My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 343 First Nigh

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Everyone went to their respective rooms. As soon as they entered the room Abhi hugged her from behind and Shriya said "Let me take a shower first".

He said while placing his face on her shoulder "Let's go bath together. I don't want to waste any more time".

She blushed but said "I need to prepare" and he raised his eyebrows which she couldn't see. She said "You know some girl's stuff".

He didn't bother her and went to his bed and started playing with his phone. She looked at him thinking "Is he mad now ?"and he said "You go first. I will take a bath once you are done".

Shriya nodded and she walked into the bathroom. After a few minutes she opened the door and peeked out of the door at Abhi who was still busy with his phone. She said hesitantly "Abhi could you please come in once".

He raised his face to look at her and said with a mischievous smile "Ah, you can't wait now".

Shriya grinned and said "Idiot, I am just asking you to help me untie those knots".

He threw his phone on the bed and rushed to the boarhroom saying "My pleasure my lady". She just turned so that her back is facing him.

He said "I was dying to take this of you since the morning I saw you in this." She smiled and let him undress her.

But as soon as she was left only in her inners she turned towards him and said "Now get out".

He whined like a spoiled kid and said with a pout "Ah, I don't want to. I will help you bath".

She didn't listen to him instead she pushed him out with force. He smiled and went back to sit on the bed. He didn't disturb her anymore.

After a while Shriya came out wearing a bathrobe. Abhi didn't look at her instead he went straight to the bathroom.

After a while he came out and saw something that made his eyes pop out in surprise. Shriya sat on the small chair infront of the mirror drying her hair with a small towel.

He thought to himself "It is indeed true that when people say girls look hot when they are drying their hair."

She looked back at him and that look so seductive and asked "How do you like my dress?".

It was then he observed that she is wearing that golden and black night dress which she brought with Gouthami earlier.

He gave her a scan up and down with his eyes and replied "It's pretty but I like what's inside".

He then walked to her and hugged her casually. He said "Even though you are trying to maintain your composure, I can see your nervousness love".

She snorted in helplessnes "I can't hide anything from you. You can see right through me every d.a.m.n time".

He asked "Why are you nervous now?" and she replied "Actually I am a bit afraid. You see I am not a fan of pain so..."

He chuckled and tried to explain to her "A little pain will be there. I promise I will try tobe gentle".

She found it funny and at the same time awkward. He is saying things and consoling her as if she is a kid.

After that she turned towards him and she felt his warm lips on her creamy ones. He was not in a hurry. He was calm and he enjoyed the taste of her lips.

A low moan escaped her mouth and he used the chance to taste her tongue. Slowly the kiss deepened and Shriya also reacted to him with the same pa.s.sion.

They moved to the bed without breaking the kiss. He left her only when they are both out of breath.

Shriya looked straight into his eyes and started to untie his bathrobe. And in an instant his muscular body was exposed to her and she explored it with her fingers.

After a few minutes he pulled the left strip of her dress and her bosom was exposed to him. He kissed her again and his kisses trailed lower to her neck which he found was her weak spot.

After that he continued his journey to her exposed bosom and her lips parted and she left a low moan. Her night dress fell to the ground and after a few minutes all the remaining clothes also was thrown away.

He played with her a while and her body reacted to his touch. He was on top of her and he looked into her eyes and asked one last time "Are you ready?".

She didn't say anything and he continued to look at her. She know he is waiting for her approval and will not continue if she doesn't say it herself.

She breathed and said in a very low murmur "I have been ready for so long to become one with you".

A smile appeared on his face and he opened out the drawer of the bedside table and a took out a packet.

She saw what it was and her face became even more red when she saw it was a protective thing. She looked at him and thought "Why did he have it with him ?" and as if answering her unspoken question he said "I have been thinking about it for a while and prepared to it. You are still young and I don't you to....."

With that he rolled on that over his junior and went for her. She cried in pain and he felt sad when he saw the tears rolling from her closed eyes with pain.

He said while kissing her eyelashes "The pain will last only for minute, you will be fine once the pain fades".

She could sense his change in tone and opened her eyes. Not wanting to disappoint him, she said with a smile "I am okay" and he caressed her cheek with his fingers and just then she felt another surge of pain and it was over.

She could sense her pain fading and instead she felt a weird kind of pleasure which she liked. Seeing her eyes filled with pleasure he felt satisfied.

After an intense work out with each other, they fell asleep in each other's arms. After she fell asleep Abhi woke up and went to clean himself. He cleaned her body too to remove the sweat and stuff. He then slept beside her taking in her pleasant fragrance.

My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 343 First Nigh

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