Magical Explorer Chapter 7

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Moving in with the Hanamuras

Surprising fact about Hanamura Marino is that she is really good at sewing. She turned the simple piece of fabric I bought (Worth around a hundred Eroges.) into a proper stole. Just by putting a little accent color at each end of the cloth make this much different? She said that she will add some embroidery if she has time too.

“Is this all the stuff you will bring over? What about the rest?”

Home electronics, dishes, curtains, sofas, there are a lot of leftovers.

“…..let's dispose all of it.”

“I see.”

She didn't say anything more than that. These things may have taken care of me before but if I bring everything along it will only end up as a trash anyway. No choice but to just abandon it here.

“…….Are you okay?”

“Yes…. oh, it seems like the contractors are here.”

When we left the luggage to them, we asked the contractors to dispose of the remaining furniture before we leave the house.

I won't be returning to this place again.

The fact that I am moving in with Hanamura Marino could be said that I couldn't get luckier than this. It is not because she is a widow who still look like a high-school girl (not entirely). It is because I can learn a lot of things from the Witch of Tsukuyomi, a great magician even inside the magic world.

“So as I thought, the use of magic is connected to increasing one's own magic power after all?”

“Yeah, I think that the method Kousuke-kun used to constantly channeling enchant magic is the most efficient one, but as expected such method could only be done by you alone.”

The way I use my magic, if it is an ordinary magician their magic power would run out immediately. But if it me who has an apt.i.tude in enchanting magic, even if I keep using it like an idiot I would still be fine.

“Even so, Kousuke-kun is really a hard worker, huh.”

“You think so?”

“I can't really say much about other people but……..”

She said that as a preface.

“Everything is about magic with you.”

She said that with a wry smile, it felt like she wants to praise me and tease me at the same time. 


“Really, but you don't have to overdo it like that, you know?”

Even more than praising or teasing, it seems like her worry is stronger, huh. 

I didn't overdo it though.

“It's nothing like that, I just think that magic is fun, that's all.”

I was just fascinated by how fun it is. There are people like that back in j.a.pan too, right? Those who reading for hours and hours, playing games until the date changes or playing football until the sun goes down. I do it because I like it.

“I see. if you have anything you want to ask, don't hold yourself back and ask away, okay?”

Of course, That's my intention from the start. 

“Sure, then first question……….”

Then while being shaken by then magic-car I was able to receive one-hour magic lesson from her before we finally arrive at our first destination.

“Well, after this we need to split way for a bit. Sorry, I always troubling you with my work.”

She apologized to me because she has to meet up with someone and want me to wait for a while.

“It's nothing. Rather, I should be the one troubling you instead.”

Clothing, food, a place to live. I who can't make any money and have to rely on her for all of those.

She relaxes her expression and give me a smile. Then she reached out her hand and flicked my forehead.

“You're a family so it's alright for you to feel a bit troubled, you know!”

“That go for Marino-san too right? We are family after all."

When I said that, she made a puffy face while look like she was happy about something.

 Immediately after, the mood improved and we chuckled a little. 

Good grief, someone please tell me her real age.

I parted ways with Marino-san in a good mood and walking around the unfamiliar street.

“Five hours, huh……..what should I do.”

The city I'm in now is one that connect with various countries around the world. It is filled with airport and various ethnic group. Obviously, there are a lot of people that are coming in and leaving this town such as businessmen and tourists.

And as people from all across the world come to this town the souvenir industry has also developed. The country I am currently living in right now is a country that is overflowing with magic. 

Naturally there are a large number of people that come to purchase magic tools. There are many places I could use to kill time but exactly because there are so many of them, I'm currently at a loss.

What I do to kill time back in j.a.pan was to watch movie, eating at a restaurant or chillaxing in a cafe. But now I don't really have a choice beside looking around for magic tools. Seem like my body and soul really been eroded by a magic maniac ever since I came to this world.

I immediately take out my smartphone to check the map and select some good magic tools store to visit. 

In the magic tools store I visited, I was able to see various forms of magic catalyst. From a wooden wand to iron one and those that were made using some unknown materials like mithril. There're even book-shaped catalyst or those that shaped like bracelet and ring. The book-type catalyst seem to have magic stone embedded into its hard cover and it was unusually thick and heavy. Additionally there are also some interesting catalyst like a parasol-type or one that has its handle shaped like a lollipop.

“The parasol-type is surprisingly useful, dear customer.”

The clerk seems to like the parasol-type catalyst and advertise it with confidence. 

So I asked her

 “what would you think if a man were to use it?”. 

Of course, she shows a bitter smile and said that it wouldn't look good. 

Suddenly when I was looking at various kinds of catalyst, I start to wonder what weapon should I use. In the game Takioto Kousuke only use sword and s.h.i.+eld. He is the type that is not good with long range attack and always charge in to slaughter his enemy up close. His special abilities, [Third hand] and [Fourth hand] are particularly useful in that regard. Rather, those skills are essential in order for him to do that. I need to be able to move my stole as freely as I want as soon as possible. 

Let's set that as the goal for now.

Then what weapon is the most suitable to Takioto Kousuke.

In the wiki, the most popular strategy among the gentlemen (players) was to abandon his attack all together and focus on defense by equipping s.h.i.+elds on all of his hands (Including Third and Fourth Hand).

Takioto Kousuke has no special weapon, so his attack power was somewhat lacking. Of course if you equip four swords on all of his hands then his attack power will become decent, but that will come at the cost of dramatically lowered defence. That's why people thought that he should just become a wall that tank all the attack for everyone.

In the first half of the game Takioto Kousuke was used as an iron wall because the enemies mainly use physical attack. That's the reason most people used Takioto Kousuke for anyway.

However, that was only up to mid-game. After that his usefulness was overshadowed by the iron-wall cheat-san and the zombie-saint-sama that just awakened her power. 

Of course he possessed the power that wouldn't lose to that iron-wall-cheat-san, but unlike him, her cheat equipment can be acquired later and as an Eroge she also possessed the most important advantage.  It is the advantage that he can't possibly overcome. That's right…….

Iron-wall-cheat-san is cute.

Iron-wall-cheat-san is TOTALLY cute.

If it you gentlemen (Eroge players) then you already understand right? As an Eroge player you wouldn't possibly use male character in your party. Removing Takioto Kousuke from the party is but an obvious choice. I did it too.

And since he is good at enchant magic, many people left him at the magic tool development center.  Just because he's there the development speed is double. However, if you left him there his character will not be able to grow. in other words, he can't raise his level. In the end he was not used for combat and was kept at the development center as a manual labor.

It seems he himself said that he wants to become stronger or that he wanted to defeat the demons.

However, G.o.d (players) never answer his prayer, he was deprived of his freedom and put to work only on magic tool development . It was like  working for a black company. Still, in the main story he was treated like a fool by the protagonist and heroines. Poor guy, even though his life is already so miserable in the first place.

“Dear customer. Is there something wrong?”

Did I make a bitter face? The brown-haired clerk is worriedly peeking at my face.

“N, No, I was just thinking about what kind of weapon should I use.”

“I.., Is that so?”

She kept looking at my face worriedly.

“Are there any recommendation?”

Let's distract her for now.

She might be able to recommend a good weapon for me.

After that, she recommended me a parasol-type catalyst again.

Please give me a break already.


This is the final one for today. C'ya tomorrow

Magical Explorer Chapter 7

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