Master of Untold Daos Chapter 469 - First Encounter with Barbarians

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Chapter 469: First Encounter with Barbarians

As Chen Ming and Duan Shou went together to Yan Mountain branch, the disciples welcome them the moment they arrived.

Ling Xian was there also, “Master, there are close to a hundred thousand immortal beasts outside the Desolate Star’s fringe. There’s been an ongoing battle so far and, from how it stands, it will be a drawn-out war.”

Chen Ming sank in contemplation, For them to be so many, does that mean there are true barbarians there?

“Come with me.” He said to Duan Shou.

Then he took out Luo Muye and left some orders to Ling Xian, “He is your sixth junior brother. Take care to settle him in. Once I resolve the war on Desolate Star’s side, we will conduct the ceremony.”

Ling Xian smiled, “Oh, so it’s little junior brother. Leave it to me, I’ll take good care of him. ”

Chen Ming wandered deep in the disciples’ seclusion area and set up the Land of Eternal Rest’s stele, “Comprehending this stele and forming its Dao Seed allows you to wield the black blade. This will be of great benefit to your strength.

“As you progress further and further, I will give you a better saber from the Vitality Burning Constellation. That place poses an extreme danger. You can’t go as you are now.

Chen Ming also presented some water, “Enter the River of Time’s water and you will be able to understand the scripture.”

Duan Shou kneeled, “Many thanks, Sire, for teaching me the Dao!”

With that taken care of, he went off to Li Suyi and get to the bottom of the immortal beast war.

Two men were leading the charge of a hundred thousand immortal beasts to where the war took place.

On a nameless star in the Desolate Constellation, a burly man watched his enemy drawing near, ten thousand immortal beasts.

Compared to that, his troops were teetering on the verge of collapse. He was known as Nu Xiao, the Lion King’s son. As the king’s life was coming to an end, a gathering took place to elect his successor. Thanks to Nu Xiao’s great strength, it stirred envy in his second brother’s heart, who was now hunting him down.

Across from him was second brother’s retainer, Gu Tu. The man rode Sky Whale on his charge to take his life.

Nu Xiao faced the horde with but 20 immortal beasts, “Brothers, here is were we make our final stand. If there’s any who wish to surrender, I will not blame them!”(Beast language. To be precise, lion dialect. But for readers’ convenience I translated it in the common tongue.)

The others laughed, “Nu Xiao, you are our khan. We will follow you even in death!”

“Nu Xiao, why waste time speaking in this late hour?”

“Warriors must die on the battlefield and not in a woman’s bed!”

Nu Xiao laughed, “Good, brothers. Let’s go meet death!”

A shout came from Gu Tu standing on the huge beast hiding in the fog across from them, “Nu Xiao, there’s nowhere to run! Pledge yourself to Khan Nu Feng and I will let you live!”

Nu Xiao laughed, “A b.a.s.t.a.r.d like him? I can’t wait to have my hands squeezing down his throat!”

Gu Tu raged, “You must wish for death in disrespecting Khan Nu Feng! With you gone, there’s no one opposing his rise to be Lion Kind!”

But then he reigned in the Sky Whale and so did the army with their beasts. The lions riding the beasts focused their gazes past Nu Xiao.

Nu Xiao cursed, “Gu Tu, the h.e.l.l are you scared for? You’re even afraid to face a few dozen men with such a mighty horde?”

Gu Tu signaled, “Sheath your weapons and restrain the beasts!”

Nu Xiao was perplexed, What is this? “Gu Tu, can it be you want to mend your ways? Since you know I am most worthy to become the Lion King, it’s not too late to surrender!”

Gu Tu’s only response was looking at an idiot. He didn’t even deign a response, looking beyond him, “Khan of the foxkin, I have no intention to offend you. I have intruded upon your lands to grab a criminal!”

Only now did Nu Xiao get it. He turned around at the horde of a hundred thousand beasts trampling their way over. The riders, humans in fact, wore fine clothing and looked quite frail, in comparison to the burly lions.

At the head of the horde was a das.h.i.+ng man in black clothing and a saber at the waist.

This demeanor among barbarians was mostly seen on foxkin. They loved beauty, so they took it upon themselves to be cultivators look-a-like.

And from the sheer number of immortal beasts, they couldn’t be cultivators. Plus they spoke in beast language, so the only viable answer was barbarians foxkin.

Chen Ming chuckled and pointed at Nu Xiao, “My word is the final word in these lands. That man is mine!”

If not for anything else, but because this Nu Xiao had neat auras. The best was Beast King Aura as well as Control Aura lvl. 4.

Gu Tu said, “Khan of the foxkin, I am from the Lion King tribe in pursuit of this man for the sake of our future. Please let me have him.”

Chen Ming smiled, “Future Lion King, you say. He’s no Lion King now, is it?”

Gu Tu said, “Khan of the foxkin, you’re making things hard for me!!”

“What’s his crime? What made you chase him all the way over to my lands?”

Gu Tu hesitated, opting for silence.

Nu Xiao saw hope, Heaven never fails he who clings to hope. Did these parts have a foxkin khan? Leading a hundred thousand beasts, if not a khan than what?

“Khan of the foxkin, I am the Lion King’s successor. My younger brother l.u.s.ted for my right and sent them to kill me. They are the traitors!”

Chen Ming’s heart danced, It’s actually so complicated. I never thought the Desolate Constellation still had true barbarians. And by the looks of things, they have no idea of the benefit of souls. If I can get the Desolate Constellation in the bag, I’ll have a steady income of souls.

Need a good plan to lurk my way in. Seeing the naive and gullible(dimwit) Nu Xiao, he’s just asking to be duped. It will be wrong for me to let such an honest man down.

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 469 - First Encounter with Barbarians

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