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Luijysensei 2

“…….Are, are you okay?”

Sensei calls out from a few meters away.

“If you are asking me whether I'm safe or not, then I am physically fine but mentally, I think I'm not……”

“I'm, I'm sorry. B, but we got some data…….”

“We broke the machine though.”

I sigh while looking at the machine that is currently spilling out smoke at the corner of the room.

As expected the Ero-Scientist's invention can not be taken lightly. If Luijysensei were to use it, not only the machine, my crotch might be exploding too.

“Even so…as expected it seems like you really can't expel magic power outside…..”

“Even when with that much absorption power, only a little came out. It doesn't seem like it's gonna be useful even if we try to force it out huh.”

I sighed. On the other hand, Sensei put her hand under her chin and start talking.

“Even though you usually don't release it much but you always have that much magic power stored inside right?”

“Yes, it's to the extent that I am surprised that my body can contain such amount.”

“If we a.s.sume that the amount inside is the same as a normal person then maybe it was originating from a different place? If that is the case then Hatsumi's different dimension conservatory theory will be proven. But there's also the theory that Faust and other researchers have proposed about how magic is formed from small magic particle too…..”

Or so she muttered to herself.

“Unexpectedly, it might be possible that both theories might be right.”

To what I muttered to myself.

“If we can prove that then it will become a great historical discovery, you know…..”

She responds with a serious expression.

Well, that area is not my expertise so I can't say anything more. Anyway, I will think about it later.

I place my hand on Sensei's shoulder.

“Then sensei. It's time to honor our promise right?”

I speak with a smile on my face. She turned her head shakily like a machine that was not well-oiled.

“Do I really have to talk about it?”

She asked.


She performs an ideal Seiza on the ground (I didn't say anything, she did that on her own) and began to speak while grasping the hem of her clothes.

It was as I thought, the cause of it all is money.

According to sensei, she lost her money paying off debt and taxes. Then the Ero-Scientist came to know that she is currently working part-time at a naughty establishment to pay off her debt. In exchange for her silence, she has to do everything she says, take the disaster this time for an example. (Seems like she was the one who said that she would do anything herself.)

Well, the only one who falls victim to the Ero-Scientist this time is me though.

“Rather, you were actually deceived to pay all of those right?”

I can't confirm since I just heard the story from her, but in j.a.pan, I know that she is paying for something that should be exempted. Is this world really that different from j.a.pan? But I think what she has to pay is still too much.

“Umm, but the person from the trader said……”

“Did you properly confirm the contract's content?”

The more I listen to her, the more things I think that she is paying for something that she doesn't have to. Moreover, I think that someone is tricking her to pay all that. A person who easily trust other people like sensei would be easy to fool. The amount of money is too inflated after all.

“Why did you leave it alone until it becomes like this?”

“Umm…., you see.”

“……….How old are you? How many years have you been in society?”


Looking at her half-crying face, I let out a sigh. If I were in her shoes then I would want to cry too. A student is lecturing her about money after all.

“I', I'm shoory.”

Seeing her hanging her head while performing seiza, I sigh again. This problem requires a lot of money to solve in the game. Since I have already come so far, I should take the responsibility until the end, huh.

“Sensei, please guide me to your house.”

“M, my house…..d, don't tell me you are trying to blackmail me to do that!?”

“…..It seems there's a big misunderstanding here.”

“Hawa, Hawawawa, but……”


“……Please show me all your bankbooks and debt contracts at your house!!”

I took out my smartphone and call the first person on my contact list in this world. She's a woman who is also a widow with a child.

“Ah, Marino-san? I have a request, can you please introduce me to a tax accountant and a lawyer…..?”

As expected, Marino-san was surprised. She goes [HoEeeee] in surprise. Just how old are you?

In the end, Luijysensei's debt was not paid off but it was able to be reduced considerably.

The total amount was really surprising. It was to the extent that the tax accountant introduced by Marino-san had a hard time about it. For me, it is to the extent that I have to endure not to vomit my inside out.

Luijysensei said “He made a safe monthly repayment plan for me.” but that monthly amount was also terrible, she was deceived to pay this in the first place. It was an amount that I would fail to pay if I didn't win a lottery.

“It's a relief that she doesn't have to sell her organs.”

The lawyer said that with a serious expression before he left. By the way, it seems that a magician's organs do sell really well. I wonder what they are used for.

There were a lot of terrible problems but most of it was resolved by the lawyer. I even needed to visit some scary looking Nii-sans place (It was really terrifying) but I just said  [I'm Hanamura Kousuke, the Hanamura clan is ready to go to war with you (Legally and Physically)]. As expected of the peerless Hanamura clan. By the way, the scene was so funny because both my and the opponent's legs are shaking.

Marino-san and I who received the report from the lawyers let out a huge sigh after they left the room.

“About the remaining debt, the Hanamura clan will be buying the full amount.”

Marino-san sinks her body into the expensive-looking leather chair and put the coffee that has already gone cold into her mouth.

“Now we can rest a.s.sured without worrying about the debtor any more right?….”

According to Marino-san, this aromatherapy human (Debtful Arasaa (TLN: 30s)) is considered as a talented magician.

“Seriously… if she's just a normal teacher then I would have to expel her before any damage was done to the academy.”

“Of course……”

It's the natural course of action from the academy perspective. Thinking about the possibility of Luijysensei losing her job at this academy while having to pay off her debt……… I can't imagine her future at all.

Even so, seeing Marino-san taking this matter seriously without her usual playfulness only tells me how serious this matter really is. She can't even force herself to play the fool here like when she did with Nee-san's dinner night view dinner (The meal itself was the night view).

“I finally understand why she is living in that rundown apartment. I immediately moved her to a condominium under my name so that she doesn't take a step in a strange direction anymore. The living fee will be deducted from her salary. I plan to offer it to her at a low price and if everything goes smoothly then her debt should be paid off in ten years.”

“Well, of course.”

I wonder if it was really a good thing to pay off her debt in ten years. And regarding her old apartment, I don't think that it was that rundown like Marino-san says. If put to her standard, then the place I stayed at when I was living in Tokyo is the same. Well, considering her salary, it would be a cheap apartment.

“So you see, I think she still needs someone to supervise her.”

“Well, of course.”

Since she left her problem alone until it becomes like that, I would be worried too unless she has someone to take care of her. She is that easy to deceive after all. It would be better to give her pocket money instead of a salary. If she wants something then borrows money and save up to buy it instead.

Marino-san who has a sour face until now smiled and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Then, Kou-chan. I will leave the debt collection and her supervision to you.”

“Of cour………..”

Right. The person who should take care of her should be close to her, as her student and a gentleman that she has taken care of in the past, I should…….wait?


“Yeah♪ since I thought that it might turn out like this, I already transfer a lot of things to your name.”

“Wait wait, please wait a minute.”

I can't catch up. Eh, me being her supervisor? I am a student and she is a teacher at the academy, you know?

“It's fine, I already transfer the condominium to Kou-chan♪ And of course, I gave you the whole building.”

“I see, then it's fine! THERE'S NO WAY I WOULD SAY THAT RIGHT!?”

Not only her room, she gave me the whole luxury condominium building!! Isn't that building worth hundreds of millions!? I can't earn that amount of money even if I spend my lifetime! Whatever, let's leave it at that for now.

“It's fine, she's very useful as a magician. I don't plan to fire her and she will properly pay her debt too.”

“You know, I'm not worrying about her debt, the ethical concerns are a lot more concerning here!”

“There's no problem with that too. I already made sure that she will be absolutely obedient to Kou-chan too. Since she said that she is already made up her mind, everything will be fine.”

“Hou, that's a relief….NOT! AREN'T YOU JUST MADE IT WORSE!?”

Did she threaten to drive her out of the place? Or was she using the money to corner her?

“Well, jokes aside, I will leave the debt collection and her supervision to you.”

“I want that part to be the joke too though.”

The most important detail seems to be true. I let my body sink into the sofa and let out a sigh while taking the coffee to my mouth. I did a lot of shouting so my throat is dry.

“Come to think of it, you will be diving in the beginner dungeon with everyone this right?”

“Aah, yes that's right.”

Ludi asked me “Why are you getting so stronger all of the sudden?” with a serious face, so I tell her that I was training in the beginner dungeon and said “Do you want to come too, Ludi?” or so I invited her, which she responded with a nod while making a silly look on her face. Incidentally, I was surprised that Mizumori-sempai, Nee-san, and even Claris-san will also accompany us. Well, I don't mind though.

“I have something to ask you about that.”

“What is it?”

“You know about the secrets inside the beginner dungeon right, Kousuke? I want you to not share that to anyone else.”

I involuntarily frown.

“Marino-san, did you know about the eleventh floor?”

“No, I didn't. In the first place, I just heard about the eleventh floor from you just now. It seems that place doesn't only have ten floors right?”

I don't know how to respond to Marino-san who put on a serious face.

Does Marino-san really didn't know about the eleventh floor? I don't know. When there's something you don't understand you have to change your perspective. So is there a need to conceal this knowledge? What's the benefit of that?

I don't think that it is a personal reason.

“….I don't plan to blabber about it but I don't plan to withhold it either when someone asks me. If you don't want me to talk about it then I won't but…… may I know why?”

When I asked her reason, Marino-san made a troubled smile.

“I'm sorry but I can't tell you the reason right now, Soon, the time I will be able to tell you and Hatsumi will come. I want you to wait until then.”

…….I don't understand. Why can't Marino-san, the top person of this academy talk about it? Do I have to find out from somewhere else? Should I ask the Hanamura main house? No, wouldn't it be fine if I indirectly ask Nee-san?


There were so many questions in my head but that was the only word that came out from my mouth.


She said so while looking really apologetic.

Magical Explorer Magical★Explorer Chapter 57 – Luijya

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