Master of Untold Daos Chapter 365 - I Don’t Know Them Now, But Soon Will

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Chapter 365: I Don’t Know Them Now, But Soon Will

Seven days later.

Ding Kuang stood on the roof of the grand tower, gazing far into the horizon but nothing was out of the ordinary. The last days were the same, plain and quiet.

“I must be overthinking things. I waited yet nothing happened. If I delay any further those fools won’t seize the Devil Gate Star.”

Bu Liuhen was resting in his room when he heard his Celestial Immortal’s report, “Sir Blade, that old scheming fox, Ding Kuang, never left. He let his chariot leave while he himself went for real only this evening. ”

Bu Liuhen sensed Faceless’ call and closed his eyes only to appear the next time he opened them in Chen Ming’s hall.

Chen Ming said, “Begin three days from now.”

Bu Liuhen’s heartrate spiked. Just who is sire Faceless? He knew the exact moment Ding Kuang left. And how did sire Faceless knew Ding Kuang was still here seven days ago?

Without his warning, I would’ve fallen in a trap!

These were all secrets and he knew when to keep the questions to himself.

“Yes, sire Faceless. Subordinate won’t let you down.”

Chen Ming waved him away, “Let’s see how sharp is my new Blade.”

The third day, in the dead of night.

The masked Bu Liuhen led his ten Celestial Immortals dressed in black. He didn’t bring too many people to this rescue mission. As this wasn’t a war, speed was of the essence. Plus more people would make matters worse.

The patrol was loose, with two Celestial Immortals and four Earth Immortals.

Dealing with them couldn’t be easier.

Bu Liuhen strapped the box on his back.

The instant they acted, the guards noticed them, “Who are you? This is Jade Lake’s prison! Do you want to die?”

“Stop right there!”

The two men’s shout alerted the other guards, rus.h.i.+ng to provide support!

The gate opened and Earth Immortals came out with the warden in tow.

Bu Liuhen waved, “Kill! I can’t attack with the Martyr weapon on me! Every act of mine will tarnish it.”

The instant he heard this, the warden’s mind was blown, Who are they? Who are they aiming for?

Did they bring a Martyr weapon?

Can it be there’s great immortal that can gain the approval of one locked in this prison?

The ten Celestial Immortals clashed with the guards.

Among the constant weapon clashes, Bu Liuhen walked, taking a final step on a blade’s edge to vault him inside, finding the old cripple shortly after.

The old killer heard the commotion and saw a black man carrying a box coming over.

Bu Liuhen’s kick pulverized the gate, “Is it you?”

Bu Liuhen dropped the box under the old killer’s trembling eyes. He still felt incredulous as he opened it.

“This is the bow! Who’d have thought he’d make it…”

This Faceless was unlike any of the six before him.

He wanted to grab the bow, yet didn’t dare. He asked, “You have a blade?”

Bu Liuhen didn’t follow, What does this old fool want?

“It is sire Faceless’ price. I offended him and I must now pay what is due.”

Bu Liuhen almost forget. He took out a blade and threw it before him.

The old killer grasped the hilt, “It’s been so long since these hands held a weapon. Such an addicting feeling!”

He let the blade drop on his leg and blood splashed on the floor.

But he didn’t pay it any mind, striking again and removing the last leg.

Bu Liuhen glared, “What are you doing?”

He laughed, “This is his price. I was scornful of sire Faceless when we met, and have to five up my leg as a consequence.”

Bu Liuhen’s heart s.h.i.+vered. Sire Faceless had a ruthless and dreadful side! Thank G.o.d I didn’t earn his ire…

The old killer said, “Release the prisoners!”


The ten Celestial Immortals opened the cells one by one, doors to unspeakable evil, “Ha-ha-ha, thanks for brothers’ grace. As a show of grat.i.tude, I will only rob you!”

His body s.h.i.+vered with raw power, blowing the chains away. He was a Celestial Immortal, yet unlike the kind from Heavenly Court.

Another convict burst in laughter, “No, no, no. My rule is to kill then rob!”

Another said, “Ha-ha-ha, it’s been so long since I tasted man flesh…”

“I will get me some missies and have meself a good time..”

Bu Liuhen didn’t care, thinking they were under the old killer, “Your men are quite rampant.”

“I don’t know them. They’re all savage and cruel.”

Bu Liuhen saw the released thirty Celestial Immortals then looked at his men, “Then why the h.e.l.l did you free these savages for?”

He laughed, “I don’t know them now, but soon will.”

The savages raged towards them when the old killer spoke, “Oh great being lying in the endless shadows, your Blade beseech you, please descend before me, lend me the power to wield Heavenly Wolf Bow…”

“The h.e.l.l is this geezer mumbling about?”

“He must be begging. No, he’s calling someone and it seems to be a Faceless…”

“What, Faceless?”

They all took slow steps backward, fearing of getting themselves caught in it.

One word was enough to tame their savagery.

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 365 - I Don’t Know Them Now, But Soon Will

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