My Sister The Villainess 70 When Are We Gonna Lewd Things?

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"Evie! Oh my gosh, what happened to you?" Minerva was taken aback. They had reconvened in the homeroom. Needless to say, Minnie didn't have any idea who the young woman was until Damien made the introduction.

"Lady Claybrook taught me how to control my powers. But, as a side effect, they grew too powerful too fast and...well…" The girl squirmed. "This happened. But now I won't have to hide…"

"That's….great?" Minerva didn't have the mental capacity to deal with such a sudden change. Her little girl was gone! And she was replaced by a vixen! Minnie looked over the woman and gulped.

That waist, those hips...they were simply designed to seduce the hearts of men. From her clear, pristine face rife with charm to the long legs that seemed to stretch on endlessly from beneath a small frilled dress and everything in between. She glowed with a soft, mellow beauty while having the curves of some sort of...of succubus...which she is, but still!

This wasn't her cute little angel! Look, even her expressions had changed!

The flushed cheeks and absolute refusal to look up wasn't like her baby at all.

"Master's staring at me. As expected, this harlot face is too shameful!" The girl covered herself with the palms of her hands. "Master, please pay me no mind. I will simply serve you in the shadows from now on."

Evie wanted to hide in the deepest hole she could find. Although she had learned many things from her Master's esteemed mother and had become much braver with flaunting her skills, when facing her Master she was just felt like b.u.t.terflies were flying around inside her tummy.

This shouldn't be, not after the torturous training she received from Lady Claybrook from dusk to dawn. From how to control her powers, to how to use them to ensnare others. She'd even made Evie perform practical during the later half to gain experience in bending people to her will.

Which reminded her of her last test, where she'd taken Evie to some really strange land.

It was entirely unlike the world she knew, that place. Anyway, Lady Claybrook had her seduce the ruler of the nation into leaving his wife and let him run away with her. She didn't know who exactly this ruler was except that his name was really weird. The palace he stayed in was high up above in the sky, too, surrounded by several other floating islands.

It actually only took Evie a single week to make him fall head over heels for her. The only unfortunate hiccup in the plan happened when his two sons, a grandson and his brother-in-law all somehow fell for her too.

The four of these other men all vied for her attention for another solid week, sending her all kinds of gifts and inviting her out on "tours of the city."

Many of them were married themselves, too. One to several women, in fact, whom he'd divorced immediately after Evie came into the picture saying she disliked playful men.

Finally, just before the King himself fell to her charms, they came to blows Evie pretended to get injured during the fight by using the illusion techniques Lady Claybrook helped to teach her. Apparently, the Asmodian bloodline excelled in illusions?

She pretended to have had a hand licked by the strange fires they had conjured in their fight and cried out in pain. And while they all turned pale and rushed to her side in concern she ran away in "fear."

Right to the King, who healed her with the words, "Each regeneration is precious to our kind. my last to spare. I want you to have it."

Whatever that meant. Master could heal wounds with just a light touch, she didn't see why that guy made such a big deal out of it and act like it was some grand gesture.

He'd tried to kiss her just then but the thought of it was disgusting even though wasn't a bad-looking man. Instead she dodged, took his hand and asked him to run away with her. Which he did without question. Just as planned.

Lady Claybrook sent a punch to his lower stomach as soon as they were out of sight of everyone else and the man's fire-like hair lost it's l.u.s.ter and his majestic aura went up in smoke.

Lady Claybrook even took the time to mock him. "Who'd you call the Lizard b.i.t.c.h, Huh?" She'd sneered. " What, you thought I forgot after all these years? Thinking you can say whatever you want just cuz you're older than me and you used to run with my bro?. Silly little man and your tiny egg noodle. Didn't you know this kid already belongs to my house? A couple of days like this will show you who's boss." The way she smiled back then had been something terrible. "Say, I just had a thought. Isn't your wife quite pretty? Should I let my son offer her a special ma.s.sage? Yeah. That's what I'll do. Hmph. Teach you to backtalk me and my hubby. Chicken? You're just a spicy turkey yourself. Hateful old thing, just you wait, my son will reduce your marriage to as.h.!.+"

The mad cackle was fit for a true villain.

" Maybe even your grand-daughter will end up bearing my last name, eh? Tsk, tsk, tsk, sending her to MY domain? My, aren't you a bold one. f.u.c.k, just p.i.s.sing me off." She'd stomped her foot in anger before apparently getting another idea and asking, " Hey, where'd that aunty of yours get to? Oh, and what about your sister, huh? I'll have three generations of your family callin' me Mama if it's the last thing I do! See who's the senior then!"

Evie didn't at all understand the situation back then, but she did take a certain opportunity before they pushed him over the edge of his floating island.

Suddenly recalling this experience, Evie took out an object wrapped in luxurious blue silk from the leather bag at her side and presented it before Damien.

"Master, for you." Evie made a sideways L shape as she gave a stiff, hurried bow.

The cloth fell open to reveal a gorgeous, orantely decorated crown. It was a marvel with the base metal of the crown being a vibrant silver which almost seemed to s.h.i.+ne in a manner similar to that of the moon.

There had to be hundreds of precious gems embedded in the metal, each one equally as resplendent.

Filling the s.p.a.ce inside the crown's circlet was a velvety cloth dyed a deep, majestic purple known as the cap. Above this cap were eight half-arches connected to the base, all also encrusted with luminous gemstones.

These eight half-achs rose over the head and met at the Monde, usually representing the world which the King ruled.

Except, this Monde was different. It was not a solid ball but a hollow sphere created from another eight arches, full arches. Inside you could see dark gaseous clouds spiraling around a hazy light. And within the very center of that bit of light was a tiny black dot.

The dark clouds were not entirely dark either, for deep inside them you would occasionally glimpse bursts of sparkling lights like jewels. A mix of reds, blues, greens.

It was as if this Monde contained a small galaxy.

In all, you could tell this was an exceptionally beautiful, mysterious and unique crown.

Damien accepted it slowly, allowing the girl to rise.

Everyone stared in admiration.

"Amazing! It looks so pretty and magical!" Minerva gushed.

Evie nodded while her face broke into a very shy, very entrancing smile. "I saw this and knew it would look especially handsome if it were worn by Master. Please accept it."

Damien recognized items with troublesome origins when he saw them. This thing just screamed, "But wait, there's a catch!"

"Where'd you get it?"

She faced him dead-on and spoke with the calm confidence of a practiced liar.

" I picked it up off the side of the road."

As soon as he heard this Damien looked at Vera, who also looked away.

"Fate, no?" Evie went on.

" Fate my a.s.s." Damien muttered. Looks like we have another klepto on our hands. "I know stolen goods when I see 'em."

Dolly nodded and glared at the girl with open hostility. "Lying wench! We know stolen goods when we see 'em!" She accused. "But Day really would look really nice if he wore it...okay, I forgive it."

Evie coughed. Truth be told? ...They were right. She did steal it.

Honestly, the entire reason she put up with that final test and went through with it was all for this crown. She saw it and instantly thought, "This should be with Master."

No, she decided that the only one suitable for a crown of that caliber was Master. No one else qualified.

It was still hard sneaking back in to look for it, but since everyone was busy looking for the King the job was much easier than it would have been.

She nearly died getting past all the traps the King had been tricked into telling her about, but it was worth it!

Evie watched Damien expectantly. Her large red eyes were eerily unblinking.

The puppy dog eyes finally make their reappearance.

"Don't look at me like that. I won't wear it."


"I said no."


Those rubies began to glisten with moisture.

"D-Don't think you'll get me to wear it just with a few tears….It's obviously something troublesome!"


Damien's spine tingled. "Okay, okay alright! I'm wearing it, see?" He hurriedly put the thing atop his head.
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His feathery wings popped right out the very next second. "The h.e.l.l?"

Evie gawked at him for a moment before turning away with hands s.h.i.+elding her face. "Master's divine aura, it's too bright!"

Minerva copied her actions. "These doggy eyes of mine are unworthy!"

Vera didn't seem as impressed. "The Young Master's playboy aura has, indeed, shot up again. What a waste." But her eyes were unable to look away.

As for Chelsea, she was frowning. "Where've I seen that crown before…?" Soon, however, she didn't care. The rest of the world faded to oblivion.

Dolly's mind? Totally different wavelengths.

She didn't become as stunned as Evie and Minnie, nor did she feign disinterest like Vera. And she certainly didn't have suspicions like Bubbles did.

No. She simply shook her head grimly.

Dolly took the crown from him and said solemnly, "This is too dangerous. It has to be sealed away."

The support for this decision was surprisingly unanimous.


Dolly was deep in thought by the time they all left. The fish-smelling woman, Evie and Minerva all went with Day.

The reason for her mood of contemplation was the argument between Vee and fish lady.

"He can't be your fiance, he's already my husband."

"Fake husband."

"Legal in the eyes of the public and the law."

Dolly didn't interfere, only quietly listened. Even now, half an hour later, she still couldn't figure it out.

She wasn't sure about what was going on between Vee and Day.

But it didn't matter! By the power vested in her by herself, she'd already married herself to Day a long time ago.

So it didn't matter at all what angle Vee was playing at--probably trying to cozy up to Day so he wouldn't be so rough on her anymore--or if the fishlady kept pestering Day about being his wife.

The true, legal, most loved and loving wife Day had was, of course, only Dolly!

Except it was secret. Publicly it still wasn't recognized. Or, strictly speaking, legal.

Plus they hadn't even had their first night together. Maybe that was the problem? Maybe that's why they didn't feel like husband and wife yet?

It's important, after all. Doing that kind of stuff as a couple. You know, lewd things.

Mother and Father did them and they had a great relations.h.i.+p.

Dolly couldn't help but sigh. They'd naturally do those things eventually, she knew, but when? How?

It was frustrating. Mother and Father were great at this kinda stuff, but what about them?

Dolly had actually never thought about it before, but now she started to wonder when she and Day would do lewd things together, too.



"Ow!" Dolly tripped and fell on her face.

"Are you okay? Your nose." Vera frowned when she noticed Dolly's dazed expression and b.l.o.o.d.y nose.

Dolly took a handkerchief and hurriedly wiped away the red liquid. "I'm fine, I'm fine." She waved off the concern.

….Lewd things with Day…

The thought brought all kinds of things to her mind. Day and lewd things. Lewd things and Day. Her, Day and lewd things all day.

It was…

"Are you sure you're alright? You're bleeding a lot."

"Yes. I'm okay." She insisted.

Dolly was curious. Is Day a cuddler? Most of the time when she snuck into Day's room with Vee's help getting past the locked door, it was Dolly herself who clung to him. She had trouble sleeping sometimes without Day, after all.

But what about now?

She imagined if it'd be different? Maybe now she could just walk in and have him hold her till she fell asleep?

Such a blissful concept!

Perhaps, after doing lewd things together, he'd even hug her, rub her head and say, "Good job!"

She hummed happily at the scene in her head.

The high lasted even until they got back to their dormitory. By that time she was already thoroughly entranced by the idea of praise for being good at doing lewd things with Day.

My Sister The Villainess 70 When Are We Gonna Lewd Things?

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