My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 369 Die

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Yash was enthusiastic and he explained everything and he looked at his elder brother expectantly. Just as he expected Abhi smiled and said with a prideful tone "You did great bro. I am very proud of you Yash". Yash looked satisfied with the praise and he rejoiced in happiness.

Soon after Abhi went to his room but he didn't see his woman. He walked into the bathroom to freshen up and he saw a note on the mirror and it was written in that "I have some work to do and I can't come down for dinner".

He smiled and got freshen up. He came back to the room and sent a message to his woman "I don't care even if you tonnes of work but you have to come for dinner and that's final".

* * * * * *

Shriya sat in the study room and started going through some newsfeed on facebook. Just then she got a message from Sony saying "Hey girl check out our cla.s.s girl group".

It's a girls chat group of the cla.s.s and they mostly talk about dresses, fas.h.i.+on, entertainment gossip and campus gossip and stuff like that which is mostly unimportant and unnecessary.

Shriya didn't understand why her friend was asking to check the cla.s.s group suddenly. She finds it annoying when all the irrelevant messages pop out at all times and she gets disturbed. So she mostly keeps the group's notifications on mute unless it's necessary.

So she asked her friend "Why ? Is there something important ?".

Sony replied at the very moment "Just check it already. Can't you just do what you are told".

Shriya sighed and opened the group and saw there were almost a hundred message in the group and when she opened it she felt surprised.

Everyone were talking about Abhi at first and they were enthusiastic to know about the shooting. A few girls were taking about Abhi

Supriya : Ohh G.o.d, that man Abhishek Malhotra is so handsome that I couldn't take my eyes off him????.

Amulya : Stop drooling girl ?????. Yiu are drowning the entire group in your saliva.

Varsha : You are making the group all nasty girls ???.

A few other girls started dreaming themselves as Abhi's girlfriends and some other dreamt of taking a selfie with Abhi whiel some others even stared dreanimg about marrying him or something like that. Shriya felt annoyed but she couldn't do anything about it. A girl even complained that she got married to him a while ago and he bestfriend broke the ice saying it was in her dream.

Then they were so excited but someone sent a picture which made the entire group gasp and it turned the conversation upside down.

Shriya was so surprised and shocked and she didn't know what to say. It was the picture of Abhi and Garima. In the picture Garima was holding Abhi by his arm while he was caressing her hair gently with a smile.

Everyone started saying so many random things about the picture. Shriya saw each and every message

Rupa : Wow, they look so cute together. I am totally s.h.i.+pping them❤❤❤❤

Deeks.h.i.+ta : Wow she is so hot.

Varsha : Their personalities suit the best. They are made for each other.

Pragya : She got a perfect body, her measurements are just too accurate and to the point.

Rupa : Exactly she is perfect for Abhi and no one can't say no to her not even Abhi.

Deeks.h.i.+ta : I already feel like they are in a relations.h.i.+p.

Pragya : How can you say that ?

Deeks.h.i.+ta : It's my gut feeling???? And believe me it works out everytime.

Shriya felt annoyed with these messages. She wanted to fight them, ask them "What right do they have to judge who is perfect for Abhi, she wanted to yell at them saying "He is my man for crying out loud. Will you guys please shut the f^^k up?".

She rushed downstairs and at the same time saw Abhi walking upstairs. She looked at him with a grim face and said "Why are you coming up now ?".

Abhi was about to apologize to her for teasing her earlier but he swallowed the words back with fright. He looked at her and got confused with her changed att.i.tude. She was fine a little back when they came home and he wondered "but what happend within these few minutes ?"

She walked straight to the dining table and ordered the head butler "Uncle Ram, from tomorrow I will be on diet. So prepare and see to it I get proper food."

Everyone looked at her with surprise and so did Uncle Ram. He looked at his master for help and Abhi shrugged as if he is only communicating with his eyes "I have no freaking idea about it."

She also said "Uncle, Can you arrange for a trainer for me ? I need to reduce my weight as soon as possible".

Rahul said "You are already perfect Sisla. No need to reduce weight." and Preeti chimed in "Yes dhi, you look great." Yash looked at her and seeing her watching his brother Yash told "You look perfect with bhai".

Shriya looked at Yash for one good minute with both surprise and suspicion but she regained her composure and said "Thanks" with a fake smile.

Uncle Ram just nodded his head. He didn't dare to ask her the reason behind her decision though he was dying to know inside.

Shriya eat very less food and Abhi asked the maid to prepare some salad and send to their room. He was curious but he didn't go against her decision.

After dinner she came to her room to wash up and sleep. She changed into a pair of s.h.i.+rt and a t s.h.i.+rt and started searching ways to reduce weight in internet. She completely forgot about earlier.

My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 369 Die

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