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"Let's go and check your wound." Smrity said to David who looks tired and pale.

"No need I will be alright, it seems I have to train myself more so I could be par with you next time." David shook his head and said, he was truly ashamed infront of this girl.

"You can do but still you need to visit doctor and there is no room for bargaining." Smrity said without giving him chance to refute,

David smile helplessly she is the one who cause all this wound and yet she want him to go to doctor. But he couldn't do anythings he shouldn't have provoke this Devil first.

"Okay." He said and went to parking lot with the help her.

Aragya and Soham saw David is situation couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver, if they were in his place their situation would also have same as him.

David could see pity in their eyes, he could help but refute few disdain words;

"There is no need to pity on I am still as strong as elephant."

'Elephant' When Soham heard his word he could help but burst into laughter, but before he could let out his laughter out Aragya pinched him to signalling to keep quiet signalling in the direction of Smrity whose aura was full of murderous intent. Soham hold his laughter with great effort;

'Yeah you are an elephant who is beaten by lioness.'

His eyes worriedly went across Smrity, what exactly happen today. He decided to investigate throughly not only that if he got chance to kill that evil b.a.s.t.a.r.d Samir he will surely do without thinking twice who is the main reason behind all this.

"Soham after sending Mr Salvay to hospital take me towards base." Smrity think about alot before talking,

'It seems I have to settle things as soon as possible.' She sighed, today's incident something out of her prediction. She overestimate herself this time, it seems there is also lots of things she had to handle.

"Aragya, do through investigation look who visited Phoenix tonight. I need information of each and every person " Smrity think about alot, today what she felt is not something unusual she felt that monster is staring at her. She underestimate her self control, even though he is back she will make sure that she will never loose her control.

"Sure." Aragya replied,

"Ahhh.... I also have something interesting to share with you."

Aragya said with a huge grin, her eyes were s.h.i.+ning when she thought how she gave such good surprise to her own grandfather.

'Grandpa I hope you love the returning gift from your lovely granddaughter.'

"You made a move?" Smrity still have ability to see through her.

"No I just send my little love." Aragya replied her calmly. Which made Smrity curved her lips up,

'Little love, hope they will love to.'

"That's really good you should show love to your relatives, so they shouldn't forget about you." Smrity said encouragingly to Aragya, she is really satisfied with her friend.

"Pffft...." David who is listening their conversation as like audience brust into laughter when he heard their words, what love they are obviously planning fall of someone. Yet they are acting like innocent fairy, it was truly shameless act. But the side of Soham was different he was happy and looking at Aragya lovingly and dotingly and encouraging her to show her so called love.

When Smrity heard David's laughter she turned her head towards him and curved her lips evilly while saying;

"What young master Salvay also want loving gift from me?"

Which suddenly made David speechless not that he felt chill in her words.

Love Cafe: When Only Memories Remains 204 204 Returning Gif

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