Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chapter 6

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In this chapter, you can see one of my most favourite scene in the drama, where Gu Weiyi become the hero for Situ Mo, and also a possible changes of mind (and heart) for Gu Weiyi toward Situ Mo. Starting from this chapter, the relations.h.i.+p between our two main leads change drastically, and you will soon enjoy the sweetness of the couple!

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t.i.tle: Put Your Head on My Shoulder (致我们暖暖的小时光)
Author: Zhou Gangan
Translation credit: Jia

Chapter 6

The company Situ Mo applied before she came back home last semester called her for an interview tomorrow, but it sounded unreliable. The interview was scheduled for 8 a.m. and the place was quite remote. She had been thinking about whether to go since she answered the call. After checking the company's address on the internet, she found that it was close to Fu Pei's school, so she decided to call Fu Pei.

‘Mo, it's rare for you to call me. I'm so touched that I have no regrets in my life.' Fu Pei made a fuss on the other side of the phone.

‘Don't exaggerate it. Do you know the place of **?' Mo laughed at his exaggeration.

‘I know, what's up?'

‘I'm going to have an interview there at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. How's the security there?' Mo questioned.

‘So early? You'll pa.s.s our school anyway. I'll go with you.' Fu Pei said.

‘No, you can't wake up.' Mo said this because Fu Pei had a record. When they were at high school, they had arranged to climb the mountain together. They had made an appointment to gather at the school gate at seven o'clock. He didn't show up until nine o'clock, which made her and Xu Jieer wait for two hours at the school gate. Xu Jieer was his girlfriend at that time and a good friend of Mo as well. There is a long and stereotyped story in it.

‘I can't bear the idea of letting you go to that ghost place alone. I'll wake up and call you.' Fu Pei said anxiously, ‘I'll call you at seven o'clock. If I don't call you, you can leave me behind and go there by yourself. Is that all right?

‘All right.' She's actually a little bit scared to go there alone. ‘You'd better not oversleep!'

‘Don't worry.'

Early the next morning, Mo got up to prepare. She put on a light makeup, wore formal dress and high-heeled shoes, looked at herself in the mirror and felt a little incredulous that the person in the mirror was her. It could be described by one word - awkward. Thinking that Fu Pei was going to see her in this awkward manner, she would rather choke herself to death.

When she got off at the bus stop of ** Polytechnic University, Fu Pei had been waiting there. He blew a whistle on seeing Mo, ‘What a beautiful lady.'

She beat him with her bag in her hand, and he jumped and shouted, ‘You're murdering your husband.'

Mo beat him more heavily, and he was beaten until he screamed.

They called a taxi and went directly downstairs to the company, where, except for two or three buildings, there were just roads and gra.s.s. They felt that wolves would haunt this area.

But the company was quite formal inside. The receptionist asked Situ Mo to go up to the fifth floor for an interview. She asked, ‘How long will it take, please?'

The receptionist answered, ‘About an hour.'

Mo said to Fu Pei, ‘Don't wait for me then, I'll go to your school and treat you the dinner when I finish my interview.'

‘Never mind. I'll wait for you outside.'

‘No, I would be under pressure. I'll call you when I'm finished. You can pick me up again.'

Fu Pei thought about it for a while and said, ‘Okay, you can call me when you're finished. Don't be nervous. Come on!'

The interview was casual, and it ended in less than half an hour. There was a woman who chatted with her in English for a while and asked about her experience and expected salary. Situ Mo had little experience in foreign trade and told her the truth. The woman said nothing and asked her to go back and wait for the notice. Usually this situation meant hopeless, but Mo didn't care. After all, it's depressing to think of working in such a place where even birds don't lay eggs.

She walked on the road for a long time without stopping a taxi or finding a bus stop, so she had to call Fu Pei and ask him to pick her by taxi, but no one answered the phone for a long time.

Walking along, she found something unusual. A motorcycle circled behind her. Her heart felt tight. Since motorcycles were forbidden in this city, where did this one come from? She tightened the bag on her shoulder with one hand, took out her cell phone from the side pocket of the bag and put it in her jacket pocket with the other hand, then quickened her pace and prayed silently in her heart.

The motorcycle roared past her. The man in the back seat reached out and pulled her bag. She was shocked and quickly released her hand. But it was too late. She was pulled with the bag several meters away. When she struggled to get up from the ground, the motorcycle had disappeared. Her arms and legs tingled. She guessed that she had bled a lot, but dared not see it, because she would faint.

Mo took out her cell phone and called Fu Pei, but n.o.body answered. So she called her roommate, but received the same result.

She struggled to move on, sat down at the door of a shop that hadn't yet opened, looked through her phone's directories to find the phone number of Fu Pei's dormitory, and called the number.

‘h.e.l.lo' She couldn't tell who picked up her call just by listening to the voice.

‘Is Fu Pei there.' Mo swallowed a choke that was on her throat.

‘He's not in.'

‘Where did he go?'

‘Didn't know.'

Feeling that the man opposite the phone was about to hang up, Mo said, ‘I'm Situ Mo, who's there?'

The man didn't answer until 5 seconds later, ‘Gu Weiyi.'

Mo was very depressed. Why must it be him who answered the phone. She hesitated for a moment and said, ‘Could you please take a taxi to pick me up? I've just been robbed, and now I'm at the entrance of the store *** on road * *. Or could you help me find Fu Pei? I'm injured.'

‘Ok, wait for me.' Gu Weiyi said, and then there was a rustling sound of looking for something, ‘Give me your phone number.'

Mo heard the sound of hanging up across the phone the moment she told him her number.

Mo put the phone in her pocket and tried to hold up her legs. However, she felt painful and had to stop. She never dared to look at her feet, so she had to look at the distance.

Gu Weiyi stopped a taxi at the school gate and hurried to the place that Situ Mo told him, which was not far from his school. Soon the taxi arrived on that road. He asked the driver to slow down and searched for her.

He had thought that he would see a little woman crying with tears streaming down her face when he found Situ Mo from afar. But he didn't think that she was just biting her lower lip tightly. The eyeliner opened a dark circle in her lower eyelid, but tears didn't fall from her eyes.

He looked at her frowning. Her legs were b.l.o.o.d.y, a large piece of skin was broken, and the sleeves of her clothes were worn out. Suddenly he felt an implacable surge of fire.

Mo felt that Gu Weiyi was like an angel sent to her by G.o.d when she saw him getting off the taxi. He stood in front of her in a beige coat, jeans and sneakers. In the morning light, there seemed to be a golden halo on his head and a pair of white wings behind him. Of course, it would be better for the angel if he hadn't stared at her.

Gu Weiyi reached out to pull Situ Mo, she tried to get up with the help of his hand, but she gave a low cry because of the sting of pain on her hands and feet.

Gu Weiyi let go of her hand, half squatted down and said, ‘Hold steady.'

Mo hadn't respond until she was carried by him princess style. She quickly put her hand around his neck with a cry. He put her carefully in the back seat of the taxi, went around to the front seat and said to the driver, ‘Please go to the nearest hospital.'

The driver started the car and asked curiously, ‘How did the little girl get hurt?'

Mo reluctantly smiled and answered, ‘Someone grabbed my bag and I was dragged for several meters.'

‘Such a brave little girl for not crying.' The driver held the steering wheel in one hand and raised his thumb against the back seat with the other.

Gu Weiyi looked through the rearview mirror at her smiling face and b.l.o.o.d.y legs, and could not help frowning again. He took a box of paper towels in front of the driver and handed them to Situ Mo in the back seat: ‘Wipe the blood off your leg.'

‘Oh, thank you.' Mo took the paper towel and then put it on the empty seat.

Gu Weiyi couldn't help asking when he saw that she didn't move at all, ‘Why don't you wipe the blood?'

Mo cursed the verbose man in her heart, but said in a good voice, ‘No.'

‘What should you do if you make the seat become b.l.o.o.d.y?' Gu Weiyi couldn't help to say something mean. The b.l.o.o.d.y legs of Situ Mo made him puzzled. The wound was covered by blood, so he could not see the severity of the injury at all.

‘Oh, that's all right.' The driver cut in and said something.

Situ Mo wished that she could wipe all her blood on Gu Weiyi. She was so angry with him that she had thought he was a good man.

‘Wipe the blood right now, what are you waiting for?' Gu Weiyi couldn't wait for her to start, and urged her again.

‘Why are you so noisy? How could I wipe it myself when I feel dizzy?' Mo shouted impatiently. She knew she was not a fragile beauty, so she could never say that she would faint on seeing blood.

Gu Weiyi was dumbstruck for a moment, and said to the driver, ‘Please pull over.' He opened the door and got out, then opened the back door to sat in beside Situ Mo.

Mo was shocked, would she get hit for saying bad words about him?

Gu Weiyi pulled several tissues from the tissue box and bent down to gently wipe the blood off her leg. He watched the flesh and skin gradually emerging from her legs, and found that some sands on her b.l.o.o.d.y leg as well. He felt as if there was a fire burning in his heart.

Mo sat stiff and didn't dare to watch his movements. She had to keep an eye on the area above his head, and her heart beat very fast.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chapter 6

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