DOTA's Madness Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Escape by Quick-Witted

“It's very simple. Don't go out these days and stay in my building.”

Old Li had a plan and said confidently: “I will inform the security guards and warn you if a suspicious person is found. In addition, there is a VIP elevator on the other side of the building. When you take the elevator down to the first floor, pressing three times in succession, the elevator will continue to slide down and enter the underground parking lot No. 2 through the secret channel. If the people of the Arcana Party are honest, nothing happens, if they are not… haha! ”

Obviously, Old Li also made some preparations in his nest.

Now that he had everything in place, Zhao Dingguo had nothing to worry about. Unless the Arcana Party used a large number of BG users to surround the entire building, it's difficult to do anything to him. This building belonged to the Order of Light, if the Arcana Party dared to attack, the Order of Light would not spare them!

Days pa.s.sed quietly.

Perhaps Zhao Dingguo overestimated the Arcana Party, he worried for a few days but never encountered any abnormalities. Under such circ.u.mstances, Zhao Dingguo had his Regular Match of the second week of October.

This match still used all random mode, Zhao Dingguo randomly got the hero Venomancer.

Venomancer was an Agility hero with strong online suppression ability. His positioning is flexible, he could play support, he could also serve as a tanker or DPS. In addition, his ability to push and counter-push was good. Generally speaking, the strength of the two sides in this Regular Match was equal. Both sides fought for almost an hour before Zhao Dingguo's side won with a slight advantage.

This was also the longest time Zhao Dingguo has played since joining the BG platform.

However, despite the victory, Zhao Dingguo's performance was not so good. Although his early development was relatively smooth, he accidentally died twice during the mid-game team battle. Although he successfully released his ultimate skill to help their team win the team battle, he didn't get any kill. Therefore, he only got the basic 100 WP.

Even so, his AP has increased by 42 points!

The current AP has become 790 points!

This meant that as long as he won another match, he would officially get Dawn rank nameplate and truly enter the BG user circle!

Zhao Dingguo has been looking forward to the Dawn rank. In addition to being more powerful than the current features, having a ranked nameplate also symbolized the departure from novice status.

This also meant that Zhao Dingguo has already qualified to join a BG organization!

No organization would accept BG users with unranked nameplates, but once they crossed this threshold, even in organizations as strong as the Order of Light, he may be recruited as an outer member. From Old Li, Zhao Dingguo saw the benefits of joining the BG organizations. Although he had to take some responsibilities, compared to the benefits he could enjoy, it's worth the effort!

“Dawn rank!”

Zhao Dingguo pondered for a while, then got up and stretched. The Regular Match just consumed a lot of his energy. Now that the combat mission this week has been completed, Zhao Dingguo feels exhausted. He thought about it and decided to continue driving Old Li's car and go out for a while to relax.

Very few men could refuse the temptation of a good car!

When Zhao Dingguo was just an ordinary person, he had absolutely no chance with various famous cars. But now, there were a lot of good cars in Lao's garage, he could drive as he pleases!

Where am I going to play today?

    By the way, I have been to Pearl City twice. I haven't been to the Oriental Pearl Tower yet.

As one of the iconic buildings of the Pearl City, it has no doubt been the same as going to Beijing but not having visited the Great Wall. Moreover, he heard that there is a revolving restaurant on the Oriental Pearl Tower, where he could eat buffet. It doesn't matter whether it tastes good or not, but the scenery must not be said. Thinking of this, Zhao Dingguo couldn't help but feel excited.

However, when he came to the VIP elevator to prepare to go downstairs, he found someone in the elevator and was going up.

Shouldn't it be…?

Zhao Dingguo remembered that the upper three floors of the building have not been opened to the public and that no guests have come in the past two days. As for his secretary and other security guards, they were not qualified to take the VIP elevator. However, Zhao Dingguo did not pay special attention to this issue, but waited patiently for a while.


With a clear reminder, the s.p.a.cious VIP elevator stopped.

As the elevator door opened automatically, three people in uniforms in black suits stepped out from the inside. Zhao Dingguo's eyes clearly saw that there was blood on their bodies, and he couldn't help but s.h.i.+vered. He felt a dangerous breath from these three people!

That feeling was exactly the same as the feeling of facing Di Feiping that night!


The three men in suits and apparently didn't expect anyone outside the VIP elevator, and couldn't help but hesitate. But they responded immediately, one of them stepped forward, grabbed Zhao Dingguo, and pressed his head against the marble wall next to the elevator: “Say, your name!”

In a short time, Zhao Dingguo's thoughts flashed quickly, but he still didn't break free, instead pretended as an ordinary person and made a look of shock and anger: “I am the department manager of Hucheng Real Estate Corp, a VIP here! Who are you? Let me go! ”

After listening to Zhao Dingguo's words, the three men in suits looked at each other and nodded slightly.

Perhaps because they had some concern in their heart, the one who was holding Zhao Dingguo's strength was slightly relaxed his grip, and his tone slowed down: “I don't care what kind of manager you are, it is best to be obedient. If you dare to scream, you will be dead! ”

Then, he took out a pistol and shook it in front of Zhao Dingguo.

Although this ordinary firearm had no effect on experienced BG users, it was useful to scare ordinary people. Under his threat, Zhao Dingguo tried to pose in a panic-like manner and quickly nodded.

Another man took a look at him, took a photo from his pocket, and handed it to him: “Answer my question honestly, I will release you! Looking at this, the person in the photo said that he lives on the top three floors of the building. Have you seen him? Which room does he live in? ”

Zhao Dingguo lowered his head slightly, glanced at him, and was startled. This was clearly his own picture!

Those who could give him a sense of danger were obviously BG users, and if they came up with his photo, they must belong to either the Arcana Party or the Holy Sword Society. Anyway, the intention of these visitors was not good!

It's lucky that these three idiots didn't recognize him!

Zhao Dingguo settled down and quickly reacted. The photo from the ID card was taken three years ago, when it was winter, and his hair was a bit long. Three years have pa.s.sed now, and the current Zhao Dingguo looked very different from the boy who was a bit dumb in the photo. In addition, the clothes and hairstyles are different now, thus the three did not recognize the target in front of them!

At this moment, Zhao Dingguo couldn't help but be grateful.

Old Li had said to help him clean up the traces, it's really useful. Even the two BG organizations could only find the photos on his ID card, but no other video data. Otherwise, if they had one of his recent photos, then the end would be tragedy now!

However, the situation at hand was still a bit critical!

He made a mournful look and then said with certainty: “I've seen this person and heard that he is a relative of Boss Li. That's right, it's him! I just came down from the open-air club on the top of the building and saw him making love with a female secretary there. If you come now, you should still find him! ”

“The open-air club on the top floor?”

The three nodded with satisfaction, one of them winked, and the other who held down Zhao Dingguo let go, then stunned him with a violent force.

“Quick, be sure to find him, and retreat quickly after finis.h.i.+ng!”

After saying that, the three quickened their pace and walked from the other stairs to the open-air club.

But what they didn't notice was that as soon as they left, Zhao Dingguo, who collapsed on the ground, quickly climbed up and entered the VIP elevator. While pressing the b.u.t.tons on the first floor heavily, he connected to the emergency call for building security.

DOTA's Madness Chapter 48

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