Master of Untold Daos Chapter 224 - Strategy’s Menace

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Chapter 224: Strategy’s Menace

After trekking for tens of thousands of li, Chen Ming arrived at Chaos Battlefield. He couldn’t show himself on the battlefield since he was a Sovereign. He knew there would be casualties among his disciples but he didn’t have a choice. Yan Mountain was strong, yes, but there would also be casualties.

They had to pa.s.s this trial by fire, to grow into imposing trees.

Chen Ming looked around in confusion, when he heard a familiar voice, “Ha-ha-ha, look, I found a lone ten thousand army!”

Chen Ming turned to see Zhang Ming leading two thousand troops on a chase.

Standing true to Yan Mountain’s style. But Chen Ming found an Aspect stage Human King hiding in the army!

This kid ran into trouble. Maybe he was even lured here.

The enemy had an Aspect stage in hiding and many more soldiers. With Zhang Ming’s troops, it would be hard to escape alive.

Zhang Ming soon discovered the trap, “Retreat! It’s an ambush, retreat!”

But the enemy Human King wasn’t about to let him go, “Ha-ha-ha, now that you’re in this old man’s grasp, don’t think of leaving!”

Between the armies, an azure Daoist robed man appeared. The soldiers stopped as they all recognized him.

The peak Human King asked, “Lord of Yan Mountain, why are you here?”

Zhang Ming’s eyes flashed with glee, I’m saved! Master’s here!

Zhang Ming cupped his hands, “Greetings Master!”

Chen Ming nodded then turned to the peak Human King, “Give me some consideration and pull back!”

The Human King knew Chen Ming was a Sovereign and his hands were tied in this war, “Ha-ha-ha, you can’t do anything. So what if I don’t?”

Chen Ming regarded him, Are you stupid perhaps? Since someone under Sovereign rank doesn’t show me, Chen Ming, any respect, is it that he wants an early demise?

“I haven’t involved myself yet because I don’t want my disciples to know of my presence and be reckless in battle. I want to temper themselves. You have misunderstood this war’s rules. They refer to the immortal sect and demonic sect’s Sovereigns. You are the rats in our righteous immortal sect garden, mere pests. You don’t fall in the rules.”

“Since, you don show respect then there’s nothing to talk about. Anyway, since you rely on Ghost Immortal, thus my enemy, I won’t waste words on you!”

Chen Ming turned and more than a hundred stars bombarded the army. In mere moments, the army was laid to waste, including many King ranks.

Chen Ming patted Zhang Ming on the shoulder, “Not bad, you know to retreat when you aren’t his match. But you have to be more careful. Your Master can’t appear every time.”

Zhang Ming saw his attack, It’s simply miraculous!

He ending the enemy without moving an inch. Master’s cultivation is unrivaled, wiping out everything with but a thought!

Zhang Ming cupped his hands, “Many thanks, Master!”

Since he said he would give the sword to Zhuo Qingyao, Chen Ming was thinking of b.u.t.ting in some more. Yan Mountain’s position is too dangerous, so I’ll just be the strategy’s menace.

Chen Ming nodded, “Give this sword to your head senior sister, I can feel a hidden danger around. The ancient immortal sects’ hinterlands have many Sovereigns but they haven’t shown themselves yet. This won’t bode well for her. Tell your head senior sister to pour her energy in the sword if she meets a Sovereign. It will activate the magical art I drew on it.”

Zhang Ming took the nation weapon at once and bowed, “Yes, Master, I will bring her the sword.”

Chen Ming took out five more nation weapons and mentioned four more strongest disciples he had besides Zhang Ming, “You take one of these five swords and the rest give them to the ones I mentioned. Any time you face danger you can’t overcome, activate the magical art! After you use it, the others won’t dare to move so quickly against you.”

Zhang Ming was happy, I never knew he cares so much. “Many thanks, Master!”

Chen Ming nodded and vanished.

Zhang Ming said, “Oh, forgot to tell Master of the new Scriptures Pavilion in Yan Mountain! Since Master is returning to Yan Mountain, fourth senior sister will tell him.”

Zhang Ming regarded the sword, Master left a magical art inside. I need to give them to others quickly and complete Master’s task.

What Chen Ming did was to let the demonic sect think highly of his power. He only said he left a magical art on the blades but the truth was he would be the one showing up.

If a magical art could kill an average Sovereign, how strong did Chen Ming became?

Since Yan Mountain was a new up and comer, the others weren’t clear on Chen Ming’s strength. If Fairy Zi Xia and the rest let a few words slip out, no incident would occur. This way, the demonic sect would be afraid of Chen Ming and would think twice before acting against Yan Mountain.

No choice. As I don’t have enough strength, I can only play some tricks.

And while I’m at it, I might as well do it in style. As for what this means, what would be better than having a constant abnormal Heavenly Tribulation?

He didn’t lack spiritual knowledge, but merits. Chen Ming went to a cultivator city, spent five thousand spiritual knowledge, and upgraded a cultivation method at the Dao Comprehending realm.

The sky changed in a blink, with the tribulation cloud making itself notice up above with the sound of thunderclaps!

Lightning fell and cultivators kept flying out of the city. With an ongoing tribulation, how could they not watch such an interesting show? They saw Chen Ming standing below the Heavenly Tribulation, “It can’t be the new sovereign, Dawn Sovereign, standing there, right?”

“Why is he pa.s.sing the tribulation?”

“He wants to become immortal?”

“Will a new immortal appear?”

“Hurry and report it to Sect Leader!”

“This is breaking news! Dawn Sovereign is pa.s.sing his tribulation!”

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 224 - Strategy’s Menace

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