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Chen Ming was hoping to know more, but the woman vanished, letting the air carry her last words to his ear, “Put it on and it will tell you everything.”

Chen Ming glanced at it, “This kind of mask is more befitting of a fan.”

If a fan would use the crying face, then that would mean happiness, if he used the happy face then it would mean sadness.

“Ding! You triggered the mission, The Rising Darkness: Seven Deadly Sins. As a growing sect, one ought to have more than just a Sect Leader. It needs Elders. In your capacity as a n.o.ble and grand Sect Leader, you can’t always tend to every little detail. Please convince seven great cultivators to act as Yan Mountain’s Elders. Reward: ten million merits, and the immortal equipment Seven Deadly Sins.”

Wow! There’s even a mission! This means the mask is related to it.

Chen Ming closed his eyes and brought the mask to his face. Its black robe shrouded his body and Chen Ming found himself in a black hall among the clouds. It had pillars as thick as hills, and the twelve of them supported the roof. With all kinds of sacred beasts carved onto them, Chen Ming had to admit he couldn’ recognize most of them.

As to how many there were, let’s just say Chen Ming hasn’t seen too many.

Now that he put it on, Chen Ming found out the name of this mask. He now bore the name of the lowest mask wearer in the Headless a.s.sembly, the Faceless.

And his boss was called Inevitable.

Inevitable also had a mask, though different. In matters of importance, he would call upon the Faceless, his subordinates, to this hall.

But it was clear the boss had no intention of summoning them yet.

In the cultivation world, due to longer lifespans, all of them were two thousand years old Earth Immortals. Inevitables called for a meeting only once every ten years.

As for when it happened, it was up to their leisure.

Chen Ming’s men were called Blades, carrying out his missions. Of course, he didn’t have any to begin with.

Through the use of this mask, he could call upon a name. And if the target wished, then their awareness would be pulled in this hall.

I have to figure it out on my own how to subdue Blades, quite a headache. And I need to complete the system lady’s mission too. When choosing Blades, gotta be careful there’s some talent on them. Just the sound of that immortal equipment, Seven Deadly Sins, rings with power. No way am I getting trashy stuff.

The crux of the matter laid in Chen Ming’s ability to entice these great figures.

It does have a challenging ring to it.

The disciples are hard at cultivating and I need to begin the operation to leave the limits of a grand boss behind.

I need to stroll around the Galaxy first. I should at least get to know the condition of the three Star Rivers around my territory.

It just so happens that I now know the location of the path to immortality leading to the Obsidian Temple from the Expansion Star. So I’ll start by asking around the Obsidian Temple.

Chen Ming took off the mask, returning to his yard, and went to Zhuo Qingyao, “Master knows you no longer have any cultivation method to train in. I decided to go among the stars for a look, to see if there’s any fitting one for you there. I leave Yan Mountain in your care.”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, “Yes, Master. Leave for the stars and, above all else, be careful!”

Chen Ming smiled as he rubbed her hair, “Are you teaching your Master?”

Zhuo Qingyao pouted, “Master, I’m not a child. Don’t rub my head!”

Chen Ming laughed, Your mouth says no, but your body is honest. When I go to rub your head, you forgot all notion of running!

With a clap, Chen Ming left towards Obsidian Temple.

On the Obsidian Star, Chen Ming discovered a flouris.h.i.+ng and monastic continent. There were temples everywhere. Oh, right. This is how an immortal’s star looks like!

At least the land was united.

But Chen Ming noticed something. Half of this stretch of land was under savage beasts’ control.

It doesn’t look like the cultivators here are very strong.

Chen Ming landed in front of a temple and asked directions for Obsidian Temple. The monks were eager to please, earning his thanks.

This went on until he reached Obsidian Temple.

Half a day later found him descending in the said temple. But the moment he touch-downed he didn’t want to waste any more time so he went straight to the heart of things, “Tell Yuan Ji I came to see him. I received his invitation to Obsidian Temple.”

Yuan Ji was prompt in his coming, after receiving the report of a blue-robed Daoist from the gate defenders.

Yuan Ji couldn’t be happier at Chen Ming’s arrival. He showed he was worthy of trust, doing what he pledged. And now he was here to understand the situation.

Yuan Ji put his hands together and bowed with great respect, “Please follow me up the mountain, sir. I will call my Master at once.”

Chen Ming nodded.

But few monks mocked him from the sides, “Yuan Ji, monks do not lie. Isn’t it clear that this helper you invited is only a Dao Comprehending realm Daoist?”

“A boastful Dao Comprehending realm cultivator isn’t enough to fill one savage beast’s belly!”

“Yuan Ji, although monks do not insult people, I just can’t help having one last thing to say. How do you think you will end after deceiving Abode of Immortals?”

“It’s more likely for me to invite an immortal!”

Chen Ming laughed, Time to do business. There are also ten Beneath Immortal mounts here. He wasn’t one to let anyone off with a light warning. After activating Ruler’s Presence Aura, Control Aura and World’s Crown Aura, he smiled at Yuan Ji, “I never expected such outcome. There should be no problem if I do a light warm-up, right?”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly. He couldn’t see through Chen Ming’s power, and despite being in the Dao Comprehending realm, he had a terrifying air around him. At least, he had no thought of resisting, and it has been ages since the last time any cultivator invasion. Only an immortal had the right to subdue stars in the end.

Yuan Ji put his hands in prayer, “I as for sir’s leniency!”

Chen Ming chuckled. With only Sovereign monks around, he would only show off his skills. Allheaven Stellar Array launched itself from his back, shrouding the Obsidian Temple. The pressure from the Star Chart made the ground cave in by ten feet!

The heaven shook and the earth rumbled, with barely any monk able to stand straight as one by one hit the ground.

But a shout came from high up the mountain, “Please stay your hand fellow Daoist. This old monk’s apprentices mean no harm. Please quell your anger!”

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 311 - Faceless

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