Class Teacher System Chapter 55

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The originally lively seaside al fresco now only had the sound of Zhao An An's loud wails. When the butler who was rus.h.i.+ng over with clothes in his hands saw such a scene, he was shocked. He clearly remembered that when he left, Zhao An An's clothes weren't stained with milk.

The hotel waiters and bodyguards who witnessed the entire course of events were all stunned as they stared wide-eyed at the tyrannical ‘against heaven and earth' young master Qin and his tall and burly bodyguard. Not knowing what to do, they could only stiffly stand in their original spots. To one side, w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin were both in a daze. They stared disbelievingly at Ren Zhu and also looked at young master Qin with some fear and timidity. It's estimated that in this second, they profoundly experienced what it meant by ‘there's always someone more tyrannical than you‘.

At this moment, the three girls who were always wilful and unreasonable finally understood that in this world, someone even more unreasonable than them existed. This was the first time Zhao An An had personally experienced the kind of humiliation and suffering from being face slapped by a rich person. It was probably also the first time she came across such a powerful person who made her unable to find her standing. It was even the first time she had cried so miserably, and yet no one came up to coax her. They just let her continue to cry her throat sore.

At this moment, young master Qin was arrogantly puffing out his chest. Honestly speaking, compared with the times he's against heaven and earth, when he gets serious, he has really never lost before.

No one went up to comfort Zhao An An. Zhao An An's butler initially wanted to go to her, but was silently blocked by a strong and st.u.r.dy arm. Ren Zhu let Zhao An An continue to cry like this for more than ten minutes. When she couldn't cry any longer under the eyes of everyone staring at her, Ren Zhu then stepped forward and gently handed her a wet napkin.

When Zhao An An saw the napkin, she didn't know why her eyes started to tear up again. She felt extremely wronged.

Nevertheless, Ren Zhu said: “Do you feel very upset and filled with grievance? Well then, carefully remember this kind of feeling. Su Ya's feelings were just the same as how you currently feel. Wipe away your tears and tell me, do you think what you just did was right?”

Zhao An An wanted to cry again. She looked up with red eyes: “Teacher, how can you not help me?”

Ren Zhu ignored this question: “Tell me right now, do you think what you did was right?”

Zhao An An shed tears in silence. She had never felt so upset and angry. She now finally understood how unpleasant it was to be bought with money and then forced to do something. Even if she's given money, the things she doesn't want to do, no matter how much money she's given, she would still be unwilling to do them.

So, Su Ya actually felt like this? And yet she directly kicked up a fuss and splashed coconut milk all over him. Her actions were simply repulsive, just as repulsive as how that Uncle Qin acted towards her.

Zhao An An quietly sobbed, silently wiping away her tears. Ren Zhu left her alone and didn't pressure her again. He turned towards Zhao An An's butler and nodded: “Quickly take her to wash up and change her clothes. Also, give her a gla.s.s of honey water to sooth her throat. Otherwise, she'll have a sore throat tomorrow.”

When the butler heard this, it was practically like he had heard an imperial edict. The robust as a mountain bodyguard chauffeur in front of him also gave way and let him through. The butler happily sped to Zhao An An and took her away. After Zhao An An left, w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin also wanted to follow after her, but Ren Zhu didn't let them leave.

“Now then, let's talk about you two. If An An was angry because Su Ya was unwilling to take a photo with her, at least she had a reason for her actions. Then, what about you two? You guys shouldn't have had any reason to splash fruit juice onto Lin Feng and Zhou Song, right?”

Ren Zhu's voice was very steady, but in w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin's ears, it became a demonic question. The two girls were so frightened that the rims of their eyes reddened. They didn't dare to act like a spoilt child and be wilful. Even Zhao An An had cried for more than 10 minutes and she usually wasn't like that.

“W-we saw that An An was angry, s-so we wanted to help her.”

“Ri-right. We are good friends with An An. If she's unhappy, we will accompany her.”

Ren Zhu calmly looked at them: “Then even if Zhao An An does something wrong, you two would still help her do the bad thing?”

w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin didn't dare to speak. This was because what Ren Zhu said was exactly what they usually did. After all, amongst their three families, Zhao An An's family was the one that was leading the clothing industry. Their two families were both inferior to her's. At home, their mother and father would often tell them to be good friends with An An, be together with An An.

Ren Zhu's voice suddenly rose and became extremely severe: “You two are both 10 year old girls! At your age, the girls of ancient time could already help the adults manage their family. You two are not even as good as those girls! Even an ordinary 10 year old grade 4 student would know not to do the wrong things. If their friend does something wrong, they would also take the initiative to advise them, instead of helping them do the bad thing! You two are not helping An An at all, but rather, you're pus.h.i.+ng her towards a dead end! At the same time, you guys are also going down this road!”

w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin were stunned by his roar. They shrank their necks, absolutely not daring to make a sound. In fact, they also knew that some of the things Zhao An An did were wrong. For instance, Zhao An An had once let them help her torture a kitten to death. At that time, w.a.n.g Jie Er was afraid and wanted to leave, but was then mocked by Zhao An An for not daring to do anything. Although she had persevered to the end, on the night that kitten died, w.a.n.g Jie Er had a nightmare the entire night. Li Jia Xin had also been startled awake several times from her dreams.

They knew that this matter was wrong, but they didn't have the courage or the determination to say it. At this moment, being so obviously pointed out by Ren Zhu, the two girls' eyes redden, looking extremely pitiful.

“……Sorry, Teacher. I was wrong.”

“En. Next time, I-I won't help An An do bad things again. I will advise her.”

Ren Zhu looked at their pitiful appearances and softly sighed: “En, not only do you need to advise her, be you yourselves need to remember today's matter. Don't rashly go around causing trouble for others, and also don't do things that will make people upset or uncomfortable. This way, you two can be kind ladies who everyone like and admire.”

w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin's eyes lit up when they heard this and they fiercely nodded at Ren Zhu.

Ren Zhu smiled. “So, what should you two do now?”

w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin glanced at each other. They slowly walked to the front of Ling Feng and Zhou Song and said towards them: “Sorry, we shouldn't have recklessly thrown fruit juice onto you guys.”

At this moment, Lin Feng and Zhou Song were still a little dazed. Even if they broke open their skulls, they still wouldn't have thought that the outcome would actually be like this. They had both already made preparations to be forced to lower their heads and apologise, but now, it was actually these two little princesses who took the initiative to come apologise to them. Even though Zhou An An, the originator of this incident, did not come to apologise, it was very clear that that girl also knew that she was wrong. She was just too embarra.s.sed to say so.

Lin Feng and Zhou Song hurriedly replied: “It's fine, it's fine. We also shouldn't have started a fight. After all, we're adults. Are you two alright?”

At most, w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jian Xin's clothes were a little messy and their hair was like a pile of hay. They hadn't suffered any injuries. Even though Lin Feng and the other two had fought with them, they still didn't dare to actually hit these three little girls. In contrast, Lin Feng's group of three had scratches all over their arms and necks. Seeing all the scratches they had made with their fingernails, w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin felt very apologetic in their hearts.

“We're fine. That, my Uncle w.a.n.g has medical ointment, you guys can apply it. At that time, I-I was just very angry.” w.a.n.g Jie Er's eyes started to redden again. She felt a little upset that she had injured these three good-looking older brothers.

Amongst their group of three, Zhou Song was the most short-tempered, but he was also the most soft-hearted. Seeing w.a.n.g Jie Er's red eyes, he immediately coaxed: “Ai, I'm a man. Receiving this little injury is nothing. Who hasn't fought with someone before? This is what's called ‘exchanging blows to lead to friends.h.i.+p'.” Beside him, Lin Feng and Su Ya also smiled and nodded: “Who doesn't have a little temper? We used to also have really bad tempers.”

w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin smiled. Starting from this moment, the two girls sincerely liked this group.

In just a short period of time, the atmosphere had become a lot better. To the end, Zhao An An still didn't show up, but her butler came over with 3 very fine little cakes to give to the three celebrities. This was her silent apology. Seeing the cake in his hand, Zhou Song felt that his previous anger now seemed laughable. w.a.n.g Jie Er and Li Jia Xin both left to find Zhao An An.

After the two of them left, Ren Zhu looked at the three celebrities and faintly smiled: “Who hasn't made a mistake before? Those three children did something wrong, but they have already acknowledged their mistakes and apologised. I hope that you guys won't take offence. After all, men are not saints, how can they be free from faults. Besides, they are only ten years old.”

The Feng Ya Song group strangely felt a little fear towards this teacher who had been calm and tranquil the entire time. At this moment, they still haven't graduated from their performing arts university. Teacher Ren always reminded them of their performance teacher who would constantly roar at them, as well as their director who would smile at them with evil intentions. As a result, the three of them all straightened their backs: “We don't mind, we don't mind. In fact, we are also in the wrong. We shouldn't have fought with little children. Many thanks to Teacher for just now.”

Ren Zhu smiled: “They are my students. Naturally, I need to take care of them. Although you guys are not my students, but if you can always face everything with a tolerant heart, then in the future, you guys will be able to go further down a brighter path. Being patient and tolerant is one of the most useful characteristics to have in the entertainment circle.”

Hearing this, the Feng Ya Song group were all a little stunned. They didn't expect that Ren Zhu would say something like this. Thinking over it, they couldn't help but admit that what this man said was very correct.

Just when the three of them wanted to express their thanks, young master Qin, who had been neglected the entire time, stepped forward with dissatisfaction and pulled Ren Zhu's hand to leave. While walking away, he also said: “Those people in the entertainment circle are all foolish. What being tolerant? I, this grandpa, have never been tolerant before. I have always directly slapped back those who have provoked me. Who asked them to talk nonsense?”

Talk nonsense.

Talk nonsense.

The Feng Ya Song group inexplicably felt that their golden star road suddenly seemed a lot more bleak, while Teacher Ren directly rolled his eyes towards the sky and thought—–

Do you take everyone to be a chuuni like you!

Class Teacher System Chapter 55

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