The Myriad Hack System 20 Chapter 19: Energy, Lineage And Memory

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It's been half an hour since Raizel started his journey and currently, he is standing before the entrance of the wolves den. He smiled, seeing two gray furred wolves sleeping in front of the den. Looking towards them, he muttered...

'Dreaming Fate'

A phenomenal force silently emitted from his body and spread throughout the air, inserting itself into the bodies of the wolves-- both the two outside and the ones inside.

*Aaawwwooooooo!!!!! (Many wolves howl at once.)

The wolves painful howled so loudly that the air in the atmosphere seemed vibrating and could be heard even in a quarter of the inner forest. Many animals were jolted awake by the howling, but could not understand why all the wolves let out such hideous a bowl in the middle of the night.
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Some intelligent species even cursed in their minds, 'it isn't their mating season nor is there a full moon yet why are these stupid wolves screaming in the middle of the night.'

But none of them thought that the wolves met their true nemesis today. They didn't even know they were under attack and it was all over in an instant, before they could even notice anything other than the maddening pain in their minds.

The moment Raizel's Dream Dao pierced their mind through their dreams, they had were already defeated.

Creatures of their level could never hold ground before a law, much less against two daos that excels in conscient power. They all fainted and are now being re-programmed to serve him.

'Using dreams to stealthily enter the soul and fate to alter it is a good strategy to win battles without even a right. Their tiny souls also exhaust easily which makes it cheaper to re-program in the servitude program.'

'But it costs quite a bit of energy. My mana and aeon energy reserves are both running low. Thankfully, the pseudo-realities are a bottomless reservoir for aeon energy.' Raizel thought, entering the den to rest the night. By his calculations, he is sure to reach the Paladin and Pontiff stage in the next two days.

'As long as I enter Nirvana Rank, I can create psions and esions again. I still have a long way to go.' Raizel lays and reminisced into a particular research he conducted which led to the discovery of Psion energy.

According to Raizel's research, every energy has two forms; one is the finite energy form which is exhaustible and the other is the coined energy form which can reproduce automatically.

Finite energy is a neutral form of energy which is exhaustible and ownerless. It's naturally produced and can be absorbed by anyone. Aeon and Neon energies are examples of this energy. Aeon is a neutral mental energy produced by the thoughts of all sentient creatures. Neon is also similar albeit only a semi-physical one. Both belong to the dimensional category and are ownerless.

But psion and esion are coined energy belonging to the one who first birthed them. This type of energy is inexhaustible as long as the primogenitor exists. Coined energy is only limited by the user's capacity and production rate. They can be used by others but only is the user is a follower of the primogenitor.

Every finite energy can evolve into a coined energy, it only awaits a creator. This is the crux behind the birth of multiple energies, like dragon force, Nen, Zen, Qi, etc. Even Mana and Aura are energies coined to the cosmos.

Recollecting himself, Raizel sunk into cultivation for the night. He planned to carry out conquering in the morning with 37 mature wolves behind him.

By his plan, 15 more goblin villages and 10 more wolves den should be effortlessly seized.

The night


[Edios Cultivation has reached Innate Rank; Basal-Scholar]

[Helix Cultivation has reached Innate Rank; Basal-Scholar]

[Anima Cultivation has reached Innate Rank; Basal-Scholar]

[Anuma Cultivation has reached Innate Rank; Basal-Scholar]

[Natural Evolution sequence detected. Evolution paths:

1. Hob-Goblin (Racial Metamorph)

2. High Goblin (Lineage Unlocking)

Please choose your path]

Raizel focused on the two options and their details appeared in his mind.

[Hob-Goblin: The next evolution of the goblin race. Traits: Slight increase in all physical stats]

[High-Goblin: Unlocks 20% of the goblin lineage. Traits: Slight increase in all stats and access to lineage memories]

'Lineage Unlocking'

The light screen vanished and Raizel felt his blood heating up. Memories flashed past goblins flashed through his eyes like a movie. What Raizel saw in the memories made him smirk bountifully.

A great city of goblins spanning across miles of land, filled with various medieval technology displayed in plain sight. Magic canons standing proudly on the state walls, goblins with gliding mechanical wings patrolling city from the sky.

Knowledge of their tech and civilization steamed into Raizel's head from his blood. The struggles and thoughts of his ancestors all displayed before Raizel as he watched the scenes from their memories. And in these memories also saw how the entire race was brought to the brink of destruction with the surviving members being cursed.

They were left alone, deserted by world and used as slaves.

[Ding! Goblin lineage has been unlocked to 60%]

[Ding! A new lineage; Imp gene has been subtracted from the goblin lineage.]

Bloodlines are powerful gifts from the ancestors of a race. But as it from one generation to another, dilatation is unavoidable. The more it mixes the more ancestral data retracts into a dormant state which is why many species degrade after too much dilatation.

For a bloodline to remain functional, at least 20% of it's genetic data must be active. But these first 20% genes only contains data about the basic physical functions. Therefore, creatures with this level of bloodlines only hold resemblance to their ancestors. Like the weyren resembles a dragon.

This is why lineages limits also have cla.s.sifications. They were:

Semi-lineage=1-20% genes active

True-lineage=21-40% genes active

High-lineage=41-60% genes active

Alclineage=61-80% genes active

Arch-lineage=81-100% genes active

'Looks like the goblins have some past alright. For their knowledge to avoke heavenly intervention and curse them, just what had they discovered?

And this imp gene, it's what makes the goblins stupid and inflates their emotions. It's features are perfect to disrupt the ingenious genes, and slowly turn them muddle-headed...'

'Enough, let's first take care of the task at hand. I will decrypt the genes after returning. The wolves should have completed converting. I should conquer the next village now.'

The Myriad Hack System 20 Chapter 19: Energy, Lineage And Memory

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