Juvenile Entertainer 104 Winner

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Craig had left. Leaving four contestants. Theodore was surprised as Anthony was somehow still holding on. Theodore finally caught on to something as he noticed that Anthony no longer looks stressed or angered.

No, he's unsettlingly calm with his cold smile and eyes that had a burning pa.s.sion for something evil. He then immediately noticed the same look on Samantha and Mark.

'What's going on? Let's just backtrack. . . Wait the prize is limitless so they can ask me to do something embarra.s.sing. f.u.c.k this has come back to bite me. .. How much did I make, thirty grand that's pretty good, thankfully I have Natalie to sort out my taxes and charity donations. It's not a complete loss as I got some money and I think I might be invited to Felix's wedding. Hopefully what the others ask for doesn't

q destroy my reputation' Theodore thought

An hour went by like it was nothing they had quickly understood that you don't have to finish but as big gaming channels/streamers it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the audience to watch them just not try. They are also making money as they've learnt that every time they freaked out, their donations jumped.

The counter on the stream only had five seconds.

"5. . 4. .3. . 2. .1. . 0 and stop congratulations to our winners BigJigglyBear, Always_Sammy, Makiplay and PewDieTie. I hope my game didn't disappoint for those who want to test their stress levels than just go to my website www.Hunt.com and you'll find it under the Mortal Kombat, Yes another thing to announce is that the regular player base for Mortal Komabat has reached 3 million which is just 2 million behind Shout Of Duty, I'm extremely grateful for the support and hopefully I can continue to drop some great games for you guys in the future" Said Theodore sincerely


AntiMagic: Don't sweat it mate

E-Money: Happy for ya

Jesus-no1: Fathers blessing falls heavily on your head

Angel_Abi: You deserve it ??

. . . . . etc

"Well enough about that let's see what our contestants want as a prize"

"Firstly congratulation on the Player base for Mortal Kombat. So for my prize, I'd like for you to use your skills to make a wedding dress for Marzia" Said Felix sincerely

"Yeah, that's fine, so how's about an invite to the wedding," Said Theo jokingly

"We really just want to keep it small so we really can't invite more people," Said Felix awkwardly

"I was kidding, now what about you sam" Said Theo

"I want you to design my merch s.h.i.+rt, 10 different designs that is," Said Samantha smugly

"That's a little much but I'll try, Mark?" Said, Theo

"I'll have a five designs of miniature figures that relate to me and my channel," Said, Mark

"Sure, just send me pictures to use as a reference. Now Anthony please don't be harsh with your wish" Said Theo

"You're a talented artist so it should be easy, i just want you to make Anime that has the same if not better popularity as Frozen and it has to be about gaming," Said, Anthony

"Hold up, I know anime is popular but the chances that it gains the same attention that Frozen is near impossible as it's the audience is not limited to just cartoon lovers. But with Anime it's popularity is mostly within its community and with the very curious people. Not only that, there currently isn't any anime that goes heavily into gaming without it becoming an isekai" Said Theo

Anthony's face immediately lost its excitement.

"Saying that, I'm up for a challenge but it will take me some time, as I'm quite busy," Said Theo

*Ding* [Task: Fulfill Promises: Deliver on what you promised, no matter how hard it is and go beyond what they expect: Time Limit: 2 months]

{Reward: Friends.h.i.+p, ????}

{Failure: Bad Reputation, -5 social points}

'Nice' Theodore thought

"So that's it for now, oh wait no I forgot to mention that I will be doing my first public performance at Coach.e.l.la so be there or just not cause it's kinder expensive. Getting back to 'Getting Over It' it has a leaderboard that keeps track of people with the fastest time. So I'll give you guys a week and whoever stands at the top can win $5,000 it's a little small but it's still pretty good" Said, Theo

"So this is goodbye, I wanna thank our guest for tagging along and providing us entertainment. I won't be streaming for a while so see you guys around, bye" Said, Theo

. . . . . . . . .

~Sat.u.r.day Afternoon at 04:00 pm~

Theodore was currently in the back garden standing on top of flat cardboard boxes that laid flat on the gra.s.s. Joining him was Megan. She wore black leggings with a loose blue top.

They were currently learning ballroom dancing. These include waltz, Latin American dances such as the tango, rumba, and chcha, and dances of 20th-century origin such as the foxtrot and quickstep.

At Megan was teaching Theo to Waltz as she had pa.s.sed by and decided to give some pointers but with Theo's system he quickly mastered it, then she taught all the other ballroom dancers.

'All I know about Megan's family is that they are rich but maybe they are not just rich, but from her perfect posture, rich family and excessive knowledge on other countries politics, I can guess that she comes from some form royal family or maybe just high up in politics. I could have Nat(A.I) dig up her family details but I'm not a big fan of snooping around my friends and families private life. I'm sure she'll tell me when she's ready' Theo thought while dancing with Megan.
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They dance until it reached six in the afternoon. They separate and take a shower before they have dinner. Theo was now in his room going through over 500 different styles of dresses listing all the advantages and disadvantages.

The reason for his sudden interest in dresses is due to the promise he made with Elizabeth (Red Vulture, Ceo of Vague) to make a dress that shows his embroidery skill and would be added to Vague's new lineup.

Elizabeth had told him that she would like three personally made by him while the rest will be factory-made. Theo also has to write the programming for the factory version but it won't be hard for him as he can have Nat watch his movements then turn them into instructions, that can then be directly implemented.

He looked into his closet that has a pile of different fabrics and picked up a nice smooth blood-red fabric.

The style of dress he opted for was the traditional Chinese Qipao Dresses. It's already well known that Qipao Dresses have beautiful embroidery designs and it's slim shape compliments a woman's curves.

He quickly placed a camera above him so that Nat can record his embroidery skill then changed into coding for the factory. He spent a good 4 hours of cutting and st.i.tching until he made 8 dresses that have the same look.

A long red dress that went down to the calf. A slit on either side of the lower portion that went up to the thigh. Short sleeves. For the embroidery, he decided on white b.u.t.terflies and bright yellow sunflowers that carefully intertwined around the dress to fully amplify a women figure.

He gave a loud yawn that confirmed his need to rest but Theo just took out an energy bar from his inventory. Then poured hot coffee from his inventory into his already empty cup and got to work on designing Samantha's s.h.i.+rts and five figures for Mark.

It didn't take long for Theo to create the designs on his drawing tablet and sent them to Samantha and Mark. With that, all done Theo then spent the next few hours meditating on his skill [Serene Heart] before finally falling to sleep.

Juvenile Entertainer 104 Winner

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