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Chapter 359: Outlining ExpertGenius Stirring Heaven’s Jealousy. It isn’t like Heaven to have anything better to do and rob the man of his leg. Someone else was behind this.

Chen Ming said, “I give you the power to exact revenge in exchange for becoming my Blade.”

The old man laughed, “Power to exact revenge? What do you think revenge is? A martial arts bout? Do you even know who my enemy is?”

Chen Ming kept the laughing side in view and activated King Slayer Aura. “I never cared to begin with, meaningless to one such as I. I also never helped others take revenge; only the weak need it. If not done yourself, that is no longer called revenge. What I like is to give others the power to draw a close to their vengeance.”

The old man cast a firm gaze. Perhaps the King Slayer Aura’s unbending and tyrannical energy got to him, “My enemy is a great general of Jade Lake, one of the strongest among Supreme Gold Immortals.”

“In those times, Jade Lake used to call us Southern Bow Northern Arrow. Jade Lake wanted to choose the best archer and I took it as a rare chance. But the least I expect was for him, envious of my talent, to collude with a Jade Lake’s Supreme Gold Immortal and cut off my leg. This is how ruthless he was. He didn’t take my hands, but my leg, so that I will always need to use a crutch and never draw a bow in my life.”

“He wants me to suffer for the rest of my days. Living with two arms yet unable to use them, suffering from the powerless to exact revenge. Do you know how the other Faceless died? Three hundred years ago, he also came to me. I asked him to gain the approval of the Heavenly Wolf Bow and I would serve him. He failed. My condition remains the same. You still have time for regrets.”

Chen Ming exposed the crying face this time, “You need to pay the price for your request, your leg.”

The old man laughed, “The Heavenly Wolf Bow is a Martyr weapon. Only Immortal Kings can wield it fully. Few’s archery cultivation reached such level. This weapon, bow and arrow, is the strongest weapon. It’s not so easily bound. It is also one of the most hegemonic immortal tools. I advise you to think twice before answering.”

But Chen Ming said, “Location?”

Are Martyr weapons great? Doesn’t it all come down to using the same line as before?

The old man was in shock for a split second, “This is not a joke. Even your matchless talent in archery still wouldn’t have been enough in those days to bind it. The only second person that can use it is to have the consent of the one it approved of. This is my only chance to handle it, or I wouldn’t have such a request. All other bows are unable to withstand my power, only capable of releasing eight arrows.”

Chen Ming continued, “Location!”

Is this guy deaf or did he stay silent for too long that he got a running mouth?

He just keeps going and going…

The old man eyed Chen Ming with a suspicion. They say the Faceless are nothing but lunatics, and by the look of things, they’re right. “In the Vile Dragon Star River, on a star called Martial King, there is a barren mountain range. In the 333 zhang tall precipice there is a cave and in that cave an Immortal King’s tomb. The Heavenly Wolf Bow lays inside. Those that are unable to gain its approval are forever blocked entry. This is a secret only I know.”

Chen Ming’s heart burst with joy. An Immortal King’s tomb! My man!

All forbidden places have nice tidbits inside. I hope you don’t mind if I take them all to myself.

Chen Ming vanished but the old man’s words still lingered, “This is the sixth. Ah, such pity, this one is going to die much sooner than the rest.”

Chen Ming was already on the Vile Dragon Star and it took him seven days to reach the entrance. Three savage beasts took it as their home, but they were very weak. It doesn’t seem anyone knows what lies within.

Such an immoral act as grave robbing is something that I, Immortal Master Chen, will always refuse doing it. But after thinking of the historical significance this tomb might have, Immortal Master Chen’s archaeological heartbeat went wild. He cleaned the cave of the three beasts and bowed, “Sorry, it’s all for history. There’s no way that I want those many many scriptures, powerful artifacts, priceless pills, or even those strong beyond belief immortal tools. You must believe me.”

A ball of fire lit up in his hand as he ventures into the deep cave. Three hundred li later, the tunnel opened into a great expanse. On top of nine layered stages stood a blood-red longbow.

It radiated a b.l.o.o.d.y light and looked the part as a hegemonic weapon. It was unadorned, as simple as possible, and hard to draw. It sported two fangs on it, capable of close-ranged battle.

Thirteen arrows stood at the side. When Chen Ming reached the ninth stage, he found a message that wrote: ‘Archer, gain my approval.’

Chen Ming gripped its handle, “I say, this tidbit is quite heavy.”

“Ding! Heavenly Wolf Bow is a.s.sessing. Due to King Slayer Aura Lvl 2, you pa.s.sed. This bow owner’s wish was to lift it to the rank of soul weapon but sadly failed. That is why it bears a strong resentment for rulers. Because of this, it recognizes you.”

Oh, my, somewhat interesting. This Heavenly Wolf Bow just went and gave me its approval. This grand boss King Slayer Aura of mine has many wonderful uses!

Then again, fierce and outstanding sounding weapons all tend to like me when they land in my palm!

In short, it’s far off the righteous path…

That d.a.m.n owner was useless. He only wished and not strived for it. Humph, our Immortal Master Chen had always been reckless.

Ah, King Slayer Aura. It already went and settled two of my big dilemmas.

Chen Ming notched an arrow and drew the bow into a full moon.

The arrow struck the mountain and an avalanche of rocks fell. He didn’t even activate an art or supplied it with spiritual power. This bow ain’t bad at all.

But the gate never even budged.

Though I am a bit embarra.s.sed since I got careless and it went off course.

He shot eleven more arrows in a breath and saw that, besides the gate, every part of the wall collapsed, showing metal walls of the tomb. The twelve arrows all went around the gate.

Its property is to outline?

Chen Ming eyed the last arrow and leaped three feet away from the gate. It was ten zhang tall and six zhang wide, “I refuse to believe my arrow will veer off from this distance and such a large target.”

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 359 - Outlining Expert

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