The Hourglass 92 Extra: Aria's Viewpoin

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It is really funny seeing Michael's reaction, he is really weird and quiet easy to tease, well he is a pervert too but it seem I am a pervert too just that before meeting him it's hidden inside me.

It's almost always fun being with him, for example I am laughing at him right now because how he is reacting when he is about to deep kiss Lydia.

I mean a man who ma.s.sacred hundreds of people in cold blood, well except his first kill where he acted normally Michael didn't really care but when it comes to the lolicon or paedophile thing he have such an averse reaction, of course I knew the source it was because when he read a novel usually it's like this when the novel have killing or war in the theme the main character is mostly cold and didn't really blink an eye when killing or romantic novel where the main character who tried to deny every moment that he is said to be paedophile or lolicon despite being actually okay with it, and that influence Michael greatly I think after all he once told me that his dream is to live like the main character in novel, anime, manga, or movie that he liked.

So while I am smiling widely and is supporting my head with both of my hands, Michael crouched and grabbed Lydia's shoulder before gradually approaching her face and he kisses her, once his lips touched hers he automatically used his most skilful technique in kissing, inserting his tongue invading your mouth but I am a little jealous after all he never been that nervous when he is about to kill me or Melinda.

Speaking of Melinda I looked at my side, seeing Melinda who wide eyed watching Michael and Lydia kissing in his room, this girl is actually an even bigger pervert compared to me but she is an invert one even after all those bold s.e.x she still remain invert unlike me and Michael, for example a few night ago when we had s.e.x with Michael in his untransformed form and child form she is practically drooling, well maybe she is not an invert she just didn't want to admit it.

She asked Michael to suck on her huge breast while giving him a hand job in his child form with such a wretched smile on her face as if she is an uncle who really had a paedophile finally having a s.e.x with a child.

But it was indeed such a good experience, Michael c.u.mming so fast, well I said so fast because he usually can last for hours if he want but when he didn't have that protection we climaxed together and to be honest it was satisfying but Michael prefer to dominate so it would be rare for us to have that kind of s.e.x ever since 5 days ago when we first have that kind of s.e.x, Michael agreed to do so every few days.

Ah, Michael finally let that poor girl go, she is only standing right now was because Michael supported her, look at her shaky legs, red face, and intoxicated look it was clear she is a beginner, I suppose on her first night Michael wouldn't be satisfied with only her, I guess.

Melinda whose face returned to normal hurriedly supported Lydia to let her cool down a bit on the floor before kissing Michael and unlike before without hesitation he kissed he deeply.

Maybe she didn't realize it but you Melinda shows those perverted face only when Michael couldn't see them I but when he didn't see them, she let loose you know.

There was one time where when before the Awakening Day, before Michael met Lydia, before he met Melinda when he is a little shy to ask for s.e.x, ah… Michael was cute at that time, back to the point at that time I caught him masturbating while looking at hentai and p.o.r.n in his phone I saw that he is jerking off a yaoi hentai and when he is aware of me I tease him saying he is gay and he hurriedly denied it and said that he will only accept it if the guy was very cute, beautiful, and girly even so he said it would be better for him to commit suicide over being the lower one or the one being f.u.c.ked.

From this you could see how obsessed he is at being dominant, as proof he even showed me his normally locked gallery and pointed out from hundreds of hentai he had, the several yaoi hentai he had is the one with traps not the one with tall man and muscular one entangling with each other he even let me hold his phone for 'inspection' and from the hentai manga there is I could see how obsessed he is with man dominating woman or a tall one dominating a smaller one.

Really, he is at that time is really act similar to Melinda and he really is cute with his antic.

I then lifted the still stunned Lydia and took ger to the guest room, after putting her on the bed, did she finally come to herself and hid her face on the pillow.
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Well, there is also that Jessica and to be honest I am most jealous of her but at the same time I am thankful to her since she is partially responsible for what kind of a man Michael is and the one that Is holding his heart for so long, to be honest I investigated Michael and how he is before he awakened his talent and it seem he is a good man, he seem to be fit with her too but the only barrier between her and Michael is her familial love toward him.

I am amazed with Michael too, he persistently went after her for years, perhaps he already could feel it back then that her kind of love is different from his as that why it only took several months for him to truly accept it and treat her like a sister just like how Jessica treat Michael as a brother.

I closed my eyes and senses that Michael is having a big s.e.xual desire and without any request I approach him and dragged him to the bed, after all I too want s.e.x tonight.

The Hourglass 92 Extra: Aria's Viewpoin

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