like it would resolve itself even if we don't do anything too. I don't know how it will turn out in the end though.


Yukine-san laughed.

There are a lot of people that know how hard Kousuke worked like Marino-san, Hatsumi-san, myself and Claris. But, I felt that the one who knows it best is Yukine-san.

"Alright, I will get back to my training then. Do you want to join me, Ludi?"

Yukine-san refres.h.i.+ngly said so.

I give her a big smile and…

Give her a firm refusal with a shake of my head.

Yukine-san and Kousuke's training is already bordering a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t territory. It's impossible for me. They often said something like "it's just a light running" and do a full marathon.

I felt a little guilty when I saw sempai's depressed expression though.

Author Note: Impossible thing is impossible after all.

Magical Explorer Chapter 51

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