DOTA's Madness Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Unexpected Counterattack

After killing the two heroes of the Scourge, the first tower on the top lane became unprotected.

Taking advantage of this rare opportunity, the three Sentinel heroes followed the Treants soldiers and launched an attack on the tower of the Scourge. After the first round of attack, the HP of the tower was reduced to only one third!

This speed undoubtedly shocked the Scourge heroes.

In order to delay the destruction of the tower, when the second round of attack came, they activate the Glyph of Fortification. With a flash of golden light, within four seconds, the armor of all defensive buildings of the Scourge would be greatly improved, infinitely approaching invincible. At the same time, the light of TP appeared behind the tower.

“It's Pit Lord!”

Warlock, who saw the other side TP, issued a timely warning.

Hearing this, Zhao Dingguo and the other two quickly dispersed. Because Pit Lord has a large AoE skill, Firestorm, which could cal down three waves of fire from the sky. If they still stood there and be hit by all 3 waves, the damage was still very high!

Considering that the opponent was a Strength hero, it may not be easy to kill him, so Zhao Dingguo consulted with the other two and stepped back slightly. If Pit Lord dared to come out of the tower, the three of them would have no problem in killing him!


Pit Lord was really eager to protect the tower, as soon as the teleportation ended, he summoned the fire rain directly. Although his skill level was not high, in conjunction with the attack of the defense tower, the Sentinel soldiers were quickly killed. In this way, the line of Scourge will naturally lead to the Sentinel side, out of the scope of the defense tower!

“Get ready!”

Zhao Dingguo thought the opportunity was good, so he told his teammates.

Unfortunately, with this delay time, other heroes of the Scourge side also rushed over: Viper who has risen to level 6 in the middle lane, and Magnus who returned from the Fountain. It's three-to-three, but Lich didn't have his ultimate skill, Zhao Dingguo's ultimate skill was a pa.s.sive skill. It's very difficult to win.

The offensive and the defensive situation reversed immediately.

Looking at the Scourge hero preparing to fight back, Zhao Dingguo obviously felt that his opponent was much stronger than the one in his novice game. Although his teammates seemed to be quite powerful, it's impossible to pin the hope of victory on the opponent to make various mistakes. If they wanted to win, they had to depend on their own play!

Right now, Lycan has a Boots of Speed and stored money to make Vladimir's Offering, so in a short time, he would not leave the jungle. Although his teammates – Lich and Clinkz – were ready to clash to the enemy, Zhao Dingguo suddenly felt that he should do something more.

“Warlock, have you been level 6 yet?” He asked on the chat channel.

“I have!” Warlock also quickly answered, he almost exclusively solo on the bottom lane, so it's normal to have a high level.

Zhao Dingguo nodded and said: “TP to the top and help defend!”

“But, Medusa on the opposite side … is it safe to let her farm?” Warlock was hesitant.

After being killed twice, Scourge's Medusa decided to change lane. At that time, Viper was still in the middle, so she came to the bottom lane to farm along with Io who had never moved. If no one suppressed her, let her grow …

“It's ok!”

Zhao Dingguo felt that his opinion should be accurate, so he urged in an unquestionable tone: “I have fought with Medusa on the top lane. She is not skillful in last-hitting. Besides, this is a very late hero, even if she wants to grow up, it will not be able to do it in a short time. Right now, it is important to defend the lane. With you, the fight turns into 4-vs-3. We'll have a chance to re-pus.h.!.+ ”


The BG user who manipulated Warlock was not very opinionated. Since Zhao Dingguo insisted, he didn't say a word, and directly bought TP and teleport to the top.

In this way, in addition to Lycan who was farming in the bot lane's jungle, the other four Sentinel heroes gathered at the top tower.

It should be said that Warlock came very timely. As soon as the light of his teleportation circle had dissipated, the three heroes of the Scourge had already rushed up with the ghoul soldiers. If he arrives one step too late, the battle would already start.


Pit Lord still took the lead, as he began to call Firestorm from a distance.

Although he was also quite lacking in MP, after buying Soul Ring, he could use 150 HP to convert into the same amount of mana. Therefore, Pit Lord didn't try to save the skill and used Soul Ring every time its cooldown has ended. In conjunction with a Shockwave from Magnus, it solved the Sentinel's treant soldier, and even the defense tower was also damaged by 30% by the fire.

Next to the two of them, Viper was looking around, ready to throw his ultimate to the first one who showed up!

The HP of the Sentinel top tower easily fell to about a half!

By this time, the ghoul soldier who had served as the cannon fodder was almost all dead. The Scourge heroes also knew that a round of offensive could not completely destroy the defensive tower, so they prepared to retreat and planned to wait for another wave.

This was also the time when Scourge was most vulnerable. Taking advantage of this moment, Zhao Dingguo shouted at his teammates: “Go!”

Then, he rushed up first.

This was not that he was arrogant, but it's the needs of the lineup.

Among the four heroes, Warlock and Lich were Intelligence heroes, Clinkz was an Agility hero and they were very fragile. Although Zhao Dingguo's Orge Magi was also an Intelligence hero, his Strength growth was so high that he can barely be regarded as a half-tanker, so he must be at the lead!

However, although he rushed up first, Zhao Dingguo did not immediately release Fireblast, but first issued an Ignite to Viper.

The reason for this is to guard against Pit Lord. Because his Firestorm required channeling, Zhao Dingguo saved Fireblast to interrupt him, so that his Firestorm's power would be greatly reduced!

Compared to Zhao Dingguo's retention, his three other teammates were bold.

Seeing Zhao Dingguo's Ogre Magi took the lead, Lich rushed after him, throwing the Frost Nova first, and then buffed Frost Armor to him. Not only it could increase Zhao Dingguo's armor, but it also reduced the enemy's attack speed. Warlock also cursed the enemy with Fatal Bonds. Once a unit was damaged, other people linked to it would take 20% of the damage accordingly! It could be said that this is a skill that can increase the total damage output!

The fragile Clinkz was also clever. He didn't show up when the other three rushed up, but activated Wind Walk and walked in stealthily to the rear of the three Scourge heroes, ready to attack!

However, the three heroes of the Scourge were not chicken!

Found that Sentinel was ready to rush forward to fight back, Pit Lord directly opened Pit of Malice. A ring of gravestones broke through the ground to form a magic prison, trapping Sentinel heroes inside. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Magnus sprinted over with Skewer, knocking the Lich and Zhao Dingguo together, and then threw a Shockwave!

After a series of combos, Lich's HP was instantly reduced by half!

But at this time, the embarra.s.sing Magnus found that he ran out of mana, as he had a problem with his MP estimation. For Sentinel, this can be considered good news. Just then, Warlock began to show his might. In time, he buffed Shadow Word to Lich, and under that golden light, the Lich's HP began to rise slowly. Subsequently, Warlock also released his ultimate skill at this critical moment!

Rain of Chaos!

This was a summoning skill, but as a hero's ultimate skill, naturally, there was something extraordinary about it. That was, a large AoE stun! Along with an Infernal burning with the flame of sacrifice falling from the sky, all three Scourge heroes on the field were stunned. The situation suddenly reversed!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Clinkz broke his invisibility, activated Strafe, turned Searing Arrows on, and began to shoot like crazy!

This was why Zhao Dingguo insisted on calling Warlock. With his presence, Sentinel would have a lot of advantages!

DOTA's Madness Chapter 32

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