I Woke Up In A Completely Different World! 92 A Wind Master

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As I waited for my turn to duel, I spectated Victoria's match against another student. They moved with such precision and elegance that it impressed me. There was no way I could duel against her using only Wind.

Alvina: "Hmm, it looks like Richard and Victoria's duel will end in a draw."

Steven: "How do you know?"

Alvina: "It's in their stance."

Near the end of it, they were both untouched but tired from using an excess of magic. It was then that Alvina stepped in and decided to call the match for both of them.

Alvina: "Sorry, Victoria. I don't think you'll be able to duel Steven."

Victoria: "When did Richard get so strong?"

She gasped, exhausted and sits down on the gra.s.s.

Alvina: "Persistence."

She then proceeds to lay down and stretch.

Victoria: "Ahh… I'm exhausted!"

Alvina: "I'd like to challenge you to a duel, Steven. Will you accept?"

It looks like it'll just be me dueling the teacher. I'm not sure if I could win at this point. Then again, k won't get stronger if I back down now.

Alvina: "Same rules but, in this instance, hand to hand is allowed. Don't worry, I can take it."

Steven: "I accept, mistress."
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Alvina: "Confident?"

Steven: "I want to learn Wind. If fighting like this makes it possible then I'll do my best."

Alvina: "Oh?"

We were the grand finale as all the other students had finished their duels and were spectating. I don't expect to win but I may as well show them what I got.

Steven: "I'm ready, mistress."

Alvina: "Come!"

I'll start with a simple but useful spell.

Steven: "…s.h.i.+elded Winds…"

Alvina was 50 yards away.

She has the advantage with accuracy and range but if I close the gap, then maybe we'll be on equal turns. Her beginning spells bounced off me because of s.h.i.+elded Winds and I sprinted forward before she could catch on.

Alvina: "Deafening Breeze!"

Steven: "Wind Torrent!"

I needed her to stay where she was, so I began casting offensive spells around her and eventually began pinning her. At the same time, I ran as close as possible until I was 10 yards from her.

Steven: "Slashed Winds. Wind Torrent!"

With the final spell keeping her in place, I could get in there and bring her down for good with Crying Winds.

Steven: "Crying Winds!"

So much dirt was kicked up from us, that it was difficult to see where Alvina was at.

Alvina: "Tempest!"

In the blink of an eye, she darts through the dust and plants a well-placed punch centered around my gut. The inertia she carried continued pus.h.i.+ng her fist into my gut. She doesn't slow down and continues on her path undisturbed until we're inches from colliding into a wall.

Steven: "Nngh~"

Alvina: "Slashed Winds missed on purpose, didn't it? You wanted to knock me off balance and pin me to the floor with Wind Torrent before finis.h.i.+ng me with Crying Winds."

I never had a chance at victory, to begin with…

She lets me go and I fall into the floor, entirely spent and winded.

Alvina: "It shouldn't matter if you almost won. You should take pride in the fact that you chained that many spells so fast. You surpa.s.sed my expectations."

Steven: "I… I heard Tempest was incantation magic. How did you cast it so fast?"

Alvina: "It comes with strength. You'll get there, but not today. Until then, I want you to study from a Grimoire."

Steven: "I don't like Grimoires…"

Alvina: "I don't care. You're learning from one."

Alvina is powerful, nothing like the people I faced in Esnia or Meinu. It shows that I still have so much to learn and even to do.

Steven: "I submit."

Alvina: "That decides the match."

She'll show me what it means to be a proper and powerful Wind mage. Even if it takes a couple of years.

(Madelyn's POV)

The Headmaster showed me around the academy. It was beautiful as I had imagined. We were at the end of the tour and the Headmaster showed me the administration building last as it would be my workplace.

Headmaster: "This is the admin building."

Receptionist: "Good morning, Headmaster."

It was big and empty, a mere skeleton crew was working the office. How can they manage to handle so many students with so little staff?

Headmaster: "It looks big and empty but this was done on purpose. This way, we'll have extra room for necessary expansions or faculty members such as yourself."

Okay, maybe they aren't much of a skeleton crew.

I looked around and saw one of the receptionists carrying a crate full of gold-colored potions to the nurse's office. Headmaster also took note and stopped the man in his tracks.

Headmaster: "What are the potions for?"

Receptionist: "Mistress Alvina's cla.s.s had a rugged lesson today. These are for her students."

Alvina? That's Steven's teacher if I remember.

Headmaster: "What happened here?"

Alvina: "Oh, Headmaster. He collapsed during a lesson."

Headmaster: "If your cla.s.ses are doing this to him, I'll have to drop him out."

Alvina: "Oh, no! That won't be necessary. We agreed to a duel and, well, he lost but he put everything into it."

No way.

I don't want to believe he lost. He was definitely holding back and my gut says so.

Madelyn: "No, he didn't. He could've won."

Headmaster: "I wouldn't know about that, Mistress Alvina is a very powerful mage and she's a Wind Master on top of that."

Madelyn: "I've seen how dogged he is."

Mistress Alvina proceeds to shrug.

Alvina: "You have a lot of faith in this man."

Madelyn: "Of course I do, he's my baby brother."

Headmaster: "What will you have him do?"

Alvina: "I wanted to have him take lessons from a Grimoire, it was more of him just picking out the spells that interested him, but he said he doesn't like Grimoires. He's a strange student but I see potential."

Headmaster: "I… think he's afraid of them."

Alvina: "Of the Grimoires? Why would that be?"

Headmaster: "He told me of a woman that used a Grimoire as an auxiliary to use terrifying Dark spells. It left some scars on the inside since then."

I went over to the other students to see what he was doing. He was by himself, sitting

Madelyn: "You got your a.s.s kicked?"

Steven: "Sure did and all I have is a nasty bruise."

Madelyn: "Ouch."

He stretches his legs and slumps into his seat.

Steven: "You get hired yet?"

I shake my head.

Madelyn: "Not yet. We're still going through the tour…"

Steven: "Madelyn?"

Madelyn: "Yeah?"

Steven: "I think he already hired you…"

I Woke Up In A Completely Different World! 92 A Wind Master

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