Histories Brought To The Present! 3 Gods!

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The person in the lead was the first one to follow Zues instruction and lots of information showed up infront of him.

Name: Jade Emperor

t.i.tle: Ruler of the Heavens, Son of Heaven

Merits: 1.38 billion [1]

The Jade Emperor nodded his head at Zues, showing him that he had seen the information. Just like Buddha, he was surprised that he had so many followers, he didn't even do anything though.

He looks at the 'Ruler of the Heavens' and information came to him in response.

One that the nine heavens and command all G.o.ds with supreme authority!

After looking over his information, Jade Emperor walked over towards the Buddha and Zues while fanning himself with his green fan. Arriving he sit cross legged beside Zues as he sits across from Buddha.

Meanwhile, the two other old men were busy looking at their information to see that one of them had left.

Name: Yahweh

t.i.ttle: G.o.d of the Christian Religion, All Powerful and All-Knowing Being, Father of All

Merits: 2.18 billion

The old men that was floating on a white cloud look at his information while wearing a benevolent smile on his face the entire time. Seeing his name, he nodded but when he reaches his t.i.tles, he narrowed his eyes without forgetting to smile.

G.o.d, the one and original being.

All Powerful and All-Knowing Being, omnipresent and omniscient.

Father of All, creator of all things, the world, plants, humans, animals.

Seeing what his t.i.tles mean, his smile was wiped away as he frowned in displeasure. 'Why doesn't I know anything about these t.i.tles? The last thing I remember was bringing fire to some people and then I was here. So, how did I become such an ent.i.ty?' He shook his head and went over towards the others, leaving the other old guy there. As for his t.i.tles, ironically, just like his t.i.tle suggest, he became all-knowing, so he knows the reason was because of the so call faith.

Some people wanted something that would make people stick together and have righteous hearts, thus they used him as a religious figurehead.

The last person now was looking at his information with his wise eyes and was not really surprised at what he saw. It was as if the information was all supposed to be there.

Name: Odin

t.i.tle: Wise G.o.d, Father of Norse G.o.ds

Merit: 1.5 million [2]

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When Odin saw his t.i.tles, he nodded as had once pretended to be a G.o.d way back when the Vikings was still around and ironically, his son the G.o.d of thunder Thor got more attention than him.

He walked over towards the others and sit next to the orange robe man.

Buddha look deeply within the temple and his eyes became piercing that it seems that it could see the very fabric of reality, seeing that no other light will appear, he his gaze became gently again.

"Let's introduce ourselves and decide what we will do from now one. I will start, I'm Buddha, The Enlightened One, this guy across from me his Zues, The G.o.d King from Olympus, so please introduce yourselves." Buddha spoke, and everyone listened very intently. Zues nodded when he was introduced.

The Asian person was the first to speak, "I'm the Jade Emperor, the ruler of the nine heavens! My pleasure to me you all." The jade Emperor bowed slightly in politeness.

"Oh, you are the Jade Emperor, I have heared of you before. If I'm not wrong, you are the Supreme Deity of China?" Buddha spoke, slightly surprised in seeing such a high G.o.d infront of him.

"Sorry, but I have not heared of you." Jade Emperor replied calmly.

"I'm Yahweh, it seems I'm G.o.d of all things." The man on the cloud spoke as he noticed the weird atmosphere from the Jade Emperor and the Buddha.

"I'm Odin, Father of all Norse G.o.ds." Unlike the others, Odin was very invisible that it was hard for others to notice his existence without him talking.

"Now what will we do now?" The question was asked again by Buddha as he smile gently, not minding the att.i.tude of the Jade Emperor.

[1] I choose this number because of the number of people in China, apparently no had time to post the number of wors.h.i.+ppers of the Jade Emperor.

[2] I don't know how much followers Odin has, so I just pick a random number.

Histories Brought To The Present! 3 Gods!

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