Reaper Of The Martial World 917 Come One, Come All 2

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It was only over the course of those few months that Dyon began to understand the potential problem.

As of now, no one was entirely certain of the location of the Epistemic Tower. For whatever reason, the Sapientia were pretending to not have knowledge of it, or, maybe more likely, they had lost communication with Dyon's universe long ago.

However, after knowing Dyon was likely very young and comparatively very weak, it became possible to deduce a few things.

For one, the Celestial Quadrant had not had a key wielder for a tens of thousands of years. They were, without a doubt, the Corner that had had its fog barrier up for the longest time.

What did this mean? It meant that for Dyon to be chosen as the key wielder, he would have had to fight for the opportunity.

There were two main branches of this so-called Celestial Deer Quadrant Theory (an article released and written by Aritzia Sapientia personally).

The first branch a.s.sumed that after the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect, something every quadrant knew about, it took the time between the fog barrier going up, and Dyon entering his first trial, for a new peak-level clan to come into existence, and thrust their genius, ie Dyon, into the world of the tower.

The second branch a.s.sumed that after the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect, the Epistemic Tower was completely forgotten. Over the course of years, one young genius, namely Dyon, finally cracked the secret of the tower and entered it.

The reason these two possible theories were deduced is obvious. After disappearing for so long from the main martial world, something must have been occurring in the celestial deer quadrant to keep them away. As such, there were only two possible explanations: Inner Strife or simply forgetting.

So, the question was, how did these thoughts lead to the narrowing down of where their Epistemic Tower might lie?

It was simple. If the second branch, and Aritzia's favored theory, was true, that meant that Dyon would have had to be fighting in a campaign. And, for him to have been fighting in a campaign, he would have had to be within a gate that matched with his power level. And for him to still be within the tower meant one thing: That gate had to be an essence gate!

If the first branch was true, although the deduction was more roundabout, it was still sound.

Every quadrant understood that even if you were the supreme clan or sect of your quadrant, you had to compromise and allow others to use the Epistemic Tower benefits. In addition, you also had to provide the opportunity for other clans to compete for the key wielder position.

If the first branch was true, that would mean the celestial deer quadrant wouldn't have forgotten about these traditions and unwritten rules, and it would also mean that Dyon would have to prove his worthiness.

In the end, no matter how much of a genius he was, being below sainthood cultivation would mean you were still far too weak to compete! The exceptions to this rule were very few in number, and although Dyon might be one, it was less likely.

Either way, it didn't matter. To Aritzia, she made it clear that her first branch theory was only a formality. In her belief, the second branch was far more likely.

The reason for this was also obvious.

War between universes, meaning intrquadrant warfare, was very difficult UNLESS one uses the gates as a means of attack. However, the gates were closed off for 66% of the year, staying open for only about 3 to 4 months.

This all meant one thing: universes would only war with each other during those time periods.

If the celestial deer quadrant was only warring during those three to four months, what the h.e.l.l were they doing for the remaining eight to nine? Even if you were enemies, wouldn't it be smarter to make use of the tower to increase your strength during those eight to nine months? Yet, they obviously hadn't because the fog barrier remained!

As a result, two branches eventually became a consensus single branch as everyone was convinced of Aritzia's theory: The celestial deer quadrant had lost their knowledge of the epistemic tower during their war, and it wasn't until the young genius Dyon Sacharro was born that they had the right to rise up again.

Although Aritzia didn't explicitly state it, everyone was clever in their own right. After all, they were all geniuses of the tower!

By the end of Dyon's four months of vacation, everyone was sure that the Epistemic Tower was hidden within an essence gate… And unfortunately, those people included Hela Ragnor, the genius of the Pakal clan and…. The first saint son of the Uidah…

These three had all left the celestial deer quadrant after the incident of the Dukes and d.u.c.h.esses. From the very moment the name of their quadrant began to rise, their eyes heated up with greed because they all knew one thing: This Dyon Sacharro wasn't from any one of their clans…

Now that they had solid clues about just where this Dyon might be hiding, the hunt was on…

Of the 100 universes, there were thousands of gates. Originally, this had made searching for the Epistemic Tower a ma.s.sive headache, especially since they wouldn't allow each other into each other's territory.

However, now… Not only were they absolutely certain that the second branch theory was correct, because they were actually from the quadrant in question, they had also narrowed down the gates they had to check by more than 70%...

Reaper Of The Martial World 917 Come One, Come All 2

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