Dagger 49 The Right Eye

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Allen returned to his shop by night. Eastern Horizon City has no curfew being implemented on to it, because it wasn't even needed due to the discipline of the citizens.

He was living in a two-storey building. The first floor was the shop itself, the room behind the first floor was the storage room where the already picked up and dead plants and herbs were at. The second floor was his bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and balcony was.

In addition, his house also has a bas.e.m.e.nt, which was solely for doing alchemical projects. Allen didn't just live a whole six years in Eastern Horizon City. Before arriving at the said city, he also lived in the Alchem Town down far southwest from the city, where he was taught on how to become an alchemist.

In reality, Allen had no latent talent for alchemy, but all the knowledge that he had got from his mother's book contradicted the saying, 'No Talent, No Progress'. He was noticed by an old man due to his intelligence and was taught the basic, intermediate and advanced alchemical knowledge, which he learned in two years and was even mistaken as an unusual talent.

He went down the bas.e.m.e.nt and removed the cover of the glowstone on the ceiling, which gave off light throughout the whole room. There were a lot of tables in the room, which were full of gla.s.s, tubes, and other kinds of objects. Moreover, by the corner of the room, there were some cauldrons and some furnaces.

There were two types of alchemy currently existing, which were Pill Alchemy, and Liquid Alchemy; the former, orginated from the republic from the east and the latter came from the Northern Forest.

Pill Alchemy, already written in the name itself, the end product of the said alchemy were pills. Meanwhile, in Liquid Alchemy, as the name suggests, it's end product would be some sort of liquid.

The Pill and Liquid Alchemies also has sub-categories, which were Healing Arts, Poison Arts and Miscellaneous Arts.

The Healing Arts and Poison Arts weren't needed to be explained as their names already described it.

The Miscellanous Arts focuses on creating other kinds of helpful pills or liquid that could explode, create mists, and many more.

The Pill Alchemy has one unique sub-category, and that was Emotional Alchemy, where one would use his emotions to enhance the end product. However, those emotions must be proper and matched for the end product that you want.

For example, if you want to create a pill that would increase your adrenaline and power, your emotion must be happy and energetic, but if the emotions that you would use was sad and depressing, then you might get the opposite of what you want.

On the other hand, Liquid Alchemy also has a sub-category, which was Weapon Enchantment and Enhancement. There are many ways to enchant and enhance one's weapon, for example, taking it to a blacksmith and other related jobs who knew how to do enhancement and enchantment.

However, there were limitations to those workers. For example, would a blacksmith melt and forge a leather weapon? Or would a leather worker put together and sew a metal weapon?

Of course not! Unless you came from a ridiculous world, that wouldn't work.

But with the Weapon Enchantment and Enhancement, one could create an elixir that would enhance or enchant his weapon and one could do the said actions to a metal object, leather object, magical object, and many more.

The prerequisite was that... the said sub-category of Liquid Alchemy was much harder than learning enchantment and enhancement in smithery, leathery, and other kinds of works.

Comparing the unique sub-categories of the Pill and Liquid Alchemies. One could say that the latter's unique sub-category was much more useful than the former's.

However, the Pill Alchemy's Emotional Alchemy has an advantage over the Liquid Alchemy's Weapon Enchantment and Enhancement, and it was it's easier manufacturing of pills!

Of course, as it was stated earlier, the Liquid Alchemy's unique sub-category was really hard, but in the alchemic arts, it was the only way one could enhance and enchant weapons.

Allen obviously knew how to do Pill and Liquid Alchemies. Except for Emotional Alchemy of Pill Alchemy, he could do Weapon Enchantment and Enhancement of Liquid Alchemy.

"Winter is starting. It's bound to get colder, and now's the right time to create that recipe.", Allen muttered.

He turned on the fire below the gla.s.s containers on the first table. Afterwards, he added water into the containers and went to fetch some things above ground.

When Allen returned, he was now carrying satchel and the water inside the containers were lightly boiling. This was a new spatial treasure he scavenged on the way to Eastern Horizon City. He took out a leather bound book from the satchel and placed it on top of a desk to read it's contents.

He also got this book along with the satchel. There was a small insignia of a parasol tree under an opened book, which were both made of pure gold. Allen recognized the opened book, which was the symbol of the scholars from the Supreme Library of the north. However, he has no idea about the parasol tree.

The book was mostly filled of alchemical products and other things related to alchemy. Allen turned to a particular page of a book where there was a picture of a vial filled with violet liquid. On the upper part of the book, the name of the liquid inside the vial was written and below the picture was it's function.

[Organ Restoring Potion
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A powerful potion that could restore back one's organ.]

Allen unconsciously touched his eyepatch on his right eye. Ever since he became an alchemist, he tried to find a way to cure his blindness. Reptile's Condemnation might make an injury not be able to heal, but only without any external help.

When he got the book, he has always read it everyday, and found the formula for Organ Restoring Potion. Now, he wanted that his blindness could be healed by using the said potion.

However, the Reptile's Condemnation's resistance to healing potions were high, so Allen could only hope that the said potion could really restore his eyesight.

"Hundred year old ginseng, Primordial Sunflower seeds, a leaf of a Mana Parasol Tree...", Allen took out the ingredients needed to make the Organ Restoring Potion while reading their names from the book.

"...Blizzard Crown Lotus.", Allen searched for the said plant inside his satchel, but it was nowhere to be found.

"I still don't have a Blizzard Crown Lotus?", Allen put his hand on his chin and thought of something.

"I guess I could just pick one from the Monarch Forest later in deep winter.", Allen concluded and put all the ingredients back inside the satchel and turned off the fire below the gla.s.s containers and also covered the glowstone again.

After which, he exited the bas.e.m.e.nt and went straight to the bedroom. He turned on the magic glowstone on the ceiling to give off light throughout the whole room.

His bedroom comprised of a bed, a small bookshelf full of books, a closet, a drawer, a desk, etc.

In addition, the balcony was connected to the bedroom, he only needed to walk through the curtain to see the starry sky.

Allen took a book from the bookshelf and carried a lamp towards the balcony and sat on the chair beside a table there. Meanwhile, a few snowflakes fell from the sky amidst the cloudy night, but he kept reading on the balcony along with cold wind.


Outskirts of Eastern Horizon City...

As snowflakes fell from the sky, a carriage was approaching the said city. Inside the carriage, there were several men wearing black robes.

"Hais, winter is coming. It's bound to get cold. Plus, we've been actually a.s.signed on a mountain city.", a man sighed.

"I hope we can just finish our mission immediately and get out of there.", another man said.

"What's our mission again?", a man asked.

"Sabotage the mines. The mission came from the chief. But I wonder what we'll get for doing so.", the first man pondered, but didn't continue his hunches.

"En!", the man who asked the question nodded in response.

"I hope this mission will be quicker than what I expect. I want to come back to the southern region to relax for the winter.", another man commented.



"Me too."


Dagger 49 The Right Eye

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