Master of Untold Daos Chapter 426 - Head Senior Sister Is Calling You

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Chapter 426: Head Senior Sister Is Calling You

Chen Ming watched the sun high above Ninth’s head, Sky Bearer Aura doesn’t say anything about having 3,000 stars on my back.

If it were any other battle, Chen Ming would long have used the Allheaven Stellar Array, ending this charade. If a slash insta-killed an enemy, there was a chance the second would follow.

But this time was different. It was all to gauge his skills and power, to prepare for the tribulation.

With this in mind, he decided to pay a closer look at Ninth Crown Prince.

As well as find out the extent of his sword art coupled with Two Year Cicada.

He raised his saber and crossed a dozen zhangs with a step, Eight Dragon-ascending Steps.

His leap found him before Ninth, who wielded his golden spear into unleas.h.i.+ng a tornado.

The attack threw Chen Ming off, giving him the feeling they were on equal footing. That Sun isn’t just for show.

Chen Ming was relentless in his attacks, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, “Star Dragon Crown Prince still won’t unleash the Star Dragon?”

“What’s he thinking?”

“As matters stand, he doesn’t measure up to Ninth Crown Prince!”

Many other cultivators in the Three-headed Dragon Constellation watched the commotion in the sky, “Have you heard? Star Dragon Crown Prince and Ninth Crown Prince are fighting.”

Some cultivators could even see the battle, “The Earth Immortals can’t handle even the aftermath of their blows.”

At the entrance to the meeting hall on the Devil Gate Star, Yang Hun, Duan Shou, Bu Liuhen and Lu Qingxuan looked up. Duan Shou said, “I know that blade.”

Bu Liuhen added, “I know that footwork.”

Yang Hun chipped in, “A rumor swept the Galaxy. Star Dragon Crown Prince is a Faceless.”

The breath of the tree was in sync. They pierced the enigmatic veil donned by their Faceless to catch one glimpse.

Yang Hun said, “Star Dragon Crown Prince appears to be just a peak Earth Immortal.”

Bu Liuhen’s tone was grave, “I need to become a Gold Immortal or there won’t be anything I can do later. I will be leaving first.”

Lu Qingxuan said, “I also need to train my men, or they won’t get to join in Faceless’ next operation.”

Duan Shou said, “I have Nr. 6’s location. When Sire Faceless returns, I will present him with a gift. ”

The four grinned, betrayal not once crossing their minds as they watched the sky.

They knew Sire Faceless was beneath them in power. But also knew he was the Star Dragon Crown Prince, a vigorous and strong tree that had a lot of room to grow.

A tree that could hold a large part of the Galaxy on its branches.

To such a monarch, loyalty was a given. Yet even with his Earth Immortal power, he used ingenious tricks to make them submit. Following such a lord wouldn’t let them get the short end of the stick.

His future was the ruler of fiends. If they were strong enough, they’d be fiend princes.

They’d cross thousands li for their lord, all to make him a King.

To become a prince, one had to have a good head on their shoulders.

On the fiends’ side, Bey Junwu was scowling, “When did Hidden Emperor enter Sacred Mountain? He’s so lively hanging out with others.”

“Guard, guard! Get that Daoist Qing Long over here. He didn’t even try to stop Hidden Emperor. I will have to set him straight!”

The guards ran like the wind and came back like a storm, “Informing Regent, an Immortal King Tribulation befell the Alldragon Mountains!”

Bey Junwu’s scowl returned with a vengeance, “What the h.e.l.l is going on? Is that Qing Long breaking through to Immortal King? It is likely though. He’s been Supreme Gold Immortal for thousands of years.”

Bey Junwu said, “Let him pa.s.s it then grab him!”

Qing Long was eyeing the Heavenly Tribulation above his head and swiveled his gaze to Sacred Mountain. He seemed to have an epiphany, “His Highness must have known I was close to Immortal King yet instead of voicing it, left in secret. This, in turn, offered me the chance to cultivate Alldragon Stele’s Dragon Breath.”

“I’ve been trapped as Supreme Gold Immortal for thousands of years and the time has come to break through and become the strongest Immortal King in the world!”

“Once I pa.s.s this ordeal, I will clear Hidden Emperor’s path to Fiend Emperor!”

“Heavenly Tribulation, ha-ha-ha, this Immortal King is here!”

Yan Mountain branch.

Zhuo Qingyao was very much puzzled by what was happening on the Sacred Mountain. The one brawling with Ninth Crown Prince was her Master for sure.

Zhuo Qingyao was confused, “It makes no sense. Master always advanced with great speed, which goes double for a reincarnated immortal like him. Yet Master never used his best moves since the start. If he goes in for the kill he never goes around playing with his enemy.”

“Master’s realm must be suppressed. There aren’t many who can do that.”

“Master seldom has a drawn-out battle or a probing spar. Why the change though?”

Zhuo Qingyao lowered her eyes and then had an epiphany, “I got it. The only one to restrict Master must be the Wordless Upheaval. And Master’s potential is far above it. Master is in the Dao Comprehending realm and yet has the power of a peak Earth Immortal. This is Master’s Wordless Upheaval!”

“His actions are in preparation to pa.s.s it. When the Wordless Upheaval falls, he will have no choice but to face all Earth Immortals. There are plenty of people that can measure up to Ninth Crown Prince and Master wants to feel him out and set up contingencies for the Mortal Tribulation.”

“It’s so sad Master forbid me to leave the mountain. I can only move through second junior brother and third junior brother. The Wordless Upheaval doesn’t say anything about us not helping Master.”

Zhuo Qingyao shouted, “Silver Wing, call Li Suyi and Ling Xian over.”

The two were in the dark abyss regarding Zhuo Qingyao’s h.e.l.lish training that awaited them. Since she was so bored alone on the mountain, she sent someone to fetch for them for a nice long chat.

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 426 - Head Senior Sister Is Calling You

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