BornAndTorn 135 Absolute Truth 2

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After several tries which did not yield any results, the attacker held his head down in shame and moved away from the scene of the interview. Everything had returned to normality and no a single player had any intention to copy the reckless behaviour of their companion.

They were glad that Moirai had not taken offence to it. Treating their interview target like this, was not something that CallMeDaddy could tolerate, as his selfish desires could implicate all of their ambition and their hard work.

He came to the conclusion that it would be for the best if he stayed away from this interview. This was a chance of a lifetime and he would not let him or anyone other ruin it for him. The robe for Moirai had quickly been replaced and following a quick apology for the acts of his member of his news team he continued the important interview session.

" Dear audience I have to apologize for the unsightly behaviour of my team. We are here to inform others not to watch the childish tantrum of a select member of my team." He made a short bow and held his head down for a few seconds before returning to a happy tone in his voice.

" But we do not plan to keep you waiting any longer. After Moirai had replaced his old clothing, we are now finally back to answering questions everybody yearns to have an answer for. But first of all Moirai, your patience is admirable, not many would have been able to keep their composure."

Moirai, now donning a brand new bathroom robe, appeared to be pleasantly surprised by the compliment. With a beaming smile, he begins to speak to CallMeDaddy

" Do not mention it, everyone is eager to prove themselves from time to time. Conflict is bound to occur. He is just frustrated about his current weakness. Give it some time and this feeling will turn into a desire to get stronger."

CallMeDaddy was more and more confused about the NPC sitting right in front of him. Normally Moirai was known as an unforgiving enemy, which would kill whenever the opportunity struck. Yet currently it seemed like it was the exact opposite. It would have never missed out on getting revenge-

" Moirai, tell us more about yourself, I am sure that the audience wants to know more about humans."

The NPC in front of him, was silent for a few seconds before the reply came. Moirai sounded a bit more solemn when he had started to speak.

" I am a mediocre at best, just like the average human, sorry if I have to disappoint you in that regard. I do not have any quality, which would put me above the other humans. Certainly, there are humans out there, who are far stronger and far more intelligent then I could ever be. But I am sure, that I can be of help in training everyone."

CallMeDaddy was not content with the meagre knowledge he had received and he started to ask for more details.

" How would you describe the average human?"

" The average human... I would say the average human is a fairly competent creature, it certainly does not lack the skills to be considered as something less. But humans are inherently flawed. They are capable of great good but even greater evil."

Moirai made a short pause before continuing with a serious expression on his face.

" The duality of men is not something, which can be understood without experiencing it first hand. And I hope for each and every one of you, that you will never get that oppurturnity. But who would like to come into contact with my sinful kind in the first place?"

CallMeDaddy was caught off-guard by Moirais answer and had to make a sudden break to truly understand and comprehend what had been said. He had never heard about the Duality of men. What was that supposed to mean? This question among many others was currently running through his brain.

After long few seconds, CallMeDaddy finally managed to bring out some words, despite them deviating from his initial plan.

" But everyone knows, that the monsters are responsible for every evil in this world. So how can humans be on the same level as this hateful abominations?"

Moirai could only shake his head upon seeing the naive reply from his interviewer. Nevertheless, he still gave a sufficient answer to the question.

" Monsters are evil and vile but just because they are, does not mean, that others are incapable of being the same. Viewing the world one-sided means setting yourself up for failure. "

" But did the G.o.ds not guide our way and told us to eradicate the monsters for that exact reason. To cleanse the world of evil?" asked CallMeDaddy confused, as everyone knew that Monsters were the cause for everything bad in this world.

" Let me put it into terms, that might make you understand. The monsters responsible might not look like monsters nor are your seeing them as such. The monsters might be much closer than you would expect them to be."

" Ridiculous" CallMeDaddy exclaimed full of pa.s.sion. " Do you think we would not see a monster when it was close to us? With our magical talent, no mere beast would be able to come even close to us."

A long sigh escaped over the lips of Moirai for yet another time as he had failed at bringing his points across.

" To rephrase it one more time. If you only see Evil, when there are monsters involved, you are going to have a very bad time. That much I can guarantee you." The expression on Moirais face was a lot more aggressive as he had spoken the warning.

" That much should be obvious, we never said the fight against the monsters was easy. Many strong have given their lives in the battle against these vile beings. Until every last monster has been eradicated we can not rest easy."

Now it was Moirais turn to look dumbfounded as he failed to comprehend how his conversation partner had come to this conclusion. Moirai appeared to be pondering about something as the CallMeDaddy started the next line of questioning.

" Which kind of monsters do the humans face?"

" The human race had to face a lot of difficult adversaries. All of these monsters were several times bigger and stronger than a puny human but in the end, the humans managed to persevere. But even to this day, there are still some monsters, that can not be controlled no matter what is done. Despite all of the old predators being gone a long time ago."

" Ridding the world of every monster can not be done that easily, especially if you fail to comprehend what a monster truly is. Yet instead of trying to actually understand, you claim to already have done so, " Moirai added looking dispirited and slightly disappointed.

" Silly Moirai, sorry for having misunderstood your intentions. It really was a good joke, I think everyone can agree to that." With these words came widespread laughter as the entire camera team had come to the same conclusion.

Moirai was unimpressed by their reaction and only mumbled, that this should suffice. Afterwards, he returned to his usual stance and joined in with them on the laughter. This situation lasted for quite some time until everyone returned to the slightly serious mood had during the interview.

" So Moirai jokes aside, tell us something interesting about yourself."

" I think being human is the only redeeming quality I have. The rest is something you would not like to hear about that I am sure. "

" Then let us just start with a basic question, what kind of magic can you use?"

" Magic? Sorry, but I do not have any idea how to wield it or how it functions. I am just a lowly human, how should I know that? Magic is not something my kind should be able to use. " Although Moirai seemed to be unperturbed by the fact.

" Magic can be used by every being in this world, some better some worse and you claim that you can not use magic? Please, be serious, now is not the time for jokes."

Moirai had a gloating expression on his face as he gave his answer.

" Okay, okay I do use magic to strengthen my body. But I can not do anything beyond with the magic alone."

" Alone?"

" The rest is thanks to this here" Moirai gave a few slabs to the muscles on his stomach. " Without the strength of my body, I would not be able to fight at all."

This time it was CallMeDaddy who was shaking his head upon hearing the answer.
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" Humans really are uncultured and a bunch of savages. Relying on their body and using magic for something so degrading. The G.o.ds should punish humans for this travesty."

" Who knows they might have done that already. Do you see the strange pattern on my forehead?"

The camera began to zoom in on Moirais forehead. Visible on it were a few lines deeply etched into the skin. Every onlooker had an ominous feeling the longer they stared at them. Their intrinsic design was drawing them in and captivating, yet they found it repulsive and terrible at the same time.

A faint trace of something pulsing was also noticeable beneath those lines as if something alive was moving beneath them. Despite all of the attention gathering up on Moirais forehead, the NPC in question was just looking in the surroundings marvelling at the scenery.

Without even knowing its meaning they still could determine, that it was not something good. The subconsciously took a few steps backwards, to increase the distance to this symbol. Witnessing this Moirai began to grin but did not say anything.

" This lines on my head have a special meaning, where I come from they mean sin. Sin in the eyes of G.o.d, something which goes against the morals preached and the virtues it stands for. Sin in the community which tolerate such values. Sin for the very ground that is being treated on. I am that sin."

Moirai spoke calmly while explaining such a heretic case as if it was nothing. Hearing about its background many faces turned ashen and they just stood there without knowing how to proceed from onwards from this statement.

They had never thought, that the developers would include something like this in their game. It was unheard of that something so heretic was allowed to run free in this simulated world. At the same time, they thought about what the developers and the Church are planning since they endorsed this exact thing.

With his arms crossed behind his back Moirai simply smiled before he spoke.

" I am a Sin and approaching me are several players improving themselves over and over again by fighting me. This is my purpose, so fret not this issue will be solved in no time and then I will be gone for good."

Everyone calmed down and as they digested the information, they started to realize, that they had overreacted and that this travesty would be solved by the players. This was enough to calm them down.

" This interview is supposed to give everyone some insight into the plans we have for the players and how to improve their ability. I am sure many people are currently surprised hearing about this, but I am sure, they will come to understand it. Because many have become involved in this matter."

After a short break Moirai looked around as if he was searching for something before clicking his teeth in annoyance.

" So what else do you want to know about me?" Moirai questioned his interview partner sounding bored. It appeared that the lack of results in his search was the cause for that mood swing.

After CallMeDaddy had regained his focus, he cleared his throat before starting the next question.

" Everyone would like to know, who do you expect to win in this fierce compet.i.tion?"

" Compet.i.tion? This is not a compet.i.tion, it never was and it never will be. Do not make me laugh. This is not about winners and losers, who is stronger and who is weaker. That mindset of yours clearly shows that you have failed to understand the very essence of this world and training."

" You have but one enemy and one goal, that everyone tries to achieve. Yet instead of unison, everyone only seems to do this for their own gain. The battlefield has no place for people and their selfish desires, you are a team and survival of so many is carried on your shoulders. So this is not a compet.i.tion, this is for their own personal growth so that they can protect the lives entrusted to them."

Moirai looked really angry after hearing the question. After hearing these words everyone understood that their thinking had been shallow. Categorizing and sensationalizing the player base was wrong in itself. It was their job to give everyone hope not glorying players.

After a long period of silence, CallMeDaddy spoke up once more.

" I am truly sorry. I did not see that I have gone astray from the original teachings."

" Wie viel Schwachsinn muss ich noch fabrizieren, bevor es endlich los geht?"

"What did you say?"

" Nothing, much I just said that I look forward to answering the questions of the audience since time is running out for me. I grant this oppurturnity to everyone to truthfully answer every question they might have about me. Of course, if you still have any questions that need to be answered we can take care of them before we start."

CallMeDaddy thought about the proposal for quite some time but he had to agree, that most of the questions had run its course and involving the audience was a good way to keep them entertained.

" I wholeheartedly agree, whatever question you have to feel free to ask them. My team and I will select the best ones."

" I will answer every question. That much I a.s.sure you." Moirai said with a devious expression on his face.

Unbeknownst to CallMeDaddy and the rest of the team, a lot of things had started to occur, after the interview had started.

BornAndTorn 135 Absolute Truth 2

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