Master of Untold Daos Chapter 226 - Immortal Master Doesn't Walk!

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As Dawn Sovereign was pa.s.sing his tribulation, the ancient immortal sects let a piece of information slip by. The four Sages left for a place called the Immortal Stairway.

Regarding the Immortal Stairway, most cultivators never heard of it. They didn’t know where it laid and what secrets it hid.

But for Wu Jiang, this came at a shock, “Then Chen Ming’s attempt in becoming immortal is real? Immortal Stairway is the entrance to the path to immortality. Are the ancient immortal sects going to open the path to immortality for Chen Ming?

“What makes Chen Ming such a saint? He pa.s.sed Demonic Blood Saber to a Dao Initiation realm disciple, Ling Xian holds the Origin Sect’s most guarded treasure, and his head disciple, Zhuo Qingyao, also uses immortal equipment. Can it be that he is like me, a step away from immortality?”

“Let’s see if the ancient immortal sects dare to pry open the path to immortality!”

Li Suyi came at this time to report, “Third Sect Leader, Fourth Sect Leader, Fifth Sect Leader, and Sixth Sect Leader wish to see you!”

Wu Jiang sat on a large black iron throne, in a grand hall filled with demonic statues, “They came because of Chen Ming’s matter. An immortal isn’t someone they can withstand after all. Right, what kind of man is your Master?”

Li Suyi said directly, “Walking three thousand Grand Daos, not one the same. Master taught me my saber art, Li Suyi’s Conquering Immortals Art, sword art to head senior sister and fourth junior sister’s cultivation method. Master taught us everything.”

Wu Jiang’s heart shook. Be it Demonic Blood Saber, or the Conquering Immortals Art, and even Zhuo Qingyao’s sword art, they were all peerless arts in his eyes. Yet all of them came from one man!

Does this mean Chen Ming hid his strength? That must be it! When Yan Mountain attacked Myriad Mountains, it only sent a hundred thousand troops. Now Yan Mountain’s troops are in hundred of thousand. Chen Ming must be hiding his power!

Did he hide himself since he discovered the sealed path to immortality?

Wu Jiang pondered deeply, “Tell them Chen Ming cannot become immortal. I don’t believe the ancient immortal sects will allow an outsider to become immortal. But also tell them to cancel all plans against Yan Mountain! Even if Chen Ming fails, he isn’t someone that can be slighted!”

Li Suyi left Wu Jiang muttering to himself, “If it’s true, Chen Ming might not be so set against fighting our side. He has the demonic sect’s style when doing things, a deep-rooted cunningness. He is just like me, unable to become immortal because the ancient immortal sects sealed the path to immortality!”

Chen Ming went to many cultivator gathering areas and, each time, a tribulation cloud hanged over his head. The people were starting to believe he was pa.s.sing the Immortal Tribulation. Or did you ever see one enduring tribulation for days?

“This is definitely the Immortal Tribulation!”

“It’s been 13 days already. Only an Immortal Tribulation can last so long!”

“Will a new immortal descend on these lands?”

Chen Ming was pleased with their reaction. The entire continent was now focused on Chen Ming pa.s.sing his Immortal Tribulation.

This was what he wanted. This way, his plan regarding Yan Mountain would be one step closer to completion. He might not understand what the Sages were doing but he guessed they considered his plan.

He was now playing the role of an incredibly powerful figure.

Chen Ming looked up at the sky. The abyss in his eyes was endless, yet seemed to hide stars, “The path to immortality is elusive and remote. Today, I am facing the door to the abode of immortals!”

In the hearts of the cultivators a furious storm was brewing, “He truly wants to ascend?”

“Dawn Sovereign wants to become immortal!”

To make his act more ostentatious, Chen Ming lit up the galaxy on his back, filling the air with starlight and immortal demeanor!

The cultivators were even more astonished, “What is that? Is it a change before ascending?”

“Immortal! this is an immortal!”

Chen Ming looked around then vanished among the endless mountains. This disappearing act stirred the fervor of the crowd to its peak, “An immortal arrived!”

“We want to listen to immortal’s lecture to reach immortality!”

Chen Ming got to a desolate mountain in preparation to pa.s.s his Heavenly Tribulation. To be accurate, it was more along the lines of comprehending the Heavenly Stellar Array in a ray of starlight.

Done with understanding the array, Chen Ming did some thinking, The news must have spread by now. I’ll vanish for a while to add to the mystery.

He found a rock to sit on, Since I got nothing better to do, I might as well draw some more teleportation arrays on spiritual swords.

Zhuo Qingyao revealed her power, walking along the path set by her heart. The number of King ranks she killed so far had to be above a hundred. With each kill, she nurtured the sword intent in her heart one step closer to completion. The so-called sword intent was a notion condensed to its utmost. And she was condensing the sword intent in her mind by killing Kings.

On this day, Zhuo Qingyao was resting in her tent when she sensed someone spying on her, “Who is it?”

Zhuo Qingyao saw a footprint on a tree outside her tent and wanted to chase. She remembered Master’s words and strapped the nation weapon to her back.

In the endless night, Zhuo Qingyao rushed after the other’s trail when she shouted, “d.a.m.n! He’s luring me out of the camp! These tracks are too obvious!”

Zhuo Qingyao retreated but a devil claw came from the sky and knocked her flying one li. She took the blow on her body yet it didn’t leave a single wound.

“You’re too late to realize!”

A black-clothed man dashed at Zhuo Qingyao,

“If we keep ignoring your campaign, there will be nothing left of Lord Ghost Immortal’s King ranks. But because of the war regulations, I can’t act inside the camp. Who would be able to tell I killed you in this wilderness?”

The man walked towards her, “I didn’t expect for you to come out unharmed from my claw. I cannot allow you to live!”

Zhuo Qingyao looked at him with bright eyes, not a trace devoid of fear, “You seem like a Sovereign.”

“I’ve never fought a Sovereign before. Show me, in this life or death battle, just how powerful a Sovereign can be!”

Zhuo Qingyao pulled Obelisk and pointed at him, sword energy bursting from her body.

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 226 - Immortal Master Doesn't Walk!

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