Hunting For Love For 101 Times Chapter 189 You Still Need Me

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Xun Mochi was silent for a long time. Then he asked Si Nanyin, “How can we make peace with each other?”

Si Nanyin thought for a moment and said, “I can allow you to visit the child and this is my biggest concession. So, you should compromise as well.”

Xun Mochi smiled coldly and turned up his nose at Si Nanyin, “Is this your so-called concession? Then tell me. How many times and how often can I visit her?”

“You can visit her twice a year. Does it sound fair for you?” Si Nanyin said.

“No.” Xun Mochi stepped forward and came to her. She felt his rage for the first time, which made her feel fl.u.s.tered. She stepped back and sprained her heel, then she leaned back uncontrollably.


Si Nanyin stretched out her hand to hold Xun Mochi's hand like a life-saving straw. He frowned but held her hand tightly. Then he yanked and Si Nanyin fell into his arms. She was out of breath, holding him tightly and fearfully.

He had mixed feelings and thought of the scenes that he slept with her. He almost could not control his reason.

He was worried that this woman might play any tricks. So, he took his hand off her and kept his distance.

“Twice a year is too limited. I want to visit her once a week. If you don't agree, I can only compete for her custody.”

Xun Mochi stopped thinking. He turned away and said what he meant firmly.

Si Nanyin said reluctantly, “Once half a month.”

“Twice a week.”

“You… well, once a week.” Si Nanyin had to compromise.

Xun Mochi became less tough and said, “I have to stay with Manman tonight. So, I am not going to leave.”

“But you can't always be with the child. You have a job, aren't you?” Si Nanyin tidied her messy clothes and ogled to Xun Mochi with a charming smile.

“Chen hasn't sent me any notice for the moment. So, I am temporarily on vacation time.” Seeing Si Nanyin became gloomy gradually, Xun Mochi could not help but smile complacently.

“Well, you can take care of Manman tonight and we agree on this, but in order to prevent you from repenting, you must sign an agreement with me.” Si Nanyin found out a piece of A4 paper and a pen from the drawer, then handed them to him.

They both signed their names on it.

Si Nanyin was then at ease.

He stayed with Manman at night, but Manman wanted Si Nanyin. So, he had no choice but to hold her to find Si Nanyin.

Si Nanyin held Manman as she looked at him complacently. However, she had just been proud for a while, Manman wanted Xun Mochi in turn.

Xun Mochi couldn't help laughing and held Manman.

“Mom.” Manman turned around and wanted Si Nanyin to hold her.

Si Nanyin held her in her arms, but she pointed to Xun Mochi and said, “Dad…”

“Manman, what on earth are you doing?” Si Nanyin was somewhat annoyed.

Manman was scared into crying.

“Don't yell at the child. Manman wants both of us to be with her. Can't you see it?” When he saw his daughter crying with an expression of grievance, he frowned fondly.

Si Nanyin stared at Xun Mochi with somewhat disappointment. But seeing her daughter's wronged expression, she couldn't bear it. So, she lay down on the bed with Xun Mochi to accompany Manman.

What Xun Mochi said was true. Manman lay between them happily and stopped crying immediately.

Si Nanyin and Xun Mochi were face to face. They both smiled happily to watch the child. When Manman fell asleep, he turned his eyes from Manman to Si Nanyin, but found she was doing the same just in time.

He fixed his gaze on her with his dark eyes. She felt uncomfortable, so she turned her head.

“You should leave. Why are you still here?”

Then he turned his gaze and got up, “I heard that you have a new lover?”

“Why do you care?”

“Of course, it's none of my business, but be careful and don't have an intersection with Yuezhao Organization.”

Si Nanyin felt shocked to hear this.

“These people have been trying to use the influence of celebrities to control public opinions and the will of the people. The reason why Chen has been in trouble for a long time is because of them. But Chen insisted on his own principles and would not collude with them. By the way, I also forget to tell you that there is a tattoo on the members of Yuezhao Organization, which is in the shape of a crescent.”

Si Nanyin heard his words and frowned even more.

After he left the bedroom, she lay down again and thought for a while. Then she dialed a number, “h.e.l.lo? Is this Ou? I feel a little uncomfortable recently. So, I won't go for you.”

Ou, a real estate tyc.o.o.n she met in Aos.h.i.+ City, had been buying her clothes and famous brand jewelry recently. However, Si Nanyin had seen all kinds of men. So, she showed great discretion to his courts.h.i.+p.

However, she just heard the inside story of Yuezhao Organization from Xun Mochi and was afraid of it.

She knew Yuezhao Organization. It's said that several celebrities in the circle were controlled by it. However, those celebrities all died unnaturally.

And Ou's body seemed to have that kind of crescent-shaped tattoo…

Si Nanyin hung up the phone and gave a sigh of relief, then fell asleep with Manman in her arms. In fact, she wasn't worried about herself but Manman.

The a.s.sistant woke Si Nanyin up the next morning.

“Nanyin, Xun Mochi got up early in the morning and had been busy in the kitchen for a long time. He cooked a table of food. You should go and see.” The a.s.sistant was astonished and bubbled over with enthusiasm, then pushed Si Nanyin who was still sleepy.

Si Nanyin walked out of the bedroom with a long and unkempt hair as she came to the living room. She saw Xun Mochi setting the table with an ap.r.o.n in the restaurant. Manman was sitting in the walker and followed Xun Mochi to walk around happily.

Si Nanyin saw this scene and felt a sense of warmth somehow.

Since she debuted, she left her hometown and worked hard all the way. Most of her life was in the dazzling spotlight. She never enjoyed the warmth of home. At this moment, it was the first time for her to truly understand the kind of warmth brought by a family.

“Come for breakfast. I just fed Manman porridge.” When Xun Mochi saw Si Nanyin standing there still, he could not help urging her.

She came to her sense and walked to him with the a.s.sistant. Then she became less gentle and asked him coldly, “Why are you still here?”

“I am leaving, but I want to cook the meal before leaving.”

She didn't ask more and started to eat.

The a.s.sistant also sat by her side and said while serving the food for Si Nanyin, “Nanyin, the Sun Magazine just called and asked you to shoot a magazine. However, before we go, we should go to Love of Xia to take our clothes.”

“Well, you can send someone to take clothes in due course.”

Xia Nuan said yesterday that she would bring the clothes here. Since she didn't send them until now, guess she got no time.

Xun Mochi said, “You don't have to go. I went to Love of Xia. Xia Nuan was originally to bring the clothes to you, but I went there personally. So, she did not send people to come. The customized clothes are on the sofa. You can put them on directly later.”

When she heard his words, she couldn't help but look at the sofa. There was a box with exquisite packaging on the sofa.

“If you think I'll thank you for this, you are dreaming.” Although she said coldly, there were waves of emotions inside.

He wiped his mouth elegantly and said with a smile, “I didn't do this for your grat.i.tude. I went to Xia Nuan for some issues, so I brought your clothes pa.s.singly.”

He stood up and said, “Farewell, I will visit Manman in a few days.” Then he comforted Manman for a while and left.

Si Nanyin stared at his figure and pondered.

After he left, he went to Love of Xia.

Xia Nuan was absent-minded all the morning. When Xun Mochi took the clothes for Si Nanyin in the morning, he told her one thing that was related to Ye Sichen.

He said that Ye Sichen's situation was very difficult and he was almost been monitored. There were several other celebrities in the music industry being monitored as well. The cause was that several people, including Ye Sichen, needed to be investigated.

As for the specific situation, Xun Mochi did not tell her, but she thought of the doc.u.ment Ye Enchen had given to her before.

Xia Nuan stroked her forehead and was utterly confused.

She decided to go to Modu City, but now Modu City was blocked. Even if she wanted to order a ticket, there would be no chance to get there.

She thought of Ye Enchen.

She was extremely reluctant to ask for Ye Enchen and did not want to have any contact with him, but this time…

It seemed that no one could help her into Modu City except him.

“Did Ms. Xia watch the news? Modu City is blocked. It's like they are investigating some international recidivists and several well-known figures are suspected, but one of them has a big name. Ms. Xia, do you think the man is Mr. Ye?” Shen An came in and lowered his voice.

Xia Nuan became sterner.

“No.” Xia Nuan comforted herself and also tried to dispel Shen An's a.s.sumption.

When Shen An saw the scene, he stopped talking about the topic judiciously.

“Now Modu City is blocked. I originally wanted to go back there, but my ticket is refunded. If I had known earlier, I would have booked it in advance. After all, I am also a person who owns the property in Modu City.” Shen An sighed.

Xia Nuan pondered deeply.

If Shen An could not go back, was there any luck for her?

After leaving the company, Xia Nuan gave Ye Enchen a call. He answered the phone soon.

“You still need me in the end.” Ye Enchen said proudly in a gentle voice.

“I want to go to Modu City. Can you help me?” Xia Nuan came straight to the point.

“Of course, I said that as long as you summon me, I can appear at any time, but it's conditional.”

“I promise to give you a chance.” Xia Nuan knew what he meant.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Enchen appeared in front of her after half an hour.

“I didn't leave Modu City. I've been waiting for you to be with me all the time.” Ye Enchen walked up to Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan turned back and asked, “Can we go to Modu City without any obstacles?”

Hunting For Love For 101 Times Chapter 189 You Still Need Me

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