Wild Princess: Marrying An Ugly Prince Chapter 245

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Chapter 245 Let You Fall in Love with Me Again

Liushuang looked at the dead men in black and felt a little uneasy in his mind. At a glance, these people were the people of the Ink-blood Tower, and the direction they went just now was exactly that of the place where Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan were staying!

But according to Jun Yeyan's situation like that just now, Bai Aoxue could not have let him deal with these people at all. Could Bai Aoxue handle so many people alone?

“d.a.m.n!” Liushuang put down the dead person in black in his hands and said severely.

He only hoped that Bai Aoxue could be safe and sound.

On the side, seeing Liushuang's appearance at this moment, Qi Muyuan approximately guessed in her mind that these people were enemies and then said anxiously, “What's the matter on earth? What happened to Aoxue? My brother has come to save me. Shall we find my brother and let him help us?”

Hearing Qi Muyuan's words, Liushuang turned to look at Qi Muyuan and said, “But for your 'good' brother, asking for someone to stop Aoxue from leaving, these things would not have happened now!”

Hearing Liushuang's words, Qi Muyuan was shocked to an extreme.

With her eyes opened wide, she looked at Liushuang and said in surprise, “What are you talking about? You said that my brother didn't let Aoxue leave? Why?”

Liushuang sneered softly and said, “Why? You should ask your brother, the emperor! To get Aoxue, he was desperate and did everything. But for the fact that Aoxue must leave here, she would surely have come to hold your brother accountable!”

Qi Muyuan did not expect that her brother would be so determined and reckless.

Did he really think that he would get Aoxue if he limited her like this?

She was angry and sad in her mind.

“Let's go to find Aoxue first! Those people are obviously aiming at her.” Forcibly pressing down the emotions in her mind, Qi Muyuan looked at Liushuang and said.

The most urgent thing now was to find Bai Aoxue.

Without further delay, Liushuang nodded and headed for the way they came.

In her heart, she also prayed that Bai Aoxue was still waiting for him in situ, with no accidents.

On this side, after Bai Aoxue took Jun Yeyan to hide, both of them did not speak for a while, but with different thoughts in their hearts.

“Xue…, I have already told Zhao about the following things. If…, if anything really happens to me today, then they will take good care of you, and you can have whatever kind of life you want according to your ideas at that time.” Jun Yeyan looked at Bai Aoxue and said softly.

In his words, there was some regret.

When Bai Aoxue heard Jun Yeyan's words, she was shocked and blinked softly. She said, “There is no if. Jun Yeyan, you'd better remember what I said. There is no if. I'll save you! If Mu Yun Gra.s.s is not found, then we will find another way. You will live well.”

Jun Yeyan listened to the words of Bai Aoxue. He smiled gently and took Bai Aoxue in his arms.

“If you want the country…, I will accompany you to take it. You have to live well since all the promises you gave me have not been realized. Do you want to break your promises now?” Bai Aoxue said softly, whose thin lips were slightly pale.

Although at this moment he was hiding like this, Jun Yeyan was still gorgeous without a trace of abjection. His handsome appearance was just like that of a holy immortal, with some cold senses. His pupils which were originally jet-black had become a little golden at this moment.

In the darkness of the night, his pupils were unexpectedly mingled with some special and resplendent senses. They were so n.o.ble as if they were free from dust.

Bai Aoxue looked up and caught the sight of this pair of long, narrow, almost golden, and phoenix-like eyes.

While her body was slightly shocked, Bai Aoxue raised her hands and softly touched Jun Yeyan's face. She caught the sight of the beautiful, incredible, and golden eyes.

Small pieces of gold s.h.i.+mmer had a kind of mysterious and n.o.ble spirit.

“These eyes…, are really beautiful.” Bai Aoxue said softly in a husky voice.

When Jun Yeyan heard Bai Aoxue's words, he was slightly shocked and looked at Bai Aoxue inconceivably. He said, “Do they look good? Don't you think that I am like a monster?”

He once scared many people because of the eyes. It was also due to the eyes that many people disliked him.

It was also because of the eyes that his father whom he had revered before said that he was a monster again and again.

At that time, he was so eager to be loved by others, the extent of which was the same as he hated this pair of distinctive and weird pupils.

Later, he learned to control his emotions and did not show his uniqueness in front of anyone, showing no eagerness to get love or attention anymore.

However, he still didn't like the eyes. Because every time he saw the eyes, he would be always reminded of too many things in his childhood, which he wanted to forget but always remembered clearly.

However, now someone should say to him that the eyes were very beautiful, which was what he had not expected.

Looking at the sincerity in Bai Aoxue's eyes, Jun Yeyan knew that she did not cheat him or comfort him. She just said what she really thought in her mind.

Sure enough, he loved Bai Aoxue most because this woman he loved to bone was distinctive, after all.

“How can you be like a monster? Your eyes are so beautiful. In my hometown, many people show their preference for such pupils, and they even try their best to change their pupils into such a kind of pupils.” Bai Aoxue smiled gently, smoothing the scar in Jun Yeyan's heart.

But Jun Yeyan did not miss the phrase, “my hometown”, in Bai Aoxue's words.

“Xue…, you…?” Jun Yeyan looked at Bai Aoxue with some hesitation and said.

Bai Aoxue nodded slowly. Her eyes were a little heavy and somewhat relieved.

“How can I explain to you? I am Bai Aoxue. But from another angle, I'm not. My hometown is a very advanced place. I have the same appearance as this body you see now, even with the same name. It's just that the tracks of life are different. But for some reason, Bai Aoxue in this world died, and my soul came here. Then I became Bai Aoxue in this world.” Bai Aoxue said softly.

She tried to summarize the whole story as simply as possible.

After listened to Bai Aoxue's words, Jun Yeyan was inevitably a little shocked even though he could accept the fact due to his strong enduring capacity.

Looking at Jun Yeyan's stunned and astonished appearance, Bai Aoxue smiled. Jun Yeyan who wore such a look was so adorable and adorkable.

“I am in a world where there is neither Kungfu nor the internal force, but there is something more powerful than you could have imagined. If there is a chance in the future, I will tell you in detail.” Bai Aoxue leaned against Jun Yeyan's arms and tried to recall the hometown she would never return to.

Sometimes, when dreaming at midnight, she went back to the field where she had trained, to Wall Street where she had struggled at the bottom, and to the church which she despised very much.

The nuns in the church were still faithful to their G.o.ds as usual over ten years.

However, there were still so many places on Wall Street, which the rich couldn't see. They were just like her in the past, a small gray mouse, struggling at the dirtiest bottom only for the survival.

Although she got so much wealth later and no longer worried about food and clothing, she always felt that she was still a small gray mouse, and nothing had changed. She was still struggling industriously for the survival, but in a different way.

The only thing she knew was that if she wanted to continue to live, then the enemy who stood in front of her must die!

“So…, Xue…, will you go back? Will you return to your hometown?” After a long time, when Bai Aoxue thought that Jun Yeyan would not speak, Jun Yeyan asked softly.

He did not ask why she came here and what she used to do. He just asked if she would return.

Jun Yeyan paused and continued to say, “I once thought…, if you wanted to leave me when everything was over, no matter what method I used, I would keep you here. Even if I had to break your legs and your wings or lock you in a place, you could never leave. But now you told me that you didn't belong to this world. If you go back one day, I will have no idea where to find you and have no way to look for you at all.”

Bai Aoxue was slightly shocked by Jun Yeyan's words and felt a little sour and astringent in her heart.

“I don't know how many years or how many lives it will take to meet you again. It is even more unclear how many years or how much luck it will take to make you fall in love with me again.” Jun Yeyan held Bai Aoxue tightly in the arms, resting his head on Bai Aoxue's shoulder, and said dully.

Bai Aoxue couldn't help crying when she heard Jun Yeyan's words.

Her teardrops, like a downpour of rain, fell into the dust and left the flowers of despair on the ground.

“No. I won't go back. I can't go back. I can't go back anymore.” Bai Aoxue hugged Jun Yeyan tightly and shook her head severely, saying.

When Jun Yeyan heard Bai Aoxue's words, his hanging heart gradually calmed down.

The moment Bai Aoxue told him just now, he didn't think about anything but whether Xue would disappear quietly since she came here quietly.

At one time, he always thought that he did not have any weaknesses, let alone anything worthy of his fear.

Now it seemed that his only fear was that Bai Aoxue would leave him!

On this side, Liushuang took Qi Muyuan to the resting place of Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan. Instead of seeing Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan, he saw several corpses.

These corpses were dressed just like the people he had just killed.

Liushuang walked quickly to the corpse which was the nearest to him. He looked at the fatal wound of the dead body and saw the scratch on his neck.

“This is left by Aoxue's weapon.” Liushuang looked at the scratch on the neck of the dead body and said firmly.

Hearing Liushuang's words, Qi Muyuan was even more anxious since she did not see Bai Aoxue.

“Where is Aoxue? Why is there no sign of her?” Qi Muyuan asked anxiously.

At this moment, Liushuang was already very regretful in the mind. If he had not promised Bai Aoxue that he could leave, this sense would not have appeared in front of him now.

“Yanjiang! That's it! They must have gone to Yanjiang!” Liushuang remembered what Bai Aoxue and Zhao said, and all his hopes in his heart were pinned on Yanjiang.

“Then let's go to Yanjiang first now! We may be able to find Aoxue!” Qi Muyuan said anxiously, hoping only that Bai Aoxue was not injured.

Liushuang was just about to take action while he found that crowds of people came to them from all directions!

Wild Princess: Marrying An Ugly Prince Chapter 245

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