Reborn With An Old Enemy On The Day Of Our Marriage Chapter 51

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Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the remedial group, No. 12 High School set off a remarkable wave of learning.

Zheng PingQing in particular, as to not drag his boyfriend down, seemed to have forgotten things like food and sleep. The remedial group that had previously called him ‘Hardworking Zheng' behind his back, had now upgraded his nickname and started calling him ‘Double Concentrate Hardworking Zheng‘.

In addition to this, Tang WanQi's partic.i.p.ation also greatly improved the studies of Cla.s.s 7. All this made the other students feel an unprecedented amount of pressure.

n.o.body thought that the two recommendation students, both predecessor and successor, would actually invest time and effort into the education of the lower

Why are the top students so admirable and dedicated this year?

Or did the underachievers figure out some sort of black magic that made the top students help them?

If it wasn't for the heavy workload that came with being a senior, maybe some students would've investigated the mysterious phenomenon that was ‘The Great Underachiever Change'.

Of course, even if everyone broke their heads, they wouldn't be able to figure out the answer: That the Bosses of the top cla.s.s and the lowest cla.s.s fell in love.

Everyone apart from….the miserable Gou XinDou and Xu Yao who didn't want to know the truth.

The happiest person in the entire school was Qiu. He didn't expect to see so many ups and downs in his last year as the of No. 12 High School. Nowadays, he was already content to just spend the entire school day patrolling the on each floor.

The days simply flew by in this tense and hopeful atmosphere. But just as everyone was beginning to get used to this kind of calm but anxious environment, the long silent suddenly brought about a new topic that had everybody talking.

Huo PingChuan introduced the Teacher Satisfaction Survey system and announced that the school would complete its first satisfaction survey before the final exams.

In order to introduce the system, Huo PingChuan prepared a comprehensive explanation, detailing the improvements it would bring to the teaching standards of the school and the many benefits the students would also receive.

After this announcement, while some students felt troubled by it, most of the student body accepted the system without much thought. It didn't affect them too much, so they also didn't say much.

As for the teachers, although this system affected their a.s.sessments, they were simply a voiceless group. Because Huo PingChuan was going to be the future, they could only pa.s.sively accept his decisions.

It was the remedial group that was the most appalled with Huo PingChuan's announcement. They were highly suspicious of everything Huo PingChuan did and this system raised their hackles. After the announcement, several people came together to try and figure out what nefarious plans Huo PingChuan had cooked up with this system. Although they ended up not figuring anything out, it didn't prevent the students from scolding and expressing their disgust towards the man.

Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing didn't partic.i.p.ate in their discussions. Compared to these students who could only rely on their speculations, the two men undoubtedly knew much more.

In their last life, Huo PingChuan used this system to uproot dissidents and turn No. 12 High School into an unbreakable web with him as the center. Huo PingChuan's intentions were probably the same in this life.

It was just…Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing didn't understand. According to the previous timeline, Huo PingChuan should've waited until he became the before implementing this system. Why did he suddenly introduce it in advance? He didn't even wait for Qiu to retire. He seemed a little impatient.

But their questions were answered when they received the USB stick from Ke MuZi.

In their last life, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing had fought and were severely punished by Huo PingChuan. After this, Huo PingChuan successfully arranged Huo YeRui to get the school recommendation. Both were beneficial to the father-son pair and were done methodically and in an orderly manner.

But in this life, all his schemes were disrupted by Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing. To help Huo YeRui s.n.a.t.c.h the school recommendation from Lin Qian, Huo PingChuan had invested a lot into his relations.h.i.+ps with his superiors. But in the end, he failed and the sudden outbreak in Weibo even skewed public opinion against him. This made all the foundations Huo PingChuan had previously laid out crumble into nothing. In the end, in order to protect himself, Huo PingChuan had to make an even greater bargain with some key figures.

This teacher satisfaction survey was the result of that bargain.

On the day of the very first teacher satisfaction survey, the students were excited. Although a survey sounded boring, the students were at an age where they could still be curious and enthusiastic about new things.

Of course, this excluded Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing. Although they weren't in the same cla.s.sroom, they both had the same exact expression when they received the survey.

In their last life, this satisfaction survey had been launched after they had graduated. In the first place, they had only heard about this survey because Lin YaZhi had still been a teacher in No.12. All they knew about it was that the survey had become popular in No.12 and had determined the careers of many teachers. They've never actually seen the survey itself, nor have they seen it's true colors.

But now, looking at this piece of paper…Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing could only sincerely admire Huo PingChuan's blatant shamelessness.

This so-called survey was simple and crude, completely different from the prestige it would later receive for slaughtering countless careers.

In Lin Qian's point of view, this survey was about the same level as what a university student would write up.

Such a simple survey would never be able to accurately evaluate a teacher. For Huo PingChuan to use such a thing as a weapon against teachers showed Lin Qian just how arrogant and powerful Huo PingChuan was in their last life.

And the price for this survey system was, according to the information provided by Ke MuZi, astonis.h.i.+ngly high.

When they had first seen the survey system's purchase cost and its so-called maintenance and renewal costs, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing had imagined the survey to be some sort of high-tech system. They never expected the survey to end up being the most primitive kind- only printed on paper without any sort of software involved.

In contrast, the other students who knew nothing adapted well. They easily accepted the questionnaire format of the survey. They even began talking amongst themselves about how they would evaluate the teachers.

Because it was an anonymous survey, the teachers all left the cla.s.srooms while the students filled in their questionnaires. This would keep the survey fair and show that there was absolutely no bias or tampering in the student's evaluations.

But for Cla.s.s 7 and Cla.s.s 8, the teacher leaving the cla.s.srooms to avoid interfering with the results was equal to giving the students an opportunity to meddle with each other's evaluations themselves.

When Guo DangLi saw the teacher leave the cla.s.sroom, he immediately shouted with great momentum: “I don't care how you evaluate the other teachers, but Teacher Lin is our Boss' father. How to fill in his section….you all understand, right?”

Cla.s.s 7 students: “….” No, we don't understand!

A similar situation happened in Cla.s.s 8, but Zheng PingQing wasn't a blatant thug like Guo DangLi. Zheng PingQing was a Boss with morals. He would never stoop so low and do things himself– he delegates. So it was Dong MingEn and Lou XingGuang who deliberately echoed one another like songbirds.

Dong MingEn: “I think Teacher Lin YaZhi teaches well. I've decided to give him a full score.”

Lou XingGuang: “Not only does he teach well, but he also loves his students like they were his own children…bah, that kind of love deserves full marks.”

Dong MingEn: “I think the other students will also give him full marks.”

Lou XingGuang: “Not necessarily.”

Dong MingEn: “I don't care. If Teacher Lin YaZhi doesn't get full marks, I will be sad, very sad.”

Lou XingGuang: “And what happens if you're sad?”

Dong MingEn: “I'd go crazy and hit people.”

Lou XingGuang gasped. “Who are you gonna hit?”

Dong MingEn snorted. “Whoever makes me sad will get hit!”

Having planned all of this in advance, phony customer Zhou Daota dutifully raised his hand and recited his lines: “I also gave Teacher Lin full marks.”

The helpless Gou XinDou, under threat of unrelenting bullying, was also given a role. “Teacher Lin deserves full marks.”

Meanwhile, Zhang FanFan, who had been given access to Lin Qian's notes, was not arranged to partic.i.p.ate in this play. But from the bottom of her heart, she said: “Me…I think so too….”

Their Cla.s.smates: “….”

One student couldn't restrain himself and ended up ridiculing: “Brother Dong, if you want us to give Teacher Lin full marks, then just say so. Why make things so difficult and embarra.s.sing for yourself?”

Another student nodded. “Why don't you two go to the Film and Television School and study acting?”

“They probably shouldn't. At best, Brother Dong and Brother XingGuang are only at comic skit level.”

“That's good too. I think some of them can achieve great success in skits.”

“You don't understand jack. Brother Dong is doing stream of consciousness, ah. If you don't understand his talents, then you don't deserve to make comments.”

“Hey, hey, I take offense to that. Brother Dong is taking the idol route, ok?”


Dong MingEn: “…..”

Lou XingGuang: “…..”

Dong MingEn became angry and annoyed. He yelled: “Just give him full marks! If I see a questionnaire that didn't give Teacher Lin a full mark, then our cla.s.s will be broken up and it's soul destroyed!”

Their Cla.s.smates: “…..”

“I didn't expect the soul of our cla.s.s to be Teacher Lin….” A student sighed.

As the students chattered, Zheng Pingqing had already filled in his questionnaire. He stretched and lazily said: “Hey…”

As soon as the Boss's voice was heard, the noisy cla.s.sroom immediately quieted down. Everyone obediently listened.

Zheng PingQing placed a hand on his cheek and leisurely continued: “Giving a teacher a good score is fine, but don't be too obvious about it. Don't give anyone a perfect score. Properly control your flattering of Teacher Lin…”

A student couldn't help but interrupt: “But Boss, it's only your brothers that want to flatter Teacher Lin…”

Dong MingEn: “…It seems that you're trying to break up our cla.s.s, ah!”

Zheng PingQing was too lazy to pay attention to their mutual pecking. He ignored the two chickens and continued: “Just do as I say. Fill in your questionnaires, make a copy, then pa.s.s the copy to Lou XingGuang.”

At his words, all the other Cla.s.s 8 students didn't dare contradict Dong MingEn any more. They looked at each other, then nodded to Zheng PingQing: “Yes, Boss.”

Dong MingEn scratched his head. “Boss, why do you want us to make a copy of our questionnaires?”

Lou XingGuang, who was a little more knowledgable than Dong MingEn, answered: “It's so he can count Lin YaZhi's score himself, of course.”

Zheng PingQing didn't bother explaining things. He simply nodded and said: “Go next door and find Guo DangLi. Let the students of Cla.s.s 7 do the same, and make sure the teacher doesn't find out.”

Although Dong MingEn didn't know what Zheng PingQing's intentions were, he still listened to his Boss. He understood that Zheng PingQing must have a reason for doing this. Dong MingEn dutifully ran to the next room and shouted for Guo DangLi.

Guo DangLi was used to carrying out high-handed policies in Cla.s.s 7. Although he was a reformed hooligan, his power was still there and he could implement Zheng PingQing's instructions no problem. It was just that he didn't quite understand Zheng PingQing's plans either.

After Zheng PingQing finished sending out his orders, his boyfriend messaged him.

Lin Qian: Tell me, do you think that swindler will find death this time?

Zheng PingQing: This is just the first round. He probably wouldn't dare act so brazenly this time around.

Zheng PingQing: But it doesn't matter. I gave him an opportunity to mess around.

Zheng PingQing: I hope he doesn't let me down.

Lin Qian: Regardless of whether he lives up to your expectations or not, I won't let you down.

Lin Qian: Today's cheesy pick-up lines (1/1)

Zheng PingQing: In my eyes, your love words are the most meaningful. Not cheesy at all.

Lin Qian: Really?

Lin Qian: Rubidium fruit, inviting depth

Zheng PingQing: As expected of my boyfriend, even his martian language is so handsome!

Lin Qian: …Your boyfriend is throwing the towel. cup one fist in the other hand.jpg

The author has something to say:

Lin Tuan: wáng lè é!!

I just wanna say, that skit with Dong MingEn and Lou XingGuang was hilarious. I kept it in a script-like format because it was fit so well.

Also, I spent a good few minutes trying to figure out what the h.e.l.l Lin Qian is saying only to notice that in the next line, Zheng PingQing had no idea either. Ha.

Reborn With An Old Enemy On The Day Of Our Marriage Chapter 51

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