When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 9: Story 25-26

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No.1 Promulgator of Recommended Stories: Any excellent serial stories to recommend recently?

No.1 Onlooker: Pillow Talk!!!

No.2 Onlooker: Sisters! Read Pillow Talk! Brother Nan is so generous!!! His pillow talk is free for us!!!

No.3 Onlooker: Brother Nan, keep going!!! I have already tied your sweetie Mr. He on the bed for you!

No.4 Onlooker: I, I, I... I never know how to persuade others to believe me!!! So I will just wager my head!!! If you don't like Pillow Talk, I will cut my head off, so you can use it as a bench!!!

No.5 Onlooker: Am I the only one waiting in agitation for the updating of Pillow Talk? I wish I could hack the computer of Piggy and post the rest of the writings!

No. 6 Onlooker: You are not alone! I feel the same!!!

No.7 Onlooker: My mom asked me why I lay in bed and giggled ten minutes ago but put on a sad face ten minutes later. It was all because the update of Pillow Talk once a day is not enough!

No.8 Onlooker: I have already asked fifty friends to help me... As soon as Pillow Talk is completed and pre-sold, I will buy as many as I can…

No.1 Bystander: I heard Guinea Piggy is gonna write a story with a bad ending.  

No.2 Bystander: Really?!

No.3 Bystander: Of course. And the story has already been posted on X website, called You Deserve Someone Better. And he admitted it on Weibo last time.

No.4 Bystander: Oh My G.o.d! Why does a writer who only writes sweet stories suddenly start writing the heartbreaking type? What happened to him? Is it the decline of morality or the distortion of human nature? At eight o'clock this evening, welcome to watch the show, Let's Gossip: What Guinea Pig Had Experienced Since He Became a Writer.

No.5 Bystander: The last original promulgator! I have followed you, sister! See you at 8 p.m.!

No.6 Bystander: So do I! I'll wait for you at 8 p.m. Don't stand me up, or I'll expose you on Weibo, hahahaha.  


It was 8 p.m.

No.4 Bystander: Let's Gossip: What Guinea Pig Had Experienced Since He Became a Writer

As we all know, Guinea Pig is now the pillar of X website. No matter it is because he is a male or he specializes in writing sweet stories, Guinea Pig has been known all over this circle. Of course, to be honest, even if the early writings of Guinea Pig were really a little childish, his progress in recent years is obvious to us. In addition, he writes stories not for profit, which makes his print books invaluable and hard to get. This in turn helps attract even more fans... All right, my point is, why did Guinea Pig stop writing the popular sweet stories and turn to write the heartbreaking ones with bad endings?

I don't know if it is my illusion that there is a strange phenomenon in this circle. I mean, compared with heartbreaking stories, everyone has developed a higher tolerance for sweet stories. No matter whether they were logical or not, readers just this kind of stories as long as they are sweet. I know some writers who used to write heartbreaking stories begins to write sweet stories. After all, it is an inevitable trend that only sweet stories get more hits. As a result, there are less and less people writing heartbreaking or historical stories, except a few writers who have some fans and good writing skills. As for those unknown writers, writing sweet stories is doubtless a good choice for them to gain popular within a short time.  

To be honest, readers shouldn't be blamed for this, since most of them read stories just for relieving stress or killing the time. After all, life is not easy. Some of us can't find a job, some can't find a date, and some has been scolded by his/her boss. Therefore, they just want to read sweet love stories about rich and good-looking boys. Is there anything wrong with this? Of course not! Besides, I am a person only reading sweet stories too. So do you have any sweet stories to recommend?

Well... If I continued to discuss this, someone would bash me. Let's go back to today's topic. Look at Guinea Pig's comments on Weibo, and you will notice that he has gotten a new idol, who is actually a male. Let's a.n.a.lyze these comments one by one.   

"Guinea Pig: Today I read a truly heartbreaking story. Luckily, the writer's cuteness comforted me…"

This was the first time Guinea Pig mentioned about heartbreaking stories. What's interesting is, ten minutes after he posed this comment, another pillar of X website also posted a comment.

"Scottish Fold: Someone said I was cute. But I think he's cuter [disdain .jpg]."

If this couple of comments are not obvious enough, I have another one.

"Guinea Pig: !!!!!!! I met my idol! I felt so happy that I couldn't help turning in circles on and on and on and on before I plump myself into water! He's so adorable! Wow! I love him!"

"Scottish Fold: [shy.jpg]"

These two comments were posted almost at the same time, and it seemed that they were interacting with each other. Since I only read sweet stories, I don't know Scottish Fold, who specializes in writing heartbreaking stories. In case I make a mistake, I inquired of my friends about him. Judging from all the information I got, Scottish Fold is as popular as Guinea Pig in the circle of angst writers. So...

What are you still waiting for, Oh My G.o.d???? Don't you want to support this couple? And I have even figured out a cute name for this couple, that is "he"!!! And "h" represents "he", "e" "er". So my dear friends, the couple of an angst writer and a doting writer is "he"!

 You know what? I'm saving money for attending the Anime Expo in A city next week! It is said that both of those two writers will be there!!! I couldn't wait to see them!!!

Well. Above all is my personal opinion, and it has nothing to do with anyone else. So if you wanted to bash me, bash me. But don't speak ill of those two dear writers!

Thanks for your watching. If anyone wants to add more details, welcome to discuss with me in the comment area.

No.1 Bystander: Oh My G.o.d! What a bewitching couple they are!!!! It is f.u.c.king sweet!!!

No.2 Bystander: Finally there is someone talking about this matter!! I felt something fishy about their relations.h.i.+p long ago!

No.1 Onlooker: ...Excuse me. Anyone who can tell me more about dear Scottish Fold??? 

No.2 Onlooker: Scottish Fold is a writer on X website specializing in writing heartbreaking stories and also one of the few writers known for good writing skills. Besides, he gained popularity not through sweet stories. He kept writing heartbreaking stories from the very beginning. With numerous fans, he became another pillar on X website.  

No.2 Onlooker: And... This writer may still be a man...

No.3 Bystander: ???

No.1 Fan of Scottish Fold: The fan of Cattie is coming! What the last poster said about Cattie is basically true! Because Cattie has posted a comment on Weibo saying that "I prefer to be called as Cattie rather than Ma'am." So, some fans guess that Cattie is a boy!!!

No.2 Fan of Scottish Fold: In addition, Cattie often posts comments on Weibo about hobbies, which seem to be man's favorites, such as basketball, video games and so on.

No.3 Fan of Scottish Fold: What's more, Cattie sucks at video games. It's beyond your imagination. Worst of the worst. And he doesn't admit this truth, let alone allow us to speak of it.

No.4 Bystander: ???? Guinea Pig mentioned that his idol is not good at video games. So, they're a couple indeed???

No.5 Bystander: The top is a lovely and gentle fanboy; the bottom is a cold fish with a hot temper. What a special couple they are! I love them!!! [cracking voice]!!!!

No.1 Fan of "he": h.e.l.lo, everyone. I'm the fan of "he". Nice to meet you all.

No.2 Fan of "he": Friend, wait for me!! Let me join you!!!

No.3 Fan of "he": I am coming!!! I just saw their comments on Weibo. They were indeed interacting with each other over the air!!! "Guinea Pig: Sobbing... It seems my idol is mad at me." "Scottish Fold: I won't play video games anymore." What a sweet love! Is writing helpful to marriage???

No.4 Fan of "he": Here is the Group ID! Everybody, join the group as soon as possible! After it, I will ask that original promulgator to delete this comment!!!! Later on, we can share the sweet stories between them secretly!!!

No.5 Fan of "he": Good idea! I admire you!!! I have applied to join the group!! Let me in please!!! I also want to taste the smell of sweet love!

No.6 Fan of "he": Sobbing... I'm crying and laughing, lying on my bed!!! I will never get tired of supporting this couple, two big shots loving each other, exciting!!! [loudly]!

No.7 Fan of "he": Um... Is there anyone going to the Anime Expo the next week? We can share a room.

Scottish Fold fan number 4: I'll go! This is the first live appearance of Cattie! Of course I will go there!!!

No.1 Fan of Guinea Pig: The fan of Piggy is coming late... As far as I know, it seems to be the first time for Piggy to appear at the scene too...

No.6 Bystander: ??? So we will witness such a great love, right?

No.4 Onlooker: Their fans of the two writers are here. So can the fans of "he" stop talking nonsense???

No.5 Fan of Scottish Fold: As the fan of Scottish Fold, I don't mind at all... Even we want more details about them...

No.2 Fan of Guinea Pig: As the fan of Guinea Pig, I want sweet stories!!! Sweet stories!!! Sweet stories!!! Please continue to interact with each other!!! [Fainting because of excitment.jpg].

No.6 Fan of Scottish Fold: I have decided that I will regard the fans of Guinea Pig as the in-laws.

No.3 Fan of Guinea Pig: Well, from now on, I will be close friends with the fans of Scottish Cat.

No.7 Fan of Scottish Fold: [We are friends now.jpg]

No.3 Fan of Guinea Pig: [I understand you.jpg]

This comment was reposted dozens of times per second, at an increasingly fast pace. Half an hour later, this comment was deleted. At the same time, all of the tickets of trains, buses and flights to City A on Friday, tickets for the Anime Expo, and the surrounding hotel rooms had been booked in a second.

When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 9: Story 25-26

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