When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 6: Story19

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Xu Chi was sitting in the corner of KTV room, bored.

The friend-making activity was a blind date party. All kinds of snacks are available. Amidst colorful light, boys and girls were singing on the stage, although they didn't know who organized the activity. Xu Chi stayed in a corner and watched people on the stage happily singing one song after another. He thought the whole friend-making thing was oddly amazing. After all, it was the first time for them to meet each other. But how could they be well acquainted with each other as if they had known each other for years?

He was sitting next to his roommate, without any interest in the activity. The flickering light of his cell phone were reflected on his face, and he was staring carefully at the screen, eyebrows knitted.

"Um... Go this way."

"No! Here!"

"Alas. Game over..."

Xu Chi looked up, finding a girl on his left side with an oval face smiling with a pair of canine teeth. She said, "Sorry for bothering you. I just saw you being stuck in the game and I tried to help you."

"It's okay," said the roommate, who was overwhelmingly enthusiastic when he saw an attractive girl, "the skills of Cutie Chi are always as poor as you have seen. Even if you didn't remind him just now, he couldn't pa.s.s this level."

Xu Chi rolled his eyes. His roommate seemed to forget that it was exactly he himself who was excitedly guiding Xu Chi how to pa.s.s this level.

"Is your name Cutie Chi? It sounds special!"

"No, his real name is Xu Chi," said his roommate, "Cutie Chi is his stage name."

What? He was talking nonsense Again. Xu Chi gave his roommate a harsh look, which made his roommate shrunk his neck with fear. These interactions were noticed by the girl, then she burst into giggling.

"You're so cute." The girl praised Xu Chi without hesitation.

"Thank you... Um, you're attractive." Xu Chi was a real gay, so his knowledge about women only came from his mom and a small number of female fans online. Although he was good-looking, he had been keeping girls away politely since he realized his s.e.xual orientation.

"My name is..."

The girl's voice was drowned out by an exciting scream. She looked up and wondered what happened. Xu Chi saw two young men surrounded by a group of people coming in.

"Sorry. I'm late." Tang Yanzhi kept calm although he was surrounded by the crowd.

A boy said, "Apology not accepted. Have a drink first."

Everyone's spirit went high instantly. Looking at that person, Xu Chi asked: "Who is he?"

"You never heard about him?" The girl winked mischievously, "He was Tang Yanzhi, the popular man in A university."

The name rang a bell. Xu Chi said, "It sounds familiar…"

"In the official Weibo account of A university, someone had ever posted a new comment and regarded Tang Yanzhi as the most unforgettable man one has ever seen, but as for me...," the girl rubbed her chin and looked Xu Chi up and down, "I think you can vie with him for it."

The girl leaned close to him and said, "Seriously, you're the student in the Management Department, aren't you? You are handsome. Why haven't I seen you before? Do you have a girlfriend? Well, if you had one, you wouldn't have attended this activity. So, do you like boys or girls?"

A series of questions made Xu Chi embarra.s.sed. A silent awkwardness fell upon them. His roommate came and help Xu Chi. He replied to the girl, "Hahaha... He was a homebody. That's why you've never seen him. And he is introverted and quiet..."

Hearing that, the girl nodded and left without any words. Xu Chi was relieved. His roommate said, "Cutie Chi... Come on! I have to rescue you every time you are in such situations."

Xu Chi felt wronged. "It was because you said there wouldn't be no one bothering me that I came here with you." He looked at those party girls, deciding not to tell his roommate that he had no interest in girls. "I didn't expect that you are so popular among girls. Girls couldn't help trying to talk with you even when you were playing games."

"I've been trying not to be noticed. Anyone you prefer here?"

"No... I looked around; none of these girls seem easy to get along with. No one is suitable for me."

Xu Chi and his roommate were killing time by talking with each other at the corner. His roommate said regretfully, "Next time I won't attend this kind of activity anymore, It's a waste of the time."

Xu Chi squinted at the boy in the center of the crowd.  He had a chiseled face and warm temperament. Suddenly, he felt that the comment on Tang Yanzhi was not exaggerated at all. No matter where he was, he would be the person surrounded by the crowd for sure.

Xu Chi looked at Tang Yanzhi up and down with admire. Then he smiled and continued to play games.

During the intermission, a slender and curvy girl went to the front of the microphone with a raffle box and said, "Now for the new part! Let's draw a name card from this box. The lucky one should sing a song for us!"

Xu Chi asked his roommate, "Are our names in that box?"

He said, "Yes. We registered at the entrance, remember? I wrote down your name and threw the name card in the box."

Someone under the stage asked, "Who's gonna do it?"

"Definitely Tang Yanzhi!"

"Tang Yanzhi, come on!"

Tang Yanzhi had just rested on the sofa and was pulled up again. He reluctantly reached his hand into the raffle box and said, "No more tasks for me, OK? I'm exhausted!"

"OK, OK! After this, we will leave you alone."

Tang Yanzhi took out a card, then the light of the TV screen was on it. He held the microphone and said in a low voice, "Xu Chi."

For a moment, the room was quite silent. As soon as Xu Chi heard his name, he thrust the phone to his roommate, who hadn't come around, and then went towards the door without looking back. Seeing that, his roommate asked, "Cutie Chi, where are you going?"

Soon, others noticed that Xu Chi was trying to escape, then they caught him back and urged him to stand on the stage. 

Tang Yanzhi found that the boy in front of him had delicate features but seemed like a good-looking cold fish.

A microphone was handed to Xu Chi, and Tang Yanzhi, in place of the host, said to Xu Chi, "Introduce yourself, please."

In the spotlight, Xu Chi said with a straight face, "I am Xu Chi."

It caused a sensation. After all, anyone who saw two boys with outstanding looks could not control their feelings. What those excited girls said were all heard clearly by Xu Chi.

"He is so handsome!"

"Oh My G.o.d! How come I don't know there is such a cute guy in the Management Department?!"

"Wow! somehow I think Tang Yanzhi and Xu Chi waere a good match."

Tang Yanzhi continued to ask, "Which song are you going to sing? Let me help you get the music ready."

"Um... I don't sing well."

Tang Yanzhi smiled, "That's not an excuse."

Xu Chi stared at Tang Yanzhi' eyes and said, "I am serious. Don't make I t hard for me."

Tang Yanzhi didn't expect this. Xu Chi was holding the microphone, so his voice reached into everyone's ears. Therefore, there were more chatting around him.

"What's up? Come on. Just sing a song."

"Yes. Don't spoil the fun."

"Such a wet blanket."

Tang Yanzhi was taller than Xu Chi by half a head. Tang Yanzhi found that this boy bowed his head embarra.s.singly, so he said gently, "That's OK. No songs. Maybe you can answer me some common questions, right?"


"Do you have any hobbies?"

"Playing games."

"Which game do you often play?"


Tang Yanzhi raised his eyebrows and stared at the boy in front of him. His hands clenched with the microphone. He said, "Famine?"


Xu Chi was waiting for the next question, but Tang Yanzhi kept silent for a long time. Xu Chi was about to look up when someone touched his hair with a big hand. Later, he realized that it was the hand of the boy right in front him.

Xu Chi was confused and said, "You..."

Tang Yanzhi kept away from the microphone, took a step closer to Xu Chi and whispered, "No questions anymore. You can go off the stage now."

"But wait me for a moment after the party, as your thanks for me helping you here."

Xu Chi could feel a short breath from him, then he walked back and sat beside his roommate. His mind was full of Tang Yanzhi's sly dark eyes. 

Xu Chi thought, "Such a weird man."

When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 6: Story19

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