When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 2: Story 8-12

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On this day, Guinea Pig's latest update of Pillow Talk was shown on time on the X website, at 10:10 p.m.

Every evening, the fans left their comments at the right time. They came even more punctual than girls' periods.

It seemed that the first one to leave comments would get one step closer to Guinea Pig.

Tang Yanzhi had slight OCD. When he entered the page of Pillow Talk, he felt quite satisfied with the same time of updates.

Pillow Talk was characterized by sweetness and preference and the same as other stories Tang Yanzhi had written. Since the whole story was well finished by him, he was merely releasing every day, there was never one single comment saying "please release more". He moved down the page and reached the bottom of the X website, seeing another story updated at the same time with his.

Missing You.

It was updated at 10:10.10 p.m. and the writer was Short-Tailed Cat.

Somehow, Tang Yanzhi entered the page of that story.


A pig butcher would not eat pork every day. Likewise, Guinea Pig wrote sweet stories but this did not mean that he would not read heartbreaking stories.


The name of Missing You revealed that this was not a sweet story.

There were only 2 tags:modern and subst.i.tutes. No one knew whether the story had a happy or bad ending.

The number of words had already reached 80,000 but only 32 viewers had added it to reading list.

Tang Yanzhi moved down the page and saw all 10:10.10.

Following his true intentions deep inside, he entered the first chapter.

The First Encounter


Tingting: Sobbing

Xu Chi: ?

Tingting: How sad Shen Xing was! How about sending Mr. Zhou to h.e.l.l??

In Missing You, Shen Xing and Zhou Jin were two boys in a romantic relations.h.i.+p. The former was bottom while the latter top.

Xu Chi:?

Tingting: How about changing the top boy for Shen? I feel great sympathy for my little baby Shen Xing.

Xu Chi: Will you be the writer instead?

Tingting: What a jerk Zhou Jin was!!! How could he treat Shen Xing like this?

Xu Chi: After all, it's a campy story and Shen Xing was just the subst.i.tute of Zhou Jin's unrequited lover. Aren't you ready to accept this?

Tingting: Yes, but not that ready.

Xu Chi: …

Tingting: Could you change the top boy?

Xu Chi: Asleep.

Xu Chi: Offline.

Xu Chi closed the chatting page. Then he entered the page of his story and found some new comments in surprise.

Tangtang: What a jerk!!!

Tangtang: Sobbing… How sad Shen Xing was!

Tangtang: Wow, the writer did quite well in describing the psychology!

Tangtang: Could the top boy be changed?

Tangtang sent the writer 1,000 diamonds.

Tangtang: Keep up the good work, my dear writer! I will push you to update!

Xu Chi:…

Xu Chi got a screenshot of these comments and sent it to Tingting, asking her:"Is this your alt ID?"


Tingting: It cannot be me! How could I have so much money?!

Tingting: Hahahahahaha! You see! Many readers think Mr. Zhou was quite a jerk!!!

Tingting: Wow, the new reader is quite rich and has given you 100 yuan without even hesitation.

Xu Chi:…

There was something strange.

He replied to Tangtang:"Thanks for your appreciation:) But you do not need to buy gifts for me!"


Rarely had Tang Yanzhi seen such a writer who could turn an unreasonable story into an eye-catching one. He was still deeply immersed in the plot when receiving the writer's reply. He took a look and then closed the page with a smile.

Tang Yanzhi thought:"I am not a girl."

"Moreover, I am loaded."

Then Tang Yanzhi logged onto his official Weibo ID and posted a new comment.

Guinea Pig: Today I read a truly heartbreaking story. Luckily, the writer's cuteness comforted me...

No. 1 Fan: The first!

No.2 Fan: The second!

No.3 Fan: Piggy! Finally a post!

No.4 Fan: Piggy, could you tell me the name of the story? I also want to have a look!!!

No.5 Fan: Truly heartbreaking… Piggy, are you in a bad mood? Are you trying to torture yourself with a heartbreaking story?

No.6 Fan: I am no longer young and will never read a heartbreaking story…

At the same time, Short-Tailed Cat also posted a new comment on Weibo.

Poor Guy: How pathetic I am! Once again, I don't know what to write…

When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 2: Story 8-12

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