I Rely On Kisses To Clear Survival Games Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Ghost School (4)

There was both softness and warmth coming from his lips and right before his eyes was a magnified view of Bai Yi's handsome face. Even at such a close distance, he couldn't find any flaws on that perfect face of his. It made his heart beat uncontrollably.

After a short moment of shock, Cheng Zhi Chu returned to his senses and could hear the others teasing, laughing and whistling. His face instantly blushed red and he couldn't help but reach over to push Bai Yi away. However, his fingers were caught by Bai Yi and, with those beautiful eyes of his filled with adoration, he planted another soft kiss on his fingertips.

Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned. The place that was kissed felt like it was burning, and his heart was beating to the point that he felt that it was about to burst. His face was coated in a bright shade of red. He quickly looked down. He didn't dare to look at Bai Yi in the eye.

His mind was a chaotic mess. All he could think of was that sudden kiss and the way Bai Yi looked at him as he kissed his fingertips. That soft, s.e.xy and sultry look……….. Who can withstand it?!

At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu truly came to a realisation that Bai Yi was just too charming. If he was a woman or a gay, he was afraid that he would have already fallen deeply in love with Bai Yi.

But even if this was the case, the s.e.xual orientation that he had always strongly insisted on seemed to have been a little shaken. He found that he didn't hate Bai Yi's kiss and instead even felt his heart racing…….

Being held in Bai Yi's arms, Cheng Zhi Chu was crying without tears. He thought internally that Bai Yi was acting too realistically for the instance and didn't take into consideration his ability to bear with it. What should he do if he really feels something towards Bai Yi when this instance is over………?!

As for this internal struggle of his, Bai Yi seemed to be completely unaware. He reached out to pull him into his arms and once again planted a kiss on the top of his head. He then glanced faintly over at the glamourous looking girl and asked, "Enough?"

"Mo-more than enough……….It turns out Brother Bai really loves Junior Cheng."

The girl was stunned for a moment before nodding and smiling. There was a trace of surprise in her eyes. It was as if it was unbelievable that Bai Yi would actually do something so intimate with Cheng Zhi Chu in front of everyone here.

However, compared to her, the other three young men seemed to be more familiar with Bai Yi and was not very surprised by this action of Bai Yi's. They just laughed cheekily and wriggled their eyebrows while saying: "Even after losing his memory, Brother Bai is still the same and very loving with Junior Cheng."

The other girl also covered her mouth and giggled. Facing their ridiculing eyes, Bai Yi continued to look indifferent. He only glanced over at the glamourous girl and said: "In the future don't joke about stealing Zhi Chu from me."

His look was cold, and it was completely different to the way he looked at Cheng Zhi Chu. The glamourous girl was stunned and quickly apologised. The other three men saw this, coughed, and hurriedly tried to salvage the situation: "Brother Bai is like this after losing his memory but he doesn't have any bad intentions. Please don't take it to heart."

"……….Of course I won't." The girl blinked and wasn't angry. Instead she said enviously, "Brother Bai really likes Junior Cheng."

"Yes, very much so."

Bai Yi answered without any hesitation. It made Cheng Zhi Chu who was in his arms shy to the point that he was no longer able to lift his head.

"Okay, stop joking around. Time is running out. We should go inside the school."

Gu Zhen standing on the side smiled and crossed his arm. There wasn't a hint of turmoil in his expression and the eyes looking over at Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu were also very gentle.

The others answered okay and, because Yang Qian Fan, a child that they had never met before, was present, and the because Bai Yi had lost his memory, they once again introduced themselves.

These five people are all cla.s.smates of Gu Zhen and Bai Yi. The glamourous looking girl is called Shen Qi Qi and the pure looking girl is called Lu Jie.

Among the three male cla.s.smates, the tall and fat one is called Zhao Xiao Pang and nicknamed Little Fatty (Xiao Pang), a h.o.m.onym of his name. The other two joked that Zhao Xiao Pang should now be called Big fatty (Da Pang) and he chased after them to beat them a few times.

The relatively tall and thin young man is called Liang Wen Bin. He wore a pair of gla.s.ses and looked very literary.

The round-faced young man was called Ou Yang. Yang Qiang Fan thought that he had left out his surname and asked him what his full name was out of curiosity. Ou Yang coughed and answered: "My surname is Ou, first name is Yang. Full name is Ou Yang."

Of the five, the glamourous girl Shen Qi Qi was closer to Gu Zhen and not very close to Bai Yi. The remaining three men and one woman had good relations with Bai Yi and would often hang out together in high school.

They all looked different and their names were easy to remember. Cheng Zhi Chu quickly noted their names down in his mind. But even if he can't remember it, he could just open the system panel and their names will appear on their heads.

"Since everyone is here, let's go in."

Ou Yang said this and called for everyone to go in. At the same time, he turned on the flashlight that he had prepared in advance.

Because the school was about to be demolished, the power had already been cut off, so they had prearranged for everyone to bring along a flashlight. Like this, things wouldn't be strange when Cheng Zhi Chu and the others brought out their flashlights.

Everyone went into the school. Gu Zhen and Yang Qian Fan was at the end of the group.

The boy put away the innocent smile on his face. With a calm expression, he raised the camera hanging from his neck and took a photo of the school gate. The camera shutter made a soft noise.

He took the photo and looked at the image on the display screen. Seeing that everything appeared to be quite normal, he put down the camera and habitually looked over at his uncle only to see that Gu Zhen's hand was a little strange.

His fingertips were dyed bright red. A small drop of blood trickled down and soundlessly fell to the ground.

But Gu Zhen seemingly didn't feel any pain. He just gently shook off the blood and continued to chat pleasantly with the people in front.

Uncle he………

Yang Qian Fan lowered his eyes and couldn't help but feel bad.

He naturally knew how Gu Zhen had injured himself.

When Gu Zhen crossed his arms and saw Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu kissing, Yang Qian Fan already knew that Gu Zhen's hand that was hidden from view must be tightly clenched. His fingernails had embedding into his flesh as he tried to suppress his true emotions.

Because there was nothing else that he could do.

In this setting, Gu Zhen did not have any feelings for Cheng Zhi Chu and was even a friend of Bai Yi's so he couldn't do anything and could only watch on calmly. Even when they're being suspected, Gu Zhen had to help cover up.

Yang Qian Fan's mood was somewhat low but when the eyes of the other people moved to him, he did his best to show an innocent smile and he looked around the school curiously. At the same time, he pressed the shutter of the camera and took a few pictures.

At this moment, they had entered the campus of Chengnan High School. Chengnan High school was once the best school in the city. Its funds were abundant and the campus itself was very beautiful.

After entering, they found themselves facing a large patch of lawn. In fact, there should also be a large stone with the school motto engraved into it and two trees standing on both sides, but the stone and the trees have already been moved and only a bare open s.p.a.ce was left.

"Xiao Qian Fan, this place is very dark. What are you taking a photo of? Can you see clearly?"

Shen Qi Qi was lively, and she liked children. She saw Yan Qian Fan taking pictures of everything while not using any flash and asked him out of curiosity.

"Hehe, it doesn't matter. I'm just taking it randomly." Yang Qian Fan raised his head and smiled as he said this to her.

"Your camera is so pretty. What photos have you taken? Can you show me?"

The glamourous girl blinked and asked with a smile. The boy's camera indeed was nice. Its whole body was red, and the leather camera cover had small devil horns and a devil tail. With the camera lens, it looked like a one-eyed, little square demon.

"You can't. I already said that I was just taking it randomly." Yang Qian Fan hid the camera behind him and stuck out his tongue. He then happily said, "Wait until my skills improve. At that time, I can show it to beautiful Sister Shen and I can even take pretty pictures of sister."

"You're very good with your words." Shen Qi Qi lwas doted happy.

Walking at the front, Bai Yi held onto Cheng Zhi Chu's hand and still have not released his hold. He even used his finger to slightly rub against Cheng Zhi Chu's palm.

Cheng Zhi Chu's cheeks were red and hot. He was shy to the point of no return. He wanted to take away his hand, but he was met with Bai Yi's disheartened look and he was even asked: "Do you hate it?"

"No…….not really………."

Cheng Zhi Chu felt his head steaming as he opened and closed his mouth. In the end, he couldn't deny it.

In the original setting, he and Bai Yi are lovers. If they showed any signs of rejection, they may be suspected and, to be honest, he didn't hate it. He just found it uncomfortable being looked on by others…….

"Thank you Zhi Chu."

Hearing his answer, Bai Yi's eyes curved, and he suddenly moved forward and planted a quick kiss on Cheng Zhi Chu's cheek. This caused the latter to immediately widen his eyes and raise his hand to cover the place that was just kissed. His face blushed red and he was speechless.

"I really love you so much."

The handsome man whispered this in his ear. His hot breath could be felt on his ear and neck and it instantly caused Cheng Zhi Chu's brain to overheat. His back felt like an electric current had just pa.s.sed through and his legs felt a little soft.

"Brother Bai, enough! Don't bully us single dogs!"

Zhao Xiao Pang shouted loudly and even pretended to rub across his forearms as if he had goose b.u.mps.

His words were met with Cheng Zhi Chu's fervent internal agreement. He really wanted to tell Bai Yi not to be like this and that he was over doing it. His heart isn't that strong, and he really can't withstand it!!

"I don't think Brother Bai really needs to remember us." Ou Yang revealed a despondent look. "It's enough if he remembers Junior Cheng. We're nothing in his eyes."

"We should still help Brother Bai recover his memory." The studious Liang Wen Bin pushed up his gla.s.ses and said, "I think Brother Bai must want to remember how he and Junior Cheng met at school."

"Why don't you tell me?" Bai Yi finally became interested and looked over at them.

"It's here Brother Bai. Look, that basketball court."

Ou Yang pointed at the basketball court that was partially obscured by the teaching building.

"That day after school we went to play together and was just pa.s.sing by when we ran into Junior Cheng who had lost one of his hearing aids. He was looking around desperately and, when Brother Bai saw it, he went over to ask the junior brother what happened. After knowing what happened, he helped him find the hearing aid. Even when it had turned dark and I was done with playing basketball, the two of them were still there looking around."

"Why didn't you help them too? So cold-hearted." Zhao Xiao Pang interjected.

"Hey, I was just thinking that if I left there wouldn't be enough players."

Ou Yang laughed and said: "I also said to Brother Bai that we couldn't lose our trump card, but Brother Bai didn't agree. He enthusiastically went to help his junior brother search and gradually over time feelings formed."

The three of them chatted on and laughed. Bai Yi also hooked up his lips and asked: "Although I don't remember, but I was probably the one that confessed right? Where did I confess to him?"

Ou Yang and the others fell silent. The smile on their faces immediately faded and their expressions were a little strange. For a moment, they didn't answer Bai Yi's question.

It was the always quiet Lu Jie who laughed and answered sweetly: "It's the rooftop Brother Bai. You confessed to Junior Cheng on the rooftop. At that time, we even gave you some advice on how to confess more romantically and finally chose the rooftop."

"Yes, right right……." The others seemed to react and quickly nodded their head.

"How can you forget something as important as this? Junior Cheng would definitely be sad." Lu Jie said this accusingly and then immediately turned to ask Cheng Zhi Chu, "But, Junior Brother, you didn't mention it to Brother Bai?"

"………" Cheng Zhi Chu paused. He then said. "I wanted to take him back to school so that he would be able to remember it personally, not just through my words. It pales in comparison."

"That's true."

The people present nodded and didn't doubt Cheng Zhi Chu's excuse. Cheng Zhi Chu secretly let out a sigh of relief. At this moment Bai Yi squeezed his hand. He smiled and said to him gently: "No matter how many times you want me to confess, I'll be happy to do so."

"Oh jeez, so cheesy…………"

Ou Yang and the others couldn't stand it. Cheng Zhi Chu was shy to the point that even his neck was red. He wished that he could melt into a puddle of water and disappear into the ground. As for Gu Zhen who witnessed this scene, a small hint of darkness flashed through his eyes and his lips thinned. After a moment, he revealed a smile and acted like nothing had happened.

At this moment, the group of people continued to walk ahead. After the lawn, they went into the teaching building that their cla.s.sroom used to be located in. According to them, Bai Yi's confession was also on the roof of this teaching building.

"I thought that we might go to the rooftop today, so I specifically went out of my way to find a paperclip. The door to the rooftop is definitely locked so I can use it to unlock it." Ou Yang said.

"Huh? Was access to the roof always locked? It's also like that when you were in school?"

Yang Qian Fan blinked his eyes. Because in this instance his ident.i.ty is a complete outsider, he was able to ask this question without any fear: "Then when you went to the rooftop to confess, you didn't get into any trouble with the school?"

"Ah…….. Access to the rooftop was forbidden after that. It wasn't a problem during the confession…….."

Zhao Xiao Pang explained vaguely. At this moment, they had walked over to a fountain pool in front of the teaching building. He suddenly lowered his voice and said mysteriously: "Have you heard of the ghost stories that have been circulating the school?"

Bai Yi's Diary (Part 50)

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