My Beautiful CEO Chapter 3118

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"Not good, this human cultivator is too strong, we need to retreat quickly!"

For some low-level demonic cultivators, they were naturally fearful of fire. In addition, when they saw Fang Ping's series of powerful fire attacks, they became terrified as several Aurous Core demonic cultivators of the same cultivation level were burned to death.

"Run away!"

These demonic cultivators, who had been triumphant just a moment ago, wanting to eat up all of the human race members here, were now scared witless by Fang Ping's series of fire attacks. One by one, they scattered and fled, but how could Fang Ping let them escape so easily?

"You ignorant monsters, to think that Yours Truly would dare to hunt our people here. Now that you know you have escaped, weren't you a bit braver just now?"

How could Fang Ping let them escape so easily? As soon as they turned around to flee, he immediately formed a spell and increased his mana, summoning the tongues of flame that were burning the corpses of the demonic beasts. It was as if he had come to his senses, and at the same time, he turned into a fire python and flew towards Fang Ping.

"Immortal Fang! Kill them! Immortal Fang, kill them!"

"Kill them!"

When the people from the Feng Family saw Fang Ping display his prowess, they were so excited that they could not suppress it. They kept cheering for Fang Ping.

Inside the beast carriage, although Qin Hai's original body didn't go out to watch the battle, his spiritual sense had always been nearby. At the same time, he could see the scene of Fang Ping slaughtering everyone around him.

Seeing that Fang Ping could deal with it alone, Qin Hai did not interfere. He was just about to recuperate, when suddenly, Qin Hai's eyes opened wide, a bright light flashed, "Fang Ping be careful, something powerful is coming!"


Fang Ping received Qin Hai's voice transmission and just as he was stunned, a huge wave of demonic Qi came from the forest in front of him. With a loud bang, it destroyed all of his fire pythons and immediately saved all the fleeing demonic cultivators.

"A mere Aurous Core stage cultivator dares to fight in this daddy's territory? Do you really think this Forest of Hanhai is your family?!"


A strong wave of demonic energy exploded in front of him. Fang Ping was shocked; this aura was at least at the level of a Nascent Soul Stage Level 5 demon!

"Everyone be careful!"

Fang Ping gave a loud shout and opened up his protective spiritual light. At the same time, he threw out several defensive talismans, forming a magic s.h.i.+eld in front of him.

Fang Ping's reaction speed could not be said to be fast enough, but he had just used his defensive power. In the next moment, a strong wave of demonic spiritual energy surged towards him.

"What a strong monster!"

A thought flashed through Fang Ping's mind, and he was suddenly caught by a gentle force in the air. He felt as if he had fallen into cotton candy, and he fell down completely unharmed.

"Senior Qin Hai?"

Fang Ping looked carefully and saw that there was already a black clothed person standing in front of him. It was Qin Hai.

"Hmph, looks like there isn't just one human expert here."

Along with this cold snort, a tall figure slowly walked out of the forest. It was a tall man with bronze skin, and his appearance was almost the same as a human's.

"You are the one from the Forest of Hanhai... "Lord Demonic Black Horned Devil?"

When Fang Ping saw this person, he thought of the terrifying demon Yuan and his unique appearance. In his mind, he immediately thought of one of the few Earth Demon Kings that lived in the Forest of Hanhai, the Black Horned Devil Bull.

"So it's this formidable person. No wonder he was able to easily break my fire magic …"

Seeing this ox demon appear, Fang Ping immediately revealed a helpless and bitter smile. This time, it would be difficult to fight.

"Hmph, looks like your eyesight isn't bad, you know this king!"

The Black Horned Devil snorted disdainfully. He looked extremely frivolous. At this moment, the Jindan Stage cultivators that he had previously saved came out one by one and surrounded the Black Horned Devil like little brothers.

"It's this group of people, Demon Ox has trespa.s.sed into our territory many times, we have long seen the humans and we did not like them. We had originally wanted to kill them here, but we did not expect that there were several powerful human cultivators and fire elementalists among them. Many of our brothers have died here, please avenge them!"

Seeing that they had arrived, the group of Demonic cultivators shouted loudly, asking the Black Horned Demon to avenge them.

"Black Horned Devil?" Is it famous? "Is it very strong?"

He looked at Fang Ping and smiled bitterly, "Senior Qin Hai might not know this, but the Demonic Black Horned Demon King is one of the top elites in the Great Sea Forest. Although he is not the strongest, he is definitely not someone an ordinary Nascent Soul stage cultivator can deal with. The most important thing is that the Demonic Black Horned Demon has a thick skin and an extremely high defense, so when facing this kind of old demon, at least three Nascent Soul stage cultivators have to protect themselves."

"Oh, is it really that powerful?"

Qin Hai could not help but stroke his chin. However, some interest was revealed in his eyes. Clearly, he had a feeling that he was eager to try it out.

"Lord Ox Devil, do you still recognize me?"

As the two sides faced off, a person walked out from the group of people from the Feng Family Chamber of Commerce. It was the leader of the Chamber of Commerce, Feng Guang.

"Lord Black Horned Devil Bull, we have worked together many times before and we have taken good care of each other's business. I never expected to see you here again!"

This Feng Guang walked out smiling and bowing, he didn't seem like an enemy at all.

Seeing Feng Guang's appearance, the hostile atmosphere between the two sides also eased a little. When the Black Horned Demon saw Feng Guang, he nodded slightly, "So it's you, Feng Guang. In the past, when we were cooperating, I guaranteed that nothing would happen to you on my territory and that no one would touch you.

"Yes, although there are differences between us, we can still be considered to have some friends.h.i.+p with each other. I hope that Lord Demonic Black Horned Devil Bull can give me face and let us go. We will immediately leave this place and not get any closer to your territory."

However, the Black Horned Demon snorted, "Normally, I might have given you such a small face, but now it's different. These human cultivators have killed many of my subordinates. If I don't take revenge, you guys will leave for nothing. Where will my face as the King be?"

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My Beautiful CEO Chapter 3118

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