My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 334 Engagement 1

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They entered the hotel and waited in the lobby. It was so glittering with bright lights and the entire room was lit up with various types of big and ctystal chandeliers and they are breathe takingly beautiful.

The entire lobby was in good colored and with lights it gave out a look of Royal Palace. They truly felt amazed by the interior.

The couches and sofas are in golden and silver color with silky texture so soft in the waiting s.p.a.ce of the lobby that they wanted to sleep right there.

Only after a few minutes two bodyguards came there and a few hotel staff followed closely behind them.

They followed behind them and the hotel staff showed them to their rooms. It was a new place for these girls and they are afraid to stay alone at night.

They had to share their rooms with their men. Abhi and Shriya, Kunal and Sony, Rahul and Gouthami, Manvi and Uday shared rooms.

Pumpkin was fine staying alone as Barun's room was right next to hers. Brahmini was afraid and she took Preeti with her. Vams.h.i.+ stayed in the last room in the corridor.

The suit rooms on the floor were all occupied by them and the next two rooms were occupied by staff. A designer and helpers in one room and security in the other. Rahul helped Brahmini to put Preeti to bed.

Shriya fell asleep on the couch and he had to carry her to the room. She curled up on bed as soon as he put her on the bed. The sweet fragrance in the room gave her a sense of peace and she fell into the dreamland.

She didn't even wake up when Abhi undressed her and put a s.h.i.+rt on her. Abhi always had a doubt why she always gets tired so easily but gave it a serious thought.

Sony was also tired because of jet lag. Kunal also made her sleep next to him. She slept soundly ignoring Kunal's presence completely while the latter spent a sleep less night. It was their first time sleeping together and he was a bit nervous.

Sony on the other hand asking had weird sleeping habits. She rolled around on the bed making it hard for them and she usually sleeps with her full blanket on, no matter how hot the temperature is.

Shriya woke up in the middle of the night to drink some water. She switched on the lights and saw stunned for a minute. She couldn't help but rub her eyes in surprise.

It was because two sides of the walls in the room are entirely replaced by gla.s.s. The other side has water and there are all kinds of beautiful and colorful fish.

She was so excited that she completely forgot about her thirst. She jumped out of the bed on excitement like a kid and switched on all the lights in the room to see clearly.

The suit room was so big and luxurious and it practically was bigger than her previous apartment with it's own small kitchen and small study and a big wardrobe.

She didn't want to disturb Abhi but little did she know is that he was seeing her every action and felt happy.

She sat back on the bed after talking a stroll around the room. He pulled her into his arms and said "Go to sleep, if not you will get panda eyes tomorrow".

The next morning everyone woke up and got freshened up. Almost everyone has the same rea tion as Shriya when they saw the big aquariums.

The little girl who was sleeping soundly saw the fishes when she opened her eyes and she couldn't hide her excitement. She ran into other's rooms too and took a look at all the fishes.

Not only Abhi and Barun but almost everyone adored the little girl and they let her do what she wanted. She played around and atlast Rahul has to drag her to his room to get her freshen up.

Even when Shriya asked to help he insisted about taking care of that girl saying "She is my responsibility Sisla".

Gouthami also didn't say anything as she know her man better than anyone else. Once he likes someone it's impossible to make him not care for her.

They all gathered for breakfast in a small restaurant in the same floor and it was also a beautiful place with the same water theme.

Three girls got excited when they met and told their experience from last night. They completely ignored the men who were looking at them with poor faces just like pitiful children who were just abandoned.

Whenever these girls have something to discuss they will forget everything around them.

Men let them chat and ordered food for them also. When they were talking Sony gave out a deep sigh and s.p.a.ced out in her own thoughts.

Shriya looked at her friend and asked with worry "Are you okay ? Is something wrong?". Shriya knew her friend very well.

Staying at such a big hotel Sony should be excited. She is one curious cat and she would have done some serious inspection of the hotel, but she is sitting here sighing helplessly which means something is bothering her.

My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 334 Engagement 1

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