Love Cafe: When Only Memories Remains 213 Sky Group..

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"You go and get your punishment along with them." Rishab said coldly his eyes held unyielding calmness. No one could guess what he is thinking about, soon his lips curved upward which create malicious smirk. Seeing this his subordinates felt deep chill in his bones, before more strike of thunder hit him he flew away with heavy heart.

"It seems this time gonna be fun.." Rishab mumbled himself soon after his subordinates left.


"No we can't..." Samar looked at Samir whose expression was uglier than pig he couldn't help role his eyes.

"I want you to give me the information please."

Samir said he was truly upset by the rejection of Samar. He truly want to know about the background of David right now he knew that he is some really dangerous. He didn't mention the connection of David and Smrity infront of Samar.

"Samir, you know that it is really risky. Right now our new company is barely surviving." Samar said to Samir, they both were the partner of their new founded company named 'Sky Group'. They still have to grab few big client, if they unintentionally provoke big shots that will make huge impact on their company.

"It's okay then I will find out someone else." Samir shook his head and said understandingly. He knew what he want is really out of reach, but this is the matter about Smrity how can he give up so easily.

He don't want to tell their past to Samar, how could he tell Samar that his current girlfriend is the one whom he was waiting for her from his childhood.

The Sky Group is their dream, they had put lots of effort to establish it. It was also theirs secret which they had hidden from their family because in future they don't plan to depend on their family.

"I will help you to find out some good agencies which is reliable to dig out information without alerting another party."

Samar said to Samir, according to his guess the person whom Samir wants to find must be the dangerous one otherwise he wouldn't come to him for help. Although he look carefree from outside but he is reliable person who always do his things by his own.

"Okay, then let's do this."

Samir agreed his suggestion after a.n.a.lysing the things . Samar let out sigh when he saw Samir agreed for his suggestion.

"Brother, I think you should stop your vacation soon, their is lots of things you should handle in office not only that I will be busy for few days. After then we have to do our concert it is really important this time. I heard orphanage need lots of supplies."

Samar said to Samir, who was lost in his own world. Samir suddenly stand up from his seat,

"This time I won't be free for concert." Samir said apologetically. Samar didn't know what where the things that he is busy with but he agreed with his request.

"If you need any help just call me." Samar said to Samir and left. Samir looked at the vanis.h.i.+ng figure for while, while gulping his bitterness of emotions.

"I wish I could tell you everything..." He murmured and get up prepare to leave.


"Hehe... This people really have guts." David said to his secretary with huge interest. When he found someone is investigating him, his secretary suddenly felt knees went numb when he saw evil grin in Monster face. He could only pray for that person that he don't get into the hand of this monster otherwise even G.o.d came to save he can't be save.

Love Cafe: When Only Memories Remains 213 Sky Group..

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