My Guardians - Abused RWBY Fanfic 12 The First Meeting Of The Selves

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Third Person POV

Within the deepest part of an individual's consciousness, there exists a certain "plane" of existence only accessible to the appropriately trained individuals. An inner world. The ident.i.ty of the plane is the Mindscape.

Reagan: "*munch* *munch* *munch* *gulp* I never really thought chocolate gra.s.s would taste so good."

It is where the individual creates their own inner realm for meditation, used by all warriors and mages to further develop their own Aura and Mana, train their senses, and unwind their own mental fatigue faster than the average joe.

Aurum: "*gulp* *gulp* *gulp* Ahh~ chocolate milk yummy~!"

The realm's appearance depends on the owner's preference. Typically, an individual creates an environment with the element/s they are most comfortable with. Elves raise forests, necromancers build graveyards, ice mages conjure a snow palace, etc.; depending on the individual, they also create a separate environment for relaxation.

???: "*chuckle* Better be thankful then *munch* *munch*."

Reagan: "Itch's *munch* knot nyur own mintch jewhichy *munch* or whaever zhish ish *gulp* though?"

???: "*munch* *munch* *gulp* It's our shared mindscape now kid, and don't talk with your mouth full for crying out loud!"

Such is a case similar to the one the Reagan found himself in. Only, it was purely for relaxation, designed solely for the traumatized boy currently gulping down a scary amount of his favorite drink that flowed like a gentle river.

The realm the mysterious man built for Aurum was a haven for the sweet-toothed. Chewy chocolate gra.s.s, marshmallow brownie rocks, fluffy chocolate cake dirt, chocolate milk rivers, chocolate-flavored cotton candy clouds, chunky nutty tree barks and ice cream treetops that defied physics. Oh, and a warm pudding swamp that could be used as a chocolate bath.

Reagan: "So… I was supposed to be kidnapped and forced to be an adviser?"

'Adviser is somewhat vague in my opinion', Reagan thought. So, he sought clarification to the next mysterious being, who is currently breaking a chunk out of the brownie rock and taking small bites, wearing a contented grin.

???: "Adviser? That's the third in the priorities. The second one, being emotional and mental crutches, is what we need to focus on since the first and most important reason has already been achieved."

The man lightly explained while maintaining a mysterious feeling.

In Reagan's opinion, he was a freakishly tall runway model. Standing at a whopping 8'7 feet, the dark-skinned das.h.i.+ng middle-aged man had silver-grayish hair and golden eyes. He wore a radiant silver woven plate armor that has his chest exposed, showing a glowing green intricate tattoo, and wore black suit pants with red accents. What is most peculiar to Reagan, is that while he has awesome looking swirly horns, with the tips pointing upwards, his skin, when observed meticulously, are actually scales. Faunus aren't supposed to have more than one trait (except the eyes and body tattoo), like having a monkey's tail, but only having human ears.

(AN: Yes, he is based from Siegfried from Nasuverse.)

From what he "accidentally" felt earlier (no h.o.m.o, just curiosity), it was fleshy soft and smooth, like what one would expect from a baby.

???: "By the way, we haven't shared our names to each other, right? Hey kid, come here for a sec. We need to a little meet and greet."

Aurum, who was having too much fun eating ice cream while surprisingly clinging to the tree with expertise, jumped down before "jogging" to them; even if his steps are as fast as a regular adult's.

Reagan: "It seems that the 'a.s.sociate' is more unique than I thought they would be."

He spoke with an amused fascination, causing the only adult to express a thin smile. The child neared, before adorably hiding behind the man and peeked out like a red racc.o.o.n.

???: "First up is our little friend here. Come on, introduce yourself, buddy."

Aurum: "…Hi, my name is Aurum Aurelius."

He said meekly with a cute expression. Coupled with the fact that Aurum looked feminine and adorable at the same time, you can expect for Reagan to take damage.

Chanting 'no h.o.m.o, no pedo' repeatedly in his head like a mantra, Reagan greeted back with the gentlest expression he could and held his hand out for a shake (*cough* cope a feel *cough*).
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Reagan: "Hey there little man. The name's Reagan. Reagan Schnee Surya."

Aurum took a few seconds of hesitation, unaware of the disgust his eyes were showing, before reaching out and shaking Reagan's hand, earning the young man a twitching smile. 'He would fit well within the family…' he thought.

The adult raised a brow when Reagan mention his Surya blood, before introducing himself.

???: "Well, it's my turn then. Like all who listen to it, I advise you to keep your mouth shut or I'll make you."

With that light "warning", Reagan's expectations were raised.

???: "*ahem*. My name… is Lennox Malloy Regulus Asmodeus the 3rd. Tender at a young age of 186, I'm a devil of the Asmodeus family, the 3rd son, and I'm a bit famous for dragon slaying. Because of some circ.u.mstances, my skin turned dark and I became a demi-dragon. Also, I got dragged and killed in a scuffle between 2 different sides."

Lennox grinned with pride, a quirk that he gained from the dragon's blood, in the first part, before frowning at his last sentence.

Like any new "safe" discovery he makes, Aurum was excited with sparkling eyes.

Aurum: "I don't understand anything, but that sounds cool!"

Reagan: "Yes, dragon. Does that mean that Aurum here's the Dragonborn then? I want to be the Ashen One! Just imagine how cool and bada.s.s we would be!"

Lennox: "Stop being weird. Also, wrong franchise."

Reagan: "Don't flex then, old man with a Cinder background introduction."

Lennox snorted at Reagan, who internally lamented his inability to become a bada.s.s undead. He was already dead in real life, and when he supposedly resurrects, maybe he could act like the big bad undead. 'Just need to learn some flashy fire magic from this guy'. And so began the quest to learn magic for a ridiculously unnecessary entrance.

Lennox: "That aside, you're a Surya huh? Are you from the Shaman or Hunter branch?"

Reagan: "Great. More people who know me more than myself. I suppose I also need a little bit of an introduction? I am Reagan Schnee Surya, child of Kunti Surya and Jacques Schnee. A victim of a rich deadbeat, a lazy spearman and a sis-con extraordinaire who died because of semblance overuse."

Reagan reintroduced himself with a bit of venom, up until he mentioned his quirks and reason for dying. Lennox, though a bit surprised and exasperated, kept himself from raising a brow before commenting.

Lennox: "I'm living with 2 children who don't know a single thing about their family. One is a pedo **** victim and the other a beastman in the shape of a man. When they said I was supposed to become a caretaker, I didn't think it was this bad."

Reagan: "Hey!"

Ignoring him, Lennox gently shooed Aurum away before revealed some of the child's background to Reagan. As a fellow victim of parental abuse, if you could even call them parents, Reagan felt a connection with the young child.

A few moments later, Lennox finished filling him in with a brief background of their "client", what he was supposed to be, and a few general facts about the other side. Sensing that things were too serious for his liking, Reagan decides to fool around.

Reagan: "By the way, you are a half-dragon ri-…*deep breath*. OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOs.h.!.+ DOES THAT MEAN YOU CAN TRANSFORM INTO A DRAGONOID?!"

Lennox: "…What makes you think that?"

Reagan: "Oh come on! The whole bloodline transformation thing should be the evidence! Come on then, chop-chop. We are supposed to be soul buddies, you know?!"

Finished with his words, Reagan excitedly started to air hump for some reason. Lennox sent the excited Reagan a deadpan stare, before deciding to unleash his bloodline transformation.

The atmosphere once again suddenly took a heavy turn, leaving Reagan sweating bullets as he stopped because of the heavy pressure, and an unaffected Aurum, who was busy biting a brownie rock, adorably gazed at his transformation with sparkling eyes of curiosity.

The tattoo in his chest was dyed gold, with his skin turning a darker shade of brown, with the appearance of the scales becoming more and more apparent. His eyes turned into slits, sharp fangs grew in his mouth while his horns straightened and s.h.i.+ned as it looked sharper than ever. An even cooler thing happened. A pair of wings, one looked demonic and bat-like, and the other a dragon's, sprouted from his back along with a thick reptile's tail at his lower back. As a more awesome side note, his Aura flared up, showcasing the bada.s.sery of the transformation.

Lennox took a deep breath, before exhaling a spark of fire.

Reagan: "…Why do the cool guys get the awesome perks? Phoenix, no, Edgeworth! where are you?!"

Instead of his initial excitement, Reagan was now filled with indignance.

My Guardians - Abused RWBY Fanfic 12 The First Meeting Of The Selves

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