Magical Explorer Chapter 53

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The Incident (The Reward)

After was.h.i.+ng my sweat-soaked body in the bath, I return to my room and take out the coffee-flavored milk from the refrigerator. I am contemplating how convenient it is to have a refrigerator in your own room while sitting on a high-chair and reach for a book on the table.

At the moment I was about to turn the page, I heard a knock from the door.

I know who it is from the sound of knocking.

If it is Ludi or Claris, they would call out to me after they knocked on the door and Marino-san would come in immediately after the knock. What would you do if I was doing something naughty?

I call out to the person at the door while inserting the bookmark inside the magic book.

"What is it, Nee-san?"

When I call out, Nee-san opens the door and enters the room. She sat on the bed without saying anything and *Pon pon* slap the bed as to beckon me to sit next to her.

I don't know what she wanted to do but I sat down at the place she beckoned. Okay, what now?

"Umm, Nee-san. What are you doing?"

*Pon Pon* She lightly pat my head.

"Like this?"

She then pressed her hand and start stroking my head.

"Umm, what's wrong?"

Well, how should I put this? If you suddenly entered the room and start stroking my head, I can't help but get embarra.s.sed, right? When her scent comes in through my nose at such close distance there's no way I am not gonna be embarra.s.sed.

"Kousuke is working hard."

Is Nee-san praising me? Or did she tried to cheer me up? I don't remember doing something worth being praised or cheering though.

"Cheered up?"

"Y, yes"

Rather than that, it's more like I have to hold myself down now. Of course, since I am a gentleman, I can keep it from showing on my face. However, since she is so close that pent up energy ended up concentrating at that part instead.



She looked at me and let out such a voice. Did she realize how stimulated I am right now?  Or did she noticed that my bottom part is in a bad state right now?.

"Do you want me to stroke your thigh?"

Maybe it is because I was facing down. Nee-san suddenly suggested so.

Is this a cabaret club? Did I wander off to a cabaret club when I was reading? Since I suddenly got myself stuck in the world of eroge, I won't even be surprised if I suddenly find myself in a cabaret club though.

Maybe she took my silence as the confirmation, she started stroking my thigh.

"How is it?"

It felt so good I'm gonna go crazy.

"N, Nee-san wait a minute."

Nee-san stopped her hand and I start speaking in a hurry.

"It, it was very satisfying! I am super cheered up! I am so full of energy right now I can even use GenkiDama!" (TLN: DBZ: Spirit bomb = Genki Dama/ Genki = Cheerful, energetic) 

"Energetic b.a.l.l.s?”

Seems like there's no Dragonball manga in this world.

"I, I'm fine now. Let's leave it at that! That's why, Thank you Nee-san!"

I grabbed Nee-san hand and put it back on her thigh.

"Is that so…………."

But Nee-san didn't let go of my hand.


She said so and open the futon with her other hand.

It's no exaggeration to say that I am extremely confused right now. What is she trying to do in the first place? Even if you said "Alright" there are many kinds of "Alright", the kind that permits me to enter the bed or the kind where you permit your pet to eat its food like "Alright, Dig in! 

No, let's calm down. Let's try directly asking her intention first.

"N, Nee-san, what exactly are you trying to do here?"

"When you are tired, sleeping is the best."

So it was "it's OK to enter the bed" kind of alright. Looking at the situation right now it can't be anything else.

However, what Nee-san said is true, nothing can refute that. Sleeping is effective in healing both mental and physical exhaustion. But you know, why did you say that while holding my hand, Nee-san?

"R, Right. Then, I will change and go to bed…."

I turn my gaze toward the door. I was about to say "Since I'm going to change my clothes please leave the room" then…


It seems like she didn't understand what I tried to say at all. There's no sign that she will leave the room, her body didn't even move a millimeter from her spot.

"N, Nee-san. I think that Umm, wouldn't it be embarra.s.sing if you see me changing clothes so….."

To what I said, she looked down and blushed.

"I am embarra.s.sed too…….."

THEN GET OUUUUUUUUUUUT. Ah, she showed no sign of leaving at all.

"Don't worry, I will cover my eyes."

She said so and release my hand. She then covers her face with her both hands. There are gaps between her fingers though.

It's the same as Marino-san when I have that near-miss incident with Hatsumi-san at the bathroom! Seriously, like parent like child!

Let's leave that aside.

"Un, understood."

I'm not sure what I understood but let's change for now. I will try not to mind the gazes that coming through the gaps between her fingers. If I start taking off my clothes she might shut her eyes after all.

I took out my sleepwear from the closet. I glanced at Nee-san, I felt the room temperature drops below freezing point like It was in the middle of winter.


I stopped thinking and take off my clothes under Nee-san's gaze.

Nee-san, Hand, Hand, the gap is widening. You are literally staring at me.

"Umm, Nee-san"

"I don't see any green pants at all."


After I'm done changing, I head toward Nee-san and enter the futon. When I thought that the shame play is finally over, she started taking off her clothes.

"N, Nee-san. W, What are you doing?"

Nee-san maintains her usual expression while her cheek is blus.h.i.+ng a little.

"Sleep together."

She whispered so and put her Jacket on the side.

Was there any part of sleeping together that require taking your clothes off? As I was still confused, Nee-san keeps taking off her clothes. She pulled out a negligee from who knows where and change into it. It was huge.

Nee-san flips open the futon and insert herself next to me. Our bodies are in close contact.

My head is about to boil over.

Umm, seriously, what is this? Why am I sleeping together with Nee-san? Is she being manipulated by a demon?



"Turn over"

When I turn to look over my shoulder under the futon, I was hugged by Nee-san.

Is this Eden?

Wonderful. It felt like all the happiness I experience so far condensed into one and wrap around my head. I am so happy I'm gonna go crazy, It's like someone directly injected drugs into my brain.

What war? What religion? What eroge!? The paradise is already here!!! LOVE AND PEACE!

No, wait a minute… let's calm down and face reality.

What's going on exactly?

At first, it was just head patting. Then it was thigh stroking. When I noticed it these bouncy things are already in front of me. It's no use… I can only think using onomatopoeia.

But no matter how much I think, I can only think that she is inviting me.

No, but, I'm not in love with Nee-san or anything. If I turned into a beast here, what if she reports it to Marino-san then? What will happen to my life?

It's the line I mustn't cross.

Think about the RTA. A stable strategy is always better than a dangerous one.

Alright, calm down. Remember the strategy I used against her in Magiero. There might be a way to escape this situation there.

Capturing Nee-san. Nee-san was Umm.. the character that taught the protagonist the s.p.a.ce-time magic….. Umm, she gave the cheat acceleration spell to the protagonist and….. Umm.


I screamed in my heart.

What now? What should I do?

The demon inside me whispers.

Demon: Oi oi, Nee-san has already invited you to this extent right? Don't mind your standing within the Hanamura house and JUST DO IT.

This is not good. Angel inside me please stop this Demon. I beg you, please stop him.

Angel: Let's do it gently while caring for Hatsumi-san here.

There's no such thing as an Angel. The voices are unanimous.

Alright, to h.e.l.l with warrior enduring his hunger to maintain dignity. It's a man's shame do deny an advance from a woman. 

(TLN: Real JP proverb is a warrior used a toothpick even when he didn't eat anything. Its meaning is that the warrior always keeps his dignity even when he got nothing to eat.)

My heart is set.

I squeeze Nee-san's hand that is currently embracing me.

"N, Nee-san…"

I finally raised my voice but there was no response. I raise my face and finally notice.


"Sh, She's slee…ping."

Then what should I do about this tent?

"………………….Let's sleep."

I said so and close my eyes but……


Nee-san slightly moves and put more power into her arm that is currently wrapped around me and start breathing normally.

"You know…."

I can't help feeling her scent and the soft touch of her skin with her every breath.

"……………I can't sleep."


Author Note: Since Takioto overslept the next day, he got into a quarrel with Ludi who come wake him up.

TLN: Since I will be away for a few day, let's play a game. [Guess my favorite anime/novel character] I will give you hints and if you correctly commented the answer you get that sweet double release lol.

First Hint: “She” is a “magician” from an “LN” with “Magic Eyes”. Too vague? well, do your best hahaha.

Magical Explorer Chapter 53

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