Hunting For Love For 101 Times Chapter 285

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Chapter 285 An unnatural death
When Baili saw Mrs. Baili getting angry, he stepped back a little, but he plucked up the courage to speak out his thoughts.

“Ma'am, you can go to save Xia Nuan, but there is no need to use the children to deal with Ye Sichen.”

Mrs. Baili nodded, as if she already had a plan, and a chill showed in her eyes, “Go and help me do something.”

Baili's eyes lit up when he heard this.

After hearing the words of Mrs. Baili, Baili nodded again and again, “Rest a.s.sured. I am sure to get this straight.”

Xia Nuan continued to live muddleheadedly, but unlike the past, she could monitor Ge Li's movements at any time.

Xia Nuan stood by the window and watched the rain outside.

Her desperate heart was overshadowed with a chill by this weather.

Xia Nuan held a miniature electronic device in her hand, then took out a headphone from her pocket and got it connected. Holding her breath, she started her monitoring. No one noticed that Xia Nuan had deliberately touched Ge Li to put a bug on her before.

Ye Sichen certainly did not allow her to take a bug. The one was pieced up by microelectronic parts scattered in this bedroom.

The reason she wired Ge Li was to verify her suspicion.

Ge Li must had done something.

Ye Sichen did not trust her. This was the only way to prove her innocence.

“Ma'am, I haven't found out the whereabouts of those three children. I've already tried my best.” Ge Li's voice came from the bug.

Immediately, she heard Mrs. Ni's voice.

“I know it is a difficult task for you. Since Yuezhao Organization has controlled them, they will definitely not make you discover it easily.”

“It's all my fault. I should've done it as you asked.”

“It's too late to say so. Your soft heart is to blame. If you killed the three children instantly as I said, there would be no such a thing.”

“Well, what to do then?”

“If Mrs. Baili is willing to exchange the three children for Xia Nuan, you need to find a chance to get rid of those three children, when they are returned to Chen. They were born by Xia Nuan, and she is from Yuezhao Organization. The children are not qualified to be my grandchildren! You know, Family Ni and Yuezhao Organization are hostile.”

Xia Nuan heard this, clenching her fists. The anger in her eyes became more and more obvious.

It turned out that Mrs. Ni instructed Ge Li to do all this, and her intention was to kill the three children.

Xia Nuan realized this and unplugged the earphone. She tried every means to escape.

However, there were railings outside the windows, and the door was locked. She had no chance to escape, and now the only way was to wait for Ye Sichen to return.

Xia Nuan waited anxiously, but instead of Ye Sichen came the cook, who brought the meal.

“Where is Ye Sichen? I want to see him.”

“Mr. Ye went out for business. Anything you can tell me, and I'll let it be known.” The cook put the meal in front of Xia Nuan, and gave her a sign to eat.

How could Xia Nuan have a mood to eat?

What she had to do was to tell Ye Sichen about the conspiracy of Ge Li and Mrs. Ni. If Mrs. Baili really had returned the three children to Ye Sichen, instead of escaping from danger, they could have run into another more dangerous situation, because Mrs. Ni wanted to hurt the children. She must not allow this to happen!

Xia Nuan was very anxious, grasping the cook's arm, and begged, “Where did Ye Sichen go? Could you tell me? I really have something important to tell him.”

The cook had no reaction on his face and shook off Xia Nuan's hands, “Sorry, I'm just a cook. I have no obligation to be your messenger. All you have to do now is to stay here like a lamb.”

After saying that, he slammed the door.

Xia Nuan kept slapping the door but all to no avail. She blurted out, “I am pregnant!”

This sentence did work. The cook quickly came back and opened the door. He looked at Xia Nuan confusedly, and then stared at her belly. In the end, the cook turned away hastily. Xia Nuan thought about it and sat back at the table. She began to gulp her meal.

Only when she was full, she would have the strength to leave.

Ge Li appeared, right after she finished her meal.

Xia Nuan sat there silently, covering her belly.

Obviously, Ge Li came over because the cook told her about Xia Nuan's pregnancy.

Xia Nuan also had already prepared.

“Tell Ye Sichen that I am pregnant and tell him to let me go immediately. I'm carrying his child now. If something goes wrong, it's no joke.”

Ge Li stared at Xia Nuan's stomach for a long time suspiciously.

Xia Nuan saw this and added, “If you don't believe me, you can take me to the hospital for examination.”

Ge Li smiled, “I don't have the right to let you out. But now Mr. Ye is not in, so there is no way to ask him for instruction.”

“Where did he go?”

“He went to save the children, and Mrs. Baili told him to bring back Young Master Wuyou, Ansheng and Miss Nianci. However, Mrs. Baili asked him to release you in advance, before she let the children go. I am worried that Mrs. Baili would do something to hurt the three children, if she did not see you, my lady.”

Xia Nuan frowned.

“Are you worried about them, my lady? But if you are worried about them, why would you hurt them by putting those dangerous explosives in their toys and cakes?” Ge Li asked Xia Nuan in reply.

“Ge li, I know what you are thinking, and don't misinterpret me. I love my children. Neither Mrs. Baili nor you won't ever think of hurting my children!” At the same time, Xia Nuan was also worried that Mrs. Baili would hurt the children. Therefore, she must go there to ensure the safety of the children. Only when Mrs. Baili saw her, she would not do any harm to the children.

After hearing Xia Nuan's words, Ge Li felt a little scared. When she thought of having Mrs. Ni's back up, she changed back to her previous calmness, “I'm a little confused about what you mean. I love Mr. Ye's children as well. How could I hurt them? These remarks should be said to Mrs. Baili.”

Xia Nuan did not bring out the bug to verify with Ge Li. She just changed the topic, “I need to go to hospital now. I feel uncomfortable.”

“Well, I will arrange a car to take you to the hospital.” Ge Li was unexpectedly easy-going.

Xia Nuan was thinking that it came surely because of Ye Sichen's rigor, Ge Li agreed to take her to hospital.

Xia Nuan planned, when they left here, she would figure out to get loose from Ge Li and find Ye Sichen to sure the safety of the three children.

Soon, Xia Nuan walked out of the villa, escorted by Ge Li, and got into the car.

Xia Nuan watched the blue sky outside, and hoped she could get away from Ge Li as soon as possible. Fortunately, there were only her and Ge Li in the car. So, her chance of escape would increase immensely.

Ge Li got in the car and started the engine. Xia Nuan also took precautions against her.

“Did Ye Sichen really go to see Mrs. Baili?” Xia Nuan asked Ge Li.

Ge Li nodded, holding the steering wheel in her hand, “Yes.”

“What if Mrs. Baili doesn't see me? I worry that she would hurt the children out of anger.” Xia Nuan asked Ge Li again.

Ge Li looked at Xia Nuan through the rearview mirror, “Do you mean we go to the place where Mrs. Baili and Mr. Ye deal first?”

“Yes.” Xia Nuan nodded.

“But aren't you pregnant? You feel uncomfortable, so we must go to the hospital first.”

Xia Nuan thought for a while, “Well then, go to the hospital first.”

Ge Li accelerated the speed of the car.

Xia Nuan had noticed that it was not the way to the hospital, and Ge Li was driving to a remote place.

Obviously, Ge Li was scheming.

Xia Nuan covered her stomach and looked very uncomfortable, “Ge Li, pull over now. My stomach hurts.”

Ge Li became crueler, “Hang tough. We're almost there.”

“No, I can't hold any longer. Pull over. I really need to pee.” She pretended to be unbearable.

After Ge Li stopped the car, Xia Nuan got out of the car and went into a field of gra.s.s.

Ge Li stayed in the car and called Mrs. Ni to report the situation there.

“Well, anyhow, find a place to get rid of the baby she is carrying.”

“Ma'am, I will. Rest a.s.sured.”

Xia Nuan came over and knocked on the gla.s.s next to Ge Li. After Ge Li rolled down the window, Xia Nuan asked, “Could you buy me a bottle of water? How about we don't go to the hospital? Instead, please buy me a pack of test strips if there is a pharmacy nearby. Let's go back and test.”

When Ge Li heard this, she changed her mind.

Why not buy some abortion pills in the pharmacy and give her…

Ge Li agreed. After Xia Nuan got in the car, Ge Li started looking for a pharmacy. Finally, they found one. Ge Li opened the door, got off the car, and pulled out the car key. She was planning to lock Xia Nuan in the car. As she opened the door, Xia Nuan quickly grabbed the car key, and stretched her legs and kicked Ge Li down.

Ge Li fell and rolled out of the car. She realized it went wrong, and turned around to get in the car, but it was too late. Xia Nuan had taken her car key, and driven tens of meters away.

Ge Li clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

The point was her mobile phone was also robbed by Xia Nuan!

Great! She took herself to a remote place, and she had to walk back.

Thinking of this, Ge Li was even more exasperated.

Using Ge Li's mobile phone, Xia Nuan contacted Mrs. Baili.

“Ma'am, I'm safe now, and please don't hurt the three children just because you haven't seen me.”

Xia Nuan finished her words in one breath, because of worrying about the safety and security of Wuyou, Nianci and Ansheng.

On the other end of the phone, Mrs. Baili said very gently, “Nuan, it's great to hear from you. Where are you now? Shall I send someone to pick you up?”

“No need, I am safe now. Ma'am, where are the three children? Please tell me the truth.”

“Don't worry. They have been handed over to Ye Sichen.”

It took a load off Xia Nuan's mind. She hung up the phone and drove to find Ye Sichen. She dialed Ye Sichen's phone number, but he didn't answer.

She was going to give Ye Sichen the record of her monitoring, and exposed the conspiracy of Mrs. Ni and Ge Li in front of Ye Sichen, so that she could prevent them from harming her children and Ye Sichen would be prepared.

“A famous media reports Ye Sichen's three children died unnaturally…”

Hunting For Love For 101 Times Chapter 285

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