Shan He Biao Li Chapter 11

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Chapter 10

Chapter 11

t.i.tle : I don't bite, really

Translator Note : This chapter can be complicated and weird but it's normal it's for continue the intrigue between everything. 

And it's was not easy to translate but I have do my best

I did not know where to go maybe take the Bus.

When I got on the bus, I started to close my eyes. Until then, his mind couldn't help but play back the scene of Nanshan's swindler. If he could, he almost wanted to record that paragraph, frame by frame. a.n.a.lysis.

At that time, after the liar spit and fell to the ground, many people were attracted to watch the crowd. However, since the liar himself had been flowing here for a while, the locals recognized him with a familiar face, so the crowd looked around and everyone thought at first. This is loaded, no one is in charge.

The culprit of Nanshan was bravely standing outside the crowd, with his hands on his back, his face calm and his expression natural, as if this was not what he did.

The liar twitches and twitches, and the twitching action is like a marionette, just like an invisible hand is playing with his limbs, but he can't see it like a costume, and his acting is slightly exaggerated. Some people look straight ahead. Music, until the scammer spit out something I saw red.

The beginning was b.l.o.o.d.y, and later there were blood clots mixed.

The people around him saw the blood, and finally they were serious. There was a senior who was older and took the lead to look forward. He looked suspicious. Zhang Luoqi wanted to send people to the hospital. He looked at Nanshan and saw the unique “Mother of the Virgin.”

 “The eyebrows are slightly raised, as if they are merciful. “There is still something to do today, just like this.” Then the mind has not yet reached the end.

He lifted his leg and left, the person who was still vomiting blood just pressed the pause b.u.t.ton, and immediately stopped the floor rolling. The next second, the liar actually looked like a gray face and climbed inexplicably.

The onlookers sneaked away, and the uncle who had been enthusiastic about Zhang's face changed. He felt that he had been deceived, and he stunned the liar and looked like a gourd. He also left.

Maybe Nanshan uses some unknown herbs. He doesn't know Chinese herbal medicine. He doesn't think about it in this respect, but how can he explain the twenty dollars that floated over?

Could it be that there was a sudden inexplicable wind, then it happened to overturn the bowl of the liar to fill the money, and it happened that it was not enough to blow twenty dollars back to Nanshan in one minute?

I almost doubted that it was the legendary qigong. It was not that he wanted to preach feudal superst.i.tions. He really a.n.a.lyzed it frame by frame, and still couldn't figure out how Nanshan actually did it.

In this way, the paradise of the paradise is covered with a layer of mysterious color.

I expected the long journey, and I didn't expect it to be such a long time.

They first set up a bus that was leaking, and they sat down to the end of the inaccessible. Nanshan and Xiaofang were thankful to the inexplicable bus driver. Then they started walking on foot and walked about a dozen kilometers of mountain road to a distant place. Uninhabited wilderness.

Seeing Nanshan stopped, I thought it was the other side to rest. I didn't expect Xiaofang to suddenly become something as one big tree with a kind of flexibility that was not inconsistent with his strong body shape.

The tree is some years old, thick and straight, and has a height of seven or eight meters. He climbed to the top of the tree with several ups and downs. As a flat, relaxed, he took a look at the awning and looked up at him. He understood the monkey. “The origin of”.

He took a metal horn from her waist  (of the monkey) and put it to her mouth. She blew it up. It didn't have a long palm. It always thought it was just an ornament on the belt.

The sound of the horn is far and low, and it is like the sound of the golden stone. It is sent out with the wind and squints. I feel that these horns are like some kind of call.

Sure enough, after a while, he heard the hooves and looked up in amazement. He saw three horses running in the distance, neatly parked in front of Nanshan, and screamed around him, and he led the head. Only spoiled the big long face down, let Nanshan touch its nose.

Another incredible skill.

In this way, their awkward means of transportation changed from “11th Road” to “4th Road”.

On the road, I am arrogantly pondering, I don't know if the young man who pa.s.sed by him halfway will ride a horse. Most ordinary people have been in contact with some horses in some leisure and entertainment situations. If you just ride, it may not be a problem. But riding this rugged mountain road… that is not very entertaining.

From this point of view, the decision of the dear man to escape is really no longer correct.

They walked in the wilderness and in the uninhabited places. At night, they spent the night in the sky.

Nanshan and Xiaofang have not yet figured out the two bandits. They probably don't know that there is another thing in the world called "tents". They both fully express the skin and the thick skin of the meal. A pile of fire will make you feel comfortable for one night.

I don't know if this is a change to a weak book, can you live alive and lead under the leaders.h.i.+p of these two goods.

It can be seen that it is very normal for no one to come to apply for many years.

However, for you, the journey is very enjoyable, because when Nanshan stays up the night, he will use the leaves to blow different songs. When he blows, he will use the chips hidden in the to record, and the sound of the leaves will mix into the night wind. Twisting, seamless, not to use post-arrangement processing, has become a self-contained style.

Become a hardcore fan of this original eco-musician.

Horseback riding went all day and night, and when they suspected that they had left the country, they arrived at a river.

When I saw the moment of the river, I realized why there was a “river side” in the mouth of Nanshan. Before that, I thought I had already traveled all over the world. I never thought about it myself. Will be stunned in front of a river.

I saw that there were 100,000 mountains behind the river, and the other side was wrapped in a shallow mist. With his eyesight, I couldn't see it clearly. The river was like a ribbon hanging down the mountain, and the water was not deep. But it is very clear, riding should be able to go directly, but there is a feeling that the other side of the river is another world.

Xiaofang rushed to the front, screaming, and the sound swayed back and forth in the mountains. The birds in the forest flew up and rushed to the blue sky without a hint of haze.

Nanshan turned back and said: “Crossing the river is here.”

“Your home?”

Nanshan bends his eyes: “My home.”

After that, he gently smashed the horse's belly and crossed the river. I followed it up and went to the river. The fog seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, and the fog gradually spread into the water, and the visibility around it was getting lower and lower.

I picked it up in an instant and remembered what I learned when I was young.

“If you use the water, you will have a mountain, and the mountain has a small mouth, as if there is light.”

One hand stretched out and pulled his stable.

Nanshan: “I am taking you.”

The thick fog was getting thicker and thicker first, and the most concentrated place was less than half a foot. I don't know how far it went, the fog began to become thinner again. Gradually, the sun penetrated into the fog, which was blown in by the light. It looks like a fairyland.

“There is a boat, from the mouth, the beginning is very narrow, only pa.s.s the people, the resumption of dozens of steps, suddenly clear, the land is flat, the house is stunned…”

Suddenly, when his ears moved, he heard a long, tender cry, as if it were a child, shouting what he could not understand, but the sound was crisp and pleasant.

Then, the lower and more children's voices came in, and they were all-in-one.

Nanshan suddenly took a picture after the horse's body. He felt that the horse was leaping. He couldn't help but lick the reins. The dense fog in front of him suddenly disappeared, and the horizon was clear.

I couldn't help but stay for a while.

There are many mountains in the southwest, the local villages are not like the plains, the scale is mostly small, and several neighbors are a village, but here is a rare one horse, the mysterious river is separated here, like a snake into the village. In the middle, one side is dense to the endless forest, and one side is a small building with high and low undulations.

Because the place is big, the gap between the house and the house is also very large, and there are a lot of gaps. A group of people who just learned to walk are running around in groups. Adults don't care, as if they are not worried about falling into the river. in.

A few older children had already waited by the river early, and saw them coming. The little girl who was leading the head was squatting and screaming at them, yelling at a long name. Fang is also called Nanshan, he guessed that it probably represents a certain position of Nanshan in the family.

I did not rush to ask, there are too many incredible places in this place, his eyes are a little busy.

The little girl at the riverside flew up and squatted on her b.u.t.tocks, and took the s.h.i.+rtless little boy out for a few steps. She said “wow, wow”, the little boy was Not angry, thickly touched the head, turned around and ran, may be to call people.

The three of them went ash.o.r.e, and the little girl immediately led a large group of half-children to the Nanshan.

Xiaofang pretended to anger and reached out and patted her head, as if repriming her for being rude, the little girl was also unambiguous, like a small wild dog, suddenly slaps and immediately fought back, jumped

One big and one small will be like this.

Nanshan did not stop. Looking back at the girl who was still standing on the sh.o.r.e, she pointed to the little girl: “This is the child of his family, the ancient figure of wood, that is… the flower that just grows.”

This “flower bone” is really a tiger father without a dog girl, filial piety is so fierce.

A large group of children gathered in the vicinity of Nanshan, stretched their necks, and looked at them with a slap in the face. It seemed like a giant panda came out of the mountain. It was very novel, but I didn't know how the habits of this rarity were. come.

In fact, I don't like children very much. When a bear child is noisy, his head can be two big laps. However, he thinks of his ruthless teacher status and feels that he is not too serious for them, so he bows his head slightly and laughs at the small Let's nod to show friends.h.i.+p.

The children and children screamed as if they were so frightened that i hid behind Nanshan.

Chu w.a.n.g “…I don't bite, really.”

Soon, other people got the news, and the adults ran out one after another.

The people here have long hair, both men and women. Most men don't wear tops. Women's eyes are generally large and seemingly watery, but the body is mostly stout and suffocating.

In addition to the children who are not very particular about each other, every adult who meets Nanshan will stop and pay respectfully. Then, the crowd will be surrounded by a few old people, and the old people who are very well-positioned will stand in a row and Nanshan pays tribute, Nanshan waved his hand carelessly, turned back and grabbed his wrist, and lifted up to announce something.

After that, he took the donkey and walked through the crowd. Everyone was only behind, and no one crossed them.

The trick is to squat again, and I understand that Nanshan is their patriarch.

A patriarch, on his own site, screamed and said that he couldn't wait to wors.h.i.+p him, but he only took a follower and took it to a county he was not familiar with. He was dressed in such a weird, mandarin. He also said that he was a virtue, and his behavior was maverick, and he was probably surrounded by jokes… But he was so full of expectations, but he was still empty, and he could never get the person he was looking for.

I suddenly felt that this young friend was awesome.

Shan He Biao Li Chapter 11

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