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The human and Zerg armies were in the same position and the two armies were at peace.

The conversation area was isolated by soldiers on both sides, even the daring spectators could not hear what was being discussed.

They only knew that the two races, which had been at conflicts with each other, had talked peacefully as if they were in a happy atmosphere. In the end, they left each other peacefully without any friction.

Although Mino star explicitly stipulated that no use of force was allowed, it was shocking to see how the Zergs and humans cooperated in harmony in the trading area.

Starting with the landing of the Yula battles.h.i.+p fleet on Mino Star, people of all races attracted to Mino Star by the Sieser Auction felt they didn't know how many times they were shocked. There were so many big news on Mino star recently that they could hardly digest it.

If this went on, even if the Zergs joined the Twelve Stars Alliance some day in the future, they could accept it calmly.

And their idea would come true.

The ultimate result of the conversation between the Zergs and the humans was that the two humans would be picked up by the humans after the Auction. In fact, in recent days, Tuther had received many messages from some races, mostly implicitly expressing their will to establish diplomatic relations with the Zergs, and the message had some tentative implications. Interplanetary information flowed very quickly.

The Goblins had been seen as a successful example. Some other races couldn't resist. Of course, the cautious races preferred to wait and see.

“All those who are willing to establish diplomatic relations are accepted. Opening up trade channels is in accordance with the normal rules. I'm relieved that Ellis is in charge of diplomacy.” Connected to the communication image of Tuther Star Military Building, Gu Huai barely maintained his normal expression to finish this sentence, because the virtual image presented in front of him at this time was really a little uh… He didn't know how to describe it.

The 19th floor office of the military building was filled with Tuther high-level personnel. These high-level Zergs now surrounded the communication image, one by one, they were still scrambling to stand closer.

Although their King only spent a few days on the other planet, the Zerg tribes on Tuther basically became old fathers/mothers who were eager for their child to return home from the moment they left the airport.

Especially with the size of the convoy reduced by two thirds, the Zergs on Tuther could not help worrying about whether their King would be bullied outside, they even set up a teleportation device, targeting Mino star.

It was well known that teleportation devices were extremely energy-consuming, not to mention the delivery of an entire army. Maintaining the operation of the devices required a continuous supply of energy crystals at the cost of about five or six planets at a time.

It was believed that the size of the escort was insufficient, but the Zergs would not go against their king's wishes, but instead made preparations.

Once they receive a call for help, Mino star would be completely surrounded by Zerg wars.h.i.+ps in less than a minute.

However, this preparation, of course, it was best not to use it. Looking at their king playing outside, he seemed to be quite happy, the parent mentality of the Zergs were comforted.

“I'll be back in a few days.”

Understanding the mood of the high level Zergs on the other side of the image, Gu Huai first gave his parents a rea.s.suring pill, and then stabilized his expression, but his eyes still showed a little helpless and indulgent mood.

Hearing this sentence, Tuther's high level Zergs in the military building were immediately full of joy, even the faces of these high level Zergs, who are used to blank facial expressions, a little joy could be clearly seen.

“Yes, your subordinates understand.” The Chief of Staff on Tusser nodded to the young man's earlier remarks. After his meeting with the young man, he named several subordinates and said, “Your Majesty will be more accommodating if you show what you like at the auction.”

Aljer and several other high ranking Zergs responded quickly, and after the response, they were lectured by their Chief of staff. It was about what they had learned recently from the information that he sent to educate them about the price differences between the Zergs and other races so that they didn't lose too much money.

To sum it up, the king could be defeated, but they could not ah. If they were defeated, how could they afford their own king?

Deeply taken for granted, the several high level Zergs who were preached to by their Chief of Staff did not have any complaints, but solemnly nodded their heads.

Today was the day when the Sieser Auction was due to be held, and the Royal Mino Star area had increased the levels of guards, because the venue of the Auction was located in the Royal City. All partic.i.p.ants must present their invitations and enter according to the procedures.

It was not necessary to bother their king to show the invitations and communicate with the people concerned. The high level Zergs who were responsible for doing these things were ahead of him and finished the work quickly.

This entrance corresponded to the VIP area. The goblin who worked in this area was very careful. He read the invitation letter with special marks and looked at the Zergs in front of him.

An invitation could bring in up to ten people. In the Zerg team with less than ten people, a low-cla.s.s Tak Zerg was seen. The goblin did not despise it. He still kept a welcoming att.i.tude when the other party pa.s.sed by.

Holding a reunion and then leading the two humans, Gu Huai said before that the Zergs should go inside first, and he would just follow in. But just a few steps forward, he was intercepted.

“Please show me your invitation, sir.” The short goblin made a bow to show his good att.i.tude. Avoid dividing the two races with too much grievance into one area. The seat specially prepared for the Zergs above was located in Area A. The human must be outside Area A.

The Zergs went through the checkpoint and turned back to look at their Majesty. In their sight, the young zerg came up with their leader and the two human officers, but they were stopped at the door.

Without too much wisdom, the Tak Zerg, who watched the scene with scarlet vertical pupils, made a deep hissing noise. Instinctively, it moved back to his young king.

If it didn't stand by its child, someone would bully them. Perhaps holding a similar idea, the Tak Zerg returned to its original position, bent down and stood upright again, allowing the young king to sit on its left shoulder. Then, it stretched out its forearm with the serrated blade, avoid the sharp side and clipped up the two human officers, it could bring them in together.

Goblin: “…”

How did it feel to be held up between the forearm and the body of a Tak Zerg, eh… Ignoring the first few seconds of obscurity, the two humans felt it was still very novel, and they probably had no chance to experience it for the second time in their lifetime.

But it was also a naked discrimination. The black haired youth in front of them was carefully put on its shoulders by the Tak Zerg, and they were so carelessly clamped up…

Knowing how much the Zergs preferred their king, the two men who could not stand on their feet for the time being did not struggle.

After reaching the exclusive seat in the meeting hall, the Tak Zerg put them down, but let the young king continue to sit on its shoulders. In this way, the horizon would be better. Although the word “horizon” was not well understood, the Tak Zerg knew that youth liked to sit on its shoulders and look around.

The seats in the venue referred to small platforms enclosed with fences. After entering the validation with a specific invitation letter, the well equipped platform would rise in the air and hover at a certain height.

By this time, all the people who had received the invitation were basically present, and the auction venue was now in a preheating stage.

Feeling down-to-earth, the two human officers looked at the scene and had to admit that the position the Zergs got really could not be better. Relatively, it would be very conspicuous.

Before the auction, there were not many people who saw the Zergs on Mino star, but they had mostly heard about it.

Now the Auction venue hosted different galaxies of all races, they used their eyes to see the highest platform in the central Zerg, of course, the most prominent was the black haired youth sitting on the shoulder of a Tak Zerg.

He looked like a human, but it was absolutely impossible. As long as they calmed down from their surprise, it would be an easy answer.

The other stood in the position of the highest power of the Zergs, bringing the Zergs to the end of their division and making them submit, their King.

The King's Game Chapter 25

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