DOTA's Madness Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Extracting From True Name Key

“Is the Order of Light…?”

Old Li laughed: “The Order of Light is also regarded as one of the first-cla.s.s organizations in China. It has 400 members, and the Chairman and two Vice-chairmen are all Dusk rank experts. In addition, there are nearly two thousand members like me, scattered all over the country. However, although having many members, their strength is incomparable with the three super organizations. If come into the world, you can only say that it is pa.s.sable. ”

Three Dusk rank experts?

    That's great too!

Organizations like Arcana Party and Divine Rapier Society only had two or three Twilight rank BG users, with dozens of members. Facing a giant like the Order of Light, they did not dare to make any changes when they came.

Although Old Li was only an outer member, it should be enough to ensure his safety!

After learning about the strength of the Order of Light and its status in the circle of BG organizations, Zhao Dingguo's confidence in Old Li increased a lot. Since the safety of his family was not a problem, and the power of the Order of Light was enough to scare the Arcana Party and the Divine Rapier Society, it's the best choice to go to the Pearl City for a while. After considering for a while, Zhao Dingguo decided to accept the invitation of Old Li.

“Relax, I will arrange the forces to take care of your family. In this way, don't worry about other BG organizations using scheming or inferior methods, they cannot threaten your family!”

In order to rea.s.sure Zhao Dingguo, Old Li repeatedly stated his position.

In this case, Zhao Dingguo had nothing to worry about, so he cleared up that night and returned to the pearl with Old Li. In order to welcome Zhao Dingguo, Old Li also deliberately held a small-scale reception in his building and introduced him to several real-life company executives: “Those are relatives of my hometown. Whatever you want, you can ask them! ”

“Yes, boss!”

Although there were some doubts about Zhao Dingguo who had never met, since the Boss spoke, the executives also firmly recorded Zhao Dingguo's looks.

Then there was the issue of accommodation.

After consulting Zhao Dingguo, Old Li arranged him to the 28th floor of the building.

These were the top three floors of the entire building, which were usually closed to the public. It's basically the place Old Li used to entertain relatives or other BG users, thus security and privacy were well done. In addition, he also a.s.signed Zhao Dingguo a beautiful secretary: “You can do anything with her.”

This pretty-dressed girl also said: “I'm still a virgin! Boss Li said, as long as I serve you well, regardless of position or money, it's easy to deal!”

The girl was very respectful, but intentionally or unintentionally to show off to him, apparently trying to seduce him. This made Zhao Dingguo feel a bit sad for her. In her opinion, what she could exchange with her virginity was nothing in Old Li's eyes. It's just that everyone had their own choices, and he's hard to say anything.

Seeing Zhao Dingguo was quite satisfied, Old Li smiled and waved his hand: “I still have something to do in the past few days. If you adapt yourself, I won't bother you!”

Then, he walked to the door.

After seeing Old Li leave, Zhao Dingguo took a trip to the luxurious room and then told the girl to go out.

Zhao Dingguo didn't mind about such things as “being served” by beautiful women. It's just that he didn't have that mood right now. It's always necessary to continuously improve the level of DOTA, but the most important thing at present was to extract the True Name Key he obtained after killing Di Feiping!

What will I get?

Because he had never done this before and did not know what would happen, he deliberately ran to Old Li's garage and drove out a yellow Ferrari sports car. After enjoying enough envious eyes from pedestrians, Zhao Dingguo stopped at a desolate river bank and took out the green key from the nameplate s.p.a.ce!

This key was made from unknown materials, which gave a slight cold light. After Zhao Dingguo let go, it automatically floated in the air.

As for how to extract it, it's also very simple, just hold it and turn it clockwise!

Must extract something valuable!

Zhao Dingguo secretly prayed, rubbed his hands, and unscrewed the key. A green light flashed, and the True Name Key disappeared into thin air, replaced by a cyan wooden box that also floated in the air.

“The True Name Key has been extracting …”

“BG user with ID 037205, you can choose one of the following four choices: First, randomly obtain some of the deceased's WP (range 20% -50%). Second, randomly obtain one of the deceased's skills from the skill bar (there is a high probability of failure in obtaining). Third, randomly obtain one of the deceased's pieces of equipment from the inventory (there is a certain probability of failure in obtaining). Fourth: randomly obtain one item in the deceased's nameplate s.p.a.ce (100% chance of success. There is a low probability that a second item will be extracted). ”

“Please make your choice within ten seconds, otherwise it will be randomly selected by BG system!”

It turns out that I need to choose …

There were a total of four choices. At first glance, it seemed that it's difficult to decide which one!

If he chose the first option, he would definitely get some WP. But how many WP did Di Feiping have before death? If he had saved hundreds or thousands of points to exchange for reinforcement, then Zhao Dingguo would undoubtedly choose the first. But if it happened to be spent all, there was no doubt that this option would be not beneficial!

As for the second and third, which involved equipment and skills, these were the ones that would give a great return once successful.

However, since the BG platform described with the word “a high probability of failure”, if he was not lucky enough, he still didn't get anything!

As for the fourth choice, this looked pretty good. At the very least, Zhao Dingguo has now decided he would choose it. Because the card that caused the struggle between the Divine Rapier Society and the Arcana Party belongs to the prop category and must be stored in the nameplate s.p.a.ce. And before Di Feiping died, he has run out of consumable items!

In other words, it's likely that only the card was remaining!

The premise was that his luck was not particularly low!

Seeing the countdown quickly decreased, Zhao Dingguo no longer hesitated and made a choice directly. With Zhao Dingguo's decision, the blue wooden box opened with a creak. Two things flew out of the box, streamed into his chest, and then automatically entered the nameplate s.p.a.ce. Despite the extremely fast speed, Zhao Dingguo clearly saw that one of them was a red light and the other was a cold white light!

Could it be… I really get the jackpot?

Zhao Dingguo's heart beating fiercely, he looked at the wooden box that was slowly disappearing in midair, then quickly opened the nameplate s.p.a.ce and took out the two extracted items.

Among them, the first card that appeared to him was the magic card that caused a dispute between the two BG organizations!

Zhao Dingguo didn't expect that he was so lucky to get it directly!

[Kael's Oath of Inheritance]

[Description: An extremely rare and precious card, said to be related to the heritage of ancient bloodlines.]

[Note: Activate it by one drop of your blood, you will get a Quest.]

As Zhao Dingguo saw from a distance on the back street last night, this was a card in the size of a playing card. Its texture looked like silver foil, but it's definitely not the same. The card automatically emitted a silver glow, and a pale white mist symbolizing extreme cold can be seen on it. It's just that the card was not so cold when he held it in his hand, but he could feel a little coolness at your fingertips.

At the very center of the card, a line was written in elegant and mysterious runes.

Zhao Dingguo was sure that he had never seen those runes, but he could understand the meaning of that line: “In the name of my soul and bloodline, I make an oath here. The glory created by our ancestors will be pa.s.sed down by you and me!” ”

The signature at the back was the name Kael.

At the bottom of the card was a line of translucent small text: “Those who violate the oath will be punished by the three elements.”

This was the item that has killed a Twilight BG user and triggered a war between the two organizations! Zhao Dingguo, although already determined its preciousness, didn't know how to activate it. Three times in a row, he dripped blood on it according to the description on the card, but the prompt was always “Unavailable to activate in the current area!”

Can it only be activated in BG s.p.a.ce?

DOTA's Madness Chapter 46

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