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At long last, Julia's exhausting entry exam came to an end. She left the room, accompanied by Ellen. On the way out, they ran into members from the other team.

"My, he sure looks scary." Ellen whispered while pointing at Aron. He glared in their direction and strode toward them.

[I had a feeling this'll happen. My, what a pain. ]Ellen sighed and braced herself. Aron ordered her to not bully the rookie and she completely failed that mission.

She originally planned to stay put like a good girl, avoiding the rookie during the early game. Then, Trever decided it was smart to degenerate into a trash tier feeder and everything went to h.e.l.l. She had no choice but to gank the rookie at that point, to keep the game at least remotely balanced.

That's when she learned what a delicious prey that rookie was. From there on, she couldn't stop herself anymore. She had to bully that adorable rookie with everything she had! Honestly, she got carried away and deserved to be scolded...

"H-Heya, what's up?" Ellen forced a smile as Aron approached. [Oh my, he looks terrifying.] Aron was normally a stoic and rational guy, but once triggered - he became a demon. There's no telling what he gonna do. Scary.

"I know what you wanna say, but- eek!?" Ellen quivered and protected her face. Aron raised his hand! He was gonna to hit her! He's mad!

SLAP! A loud sound resounded throughout the hallway. But, it wasn't Ellen who received a slap across the face, it was Trever.

"Y-You...!" Trever staggered back while caressing his red cheek. "It hurts, dammit!"

"I'm disappointed in you." Aron said, his sharp eyes looked like they could stab somebody to death. "What's with that miserable performance? I thought I told you to take it seriously."

"Tch, what's the big deal?" Trever averted his eyes, "It's just an exam, no need to make such a huge d.a.m.n deal outta it."

"Just an exam? I see, then you're saying in a real match you'd hold yourself together? Is that it?" Aron's face twisted. "Don't bulls.h.i.+t me! It's [because ]this is 'just an exam' that I expected you to do your job! I didn't put you on that team so you can feed the rookies!" He was practically yelling, none of his usual calmness was present.

Trever was shaken and retaliated with his own dose of anger. "Well, excuse me that I couldn't beat a freaking miracle rookie! I tried my best and he owned me! What else do you want from me!? Leave me alone, man!"

"You gave up! He killed you once and you decided to throw the game! Just because you lost one fight doesn't mean your opponent is stronger. You're supposed to be a compet.i.tive player, so act like one!" Aron grabbed Trever's collar and shook him.

"f.u.c.k off!" Trever pushed Aron away and walked off with wide strides.

"Where do you think you're going?"


"You know we have more exams today, right?"

"I don't give a s.h.i.+t. Deal with that yourself, captain." Trever stomped down the stairs, vanis.h.i.+ng from view.

"That idiot..." Aron sighed and stared at the ceiling.

"Ah, err..." Julia twitched, trying to find the right moment to get the h.e.l.l outta this suffocating atmosphere. The awkwardness level of this scene was over 9000. None of that drama had anything to do with her, so she wanted to pretend she wasn't even there. She was just air, nothing to see here.

"My, you ended up seeing a really nasty lovers' quarrel." Ellen put a hand on Julia's shoulder and winked. "Don't worry, our club isn't usually like that."

"Sure..." Julia didn't care, she just wanted to get the heck outta here. Really, just that. Please, somebody, just say it was fine for her to leave already!

While Aron was heartbroken over his lover's incompetence, this was the best time for Ellen to sneak in an apology. "I'm also sorry, Ronron. I know you wanted me to stay out of the rookie's way, but I ended up bullying him a little~"

"It's alright." Aron sighed with a tired expression, which made him look like he aged twenty years. "You had no choice, considering Trever threw the game. Though, I have to say you focused the rookie more than necessary."

"Teehee, my bad~" Ellen stuck out her tongue. "He was just so cute I couldn't resist teasing him~ I hope he's alright."

"Yes, he seems fine. He was a bit shaken at first, but he didn't crumble under pressure."

"My, what a promising little brat."

"All in all, it was probably a good experience for him. He needed an enemy who could show him his limits."

"Always glad to help~" Ellen saluted with a wink. "Anyway, what we gonna do about the rest of the exams? Doesn't look like Trever is coming back."

"So it seems." Aron sighed deeply, as if the whole world collapsed on him. First, Howard called in sick. Next, Trever ragequit. Sigh, one trouble after another. "I rather not postpone the exams, the deadline for submitting club applications isn't that far off. Sigh, I need some time to figure this out. Dan, can you please tell the examinees to wait a little before the next match? Tell them we apologize for the inconvenience."

"Roger." Dan nodded and set out to the waiting room.

"Considering our numbers, we'll have to do something like 4v4." Aron sighed for the millionth time. "Or maybe 3v3, that's a more popular game mode."

"My, sounds terrible." Ellen twisted her lips.

Cla.s.smancers techncially had 4v4 and 3v3 casual modes, but they weren't the meat of the game. They were played on different maps, had different metas (if at all) and sometimes even had unusual rules and objectives. Despite technically being part of the same game, the knowledge and skills required there were a world apart from the 5v5 mode.

Therefore, testing rookies on these modes was unfair and uninformative. There was also the option of hosting a custom 4v4 match on the usual 5v5 map, to retain at least some level of familiarity with the compet.i.tive mode. Aron seemed to like that option best, but it's still awkward for an entry exam. If only they had one more player to fill in for Trever... oh, wait. The perfect replacement was right there!

"I have a great idea~" Ellen smiled playfully and wrapped herself around Julia. "How about we let lil' July here fill in for Trever? If memory serves, we aren't testing any more Mid Laners today. We can keep Gilly as Support and let July play against Danny in Mid for the rest of the matches."

"Eh? What?" Julia exclaimed and tried shaking off Ellen's arm. "Wait a second, I haven't agree- agh!" She was silenced! Ellen's arm wrapped itself around Julia's neck like a snake, choking her! It was a murder attempt! In plain sight!

"Be quiet, girl. I'm doing this for your sake." Ellen whispered in a cold commanding tone, then turned to Aron with a warm smile. "What do you say? She's totally up to it~"

"Is she really?" Aron raised an eyebrow. "Anyway, you seriously suggest to ask an outsider to help us with the examination? And a rookie to boot?"

"Yeah, why not? You saw her skill, she's a decent player. She even gave Danny a run for his money in the lane. I know he's not maining Mid, but that's still impressive."

"Yes, she did well against him. That is, if I ignore how she spent too much on warding and how she failed to push despite her lane advantage."

"My, you're so nitpicky. That's why girls don't like you~"

"As if I care." Aron shrugged.

"Always so serious~ Give her a break, the girl was just a little tense during the exam. Maybe she's not up to your super duper high standard, but she's an obedient and calculated player, just the way you like your soldiers, cap."

"Calculated? I remember her rampaging all over the place for half the game."

"Agh." Julia gritted her teeth and lowered her face. Gah, remembering how she played back there was so embarra.s.sing! She spouted lots of nonsense like "Die! Die!" and went all gung-ho like some battle maniac! [Someone, please make me disappear! Like, right now!]

She tried wiggling her way out of Ellen's arms, to no avail. There's no escape, Ellen was gonna force her into this nonsense and she had no say in the matter. What bulls.h.i.+t was this even?

"Oh, yeah. About that rampaging stuff." Ellen took a moment to choose her words. "Weeeell, that was just a little hiccup, honest. I pushed some b.u.t.tons and that's what happened, teehee~" She winked and stuck out her tongue.

"Don't you 'teehee' me." Aron frowned. "You're saying it's your fault? You ruined her chances of delivering a good impression?"

"Weeeeell, you can say so. Right, July?" Ellen wrapped herself even tighter around Julia, signaling the girl to play along.

"Yeah, that's right. She's the absolute worst." Julia nodded. It looked like she was playing along, but she wasn't really. It was all true, everything was Ellen's fault. Julia kept her aggressive side buried deep down for all this time, but Ellen forced it out of her. Yeah, Ellen was the absolute worst!

"Great, that's yet another problem dropped on my shoulders. Thank you, Ellen.." Aron sighed yet again, his lungs were going to run out air at this rate.

"Sorry, sorry." Ellen joined her hands in apology. "So, that's why I'm saying: we should let her play some more. That way, we get to see more of her skill and can judge her better. We'll be killing two birds with one stone~"

"Giving her more than one chance isn't exactly fair for the other rookies. Then again, ruining her one chance isn't exactly fair for her either. Alright, fine." Aron gave up. Problems came cras.h.i.+ng down on him like an avalanche, he no longer had the strength to argue against suboptimal solution. Anything that worked and could be put to use right away was welcome.

"You're alright with this?" Aron asked Julia.

"No, I-"

"Listen, you not gonna make it if you give up this chance." Ellen whispered. "As you can see, Aron doesn't hold a high opinion of you right now."

"O-Okay, I'll do it. I'll help out." Julia found herself nodding, playing along with this nonsense. Wait, the heck was she doing!? She just wanted to get back home and take a shower! Both she and Aron got completely wrapped around Ellen's finger!

"Alright, I'll need some time to adjust the lineups... again." Aron sighed as he left to review his precious notes. He spent the whole morning deciding the teams for the exam, but now he had to redo everything from scratch. Sigh.

"Phew." Ellen sighed in relief. "My, that was a tough one to get through."

"Just what the h.e.l.l did you sign me up for?" Julia grumped. "I don't wanna do this s.h.i.+t, I wanna go home."

"Hey July, are you coming?" Lars waved to her from the other side of the hallway.

"O-Oh! Y-You waited for me all this time?" Julia was moved.

"Yeah, of course. Let's tell Yuel how we did, I bet dude fell asleep in the waiting room by now, haha."

"Sure, coming." Julia nodded and ran toward him. These guys and their stupid exam could be d.a.m.ned, she wanted to get outta here and spend some time with-

"h.e.l.lo!" Ellen waltzed in, blocking Julia's escape path. "Larsy, right?"

"It's Lars, actually." Lars made a face. "You're Athena?"

"Bingo~ Good game." Ellen smiled impishly and stretched her hand.

"Yeah... good game. You gave me a lot of trouble, haha." Lars forced a smile and shook her hand. She pretended to be friendly, but her "good game" sounded more like "easy game" to him.

"You're quite talented, I hope you pa.s.s"

"No problem, I'm sure I gonna p geh!" Lars flinched as nails dug into his flesh. Gah, that d.a.m.n chick! She's picking a fight!? "H-Haha, I heard you play Carry on the team? Once I get into the club, I'mma take your spot for sure." He paid her back in kind by clenching his hand.

"Ah! You brute!" Ellen pulled her hand out before her slender fingers were crushed. Seriously, what a rascal. "Don't get ahead of yourself, brat. I shut you down, fair and square, in that last fight."

"Hah! Let's see you pull that again. Come at me, yo!" They glared at each other, then both smirked. He hated her sneaky playstyle and she hated his brute strength, they were each other's bane. But, that's precisely why they grew to respect each other's talents.

"So, you coming, July?" Lars asked again.

"Oh, yeah. I'm-"

"Actu~ally." Ellen wrapped herself around Julia like a snake. "July here said she'd stay to help us with the other exams. You saw the soap opera that just happened here, right? We're now short on one person, so July volunteered to fill in for him. What a good girl, isn't she?"

"Oh, really? Cool. It gonna take long?"

"Hmm, about two hours? There are four more exams."

"Welp, guess me and Yuel gonna head home then." Lars scratched his head. "Good luck out there. Beat all these other guys to show them who's da best, yo."

"Ah, wait! I'm also going- geh!"

"Go ahead, I'll take good care of her~" Ellen leaned on Julia with all her weight. [My, July is such a handful. And to think I'm doing it all for her sake. If only I could find a good motivator for her... oh, wait. My, ain't I just evil? Teehee~]

"Say, Larsy." Ellen wore a foxy smile. "Do you remember that one time July killed you in match?"

"ah! Wah! Gah!" Julia trembled like a rocket about to launch off. [Oh G.o.d, don't remind him of that! I was totally bonkers back then! He gonna hate me for life! Please, somebody! Just erase me!]

"Yeah, of course I remember." Lars nodded and turned to Julia. "That was sick, yo! When did you get so good at fighting? You totally owned me there, haha! We should fight 1v1 sometimes, Yuel really sucks at that stuff."

"Ah... eh... err, of course..." Julia was petrified. Lars wasn't angry at all. Rather, he praised her? He even said she surpa.s.sed Yuel in something! Oh G.o.d!

"The poor souls she gonna play against in the exams have no idea what's coming, heehee." Ellen added to the hype.

"d.a.m.n straight." Lars grinned. "I'd totally spectate these matches just to see July wreck them."

"Spectating is against the rules, but it's the feeling that counts." Ellen smiled meaningfully. [Good boy, now July has nowhere to run. My, sometimes I'm just horrible~]

"Welp, I'm off!" Lars announced. "Good luck, break a leg and stuff, haha!" He disappeared from the hallway. That finally released Julia from her petrification.

"I'll do it." Julia stated, her eyes burning with determination. "I'll help you with these stupid exams and outdo all these other s.h.i.+theads."

"Good girl, that's the spirit." Ellen smiled from ear to ear and caressed Julia's hair. Everything went according to plan~

With newfound determination, Julia sticked around for the rest of the exams. It didn't take her long to start regretting her hasty decision, she was totally baited into this c.r.a.p. Ellen was the devil confirmed.

According to Ellen, Julia had to earn some extra points with Aron if she wanted to pa.s.s her own exam, so she sucked it up and kept working. She wanted to get into the club together with Lars, but she also just wanted to keep playing this stupid game and keep improving, until she could leave idiots like Yuel in the dust.

Two days later, all the matches of the final round were over and it was time to decide who pa.s.sed. All members of the Cla.s.smancers club gathered for the meeting, even though most decisions were going to be handled by Howard and Aron anyway, they were the vice-captain and captain. Ellen, Trever, Gilbert and Dan were there to share their opinions as secondary examiners, but their role mostly consisted of nodding or shaking their heads to whatever Howard and Aron had to say.

"Alright, I'll start with the easy ones." Howard announced as he went over the list of candidates. "First we got Yuel, the Druid we tested on the first day. Heh, I suppose those who were there don't really need a reminder, right?"

"Oh man, that guy was THE s.h.i.+t." Trever nodded. "10/10 would accept into club again."

"Well then, I don't think there's anything to discuss here?" Howard scanned everybody in the room, they were all silent. "Alrighty then, moving on. Next we have Lars, he played Trickshooter on the second day. I wasn't present that day, but Aron and Gilbert evaluated him highly and you know how hard it is make them sing praises. Looks like another closed case to me."

"No way." Ellen pouted. "He's just a brute who doesn't know his place, we should totally fail him."

"Are you being serious?" Aron made a face.

"C'mon, just kidding~" Ellen winked. "I fought him the most that match. I can attest he's not complete trash, unlike a certain other mechanical brute we already got in the club."

"Give it a rest, Elly." Howard ordered. "I remember you came to cry on my shoulder because of that rookie's skill, saying how the unfair the world is and all sorts of c.r.a.p."

"I wonder who actually cried on whose shoulder in the end~" Ellen playfully stuck out her tongue. n.o.body else in the room had any idea what these two were talking about, so they just stayed quiet.

"Anyway, that's two." Howard returned to the list. "As for the third spot, things aren't quite as clear cut. Me and Aron discussed the options for a while and decided on Jaiden, the guy who played Lancer on the third day."

"Say what?" Ellen asked. "My, Wardy is such a scatterhead~ That's not how you read that name, it's p.r.o.nounced Ju-li-a."

"She's the next one on the list." Howard said. "I know you think the world of her, but I can't vouch for her since I wasn't there during her exam. So, I left this one to Aron. It was a close one between Jaiden and Julia, but he said Jaiden's playstyle is more airtight. Julia's is apparently 'all over the place', as he put it."

"My, Ronron is such a bully." Ellen puffed her cheeks.

"I just put things as they are." Aron said. "She appears skilled and experienced enough, but you surely agree her playstyle is a mess."

"May I remind you how she dominated the lane during the early game? And how she scored lots of kills during the mid game? She did all that with her 'messy playstyle'. Just imagine how strong she'll become once she polishes it."

"Hey now." Dan intervened. "She only dominated Mid during the first game, because she knew how to counter Beastmaster with Pyromancer. That didn't happen again."

"And who do you think cornered you into picking Beastmaster in the first place? She purposely banned the harder Mid, to force you into picking something she can counter. Not to mention that she gave you enough trouble even in later games."

"Yeah, she's not bad, that's true." Dan nodded. "I actually gave her a high score, but she's not perfect. I also think Jaiden is overall a better player."

"You guys just don't get it." Ellen sighed and shook her head. "My, how evil you all are. The girl volunteered to help us with the exams and that's how you reward her?"

"Sure, 'volunteered'." Aron sneered. "You forced it on her. Sigh, I had a feeling you'd use that as a bargaining chip. I regret to inform you, but lending a hand got nothing to do with pa.s.sing the exam. She gained valuable experience from playing with compet.i.tive players, we're even."

"Boo, heartless sc.u.m."

"That's called being fair."

"C'mon, Wardy." Ellen turned to Howard with puppy dog eyes. "You have the final say in this, right? Can you just let the girl pa.s.s? Pretty please? You watched the replays, you know what she can do."

"That's not how this works, Elly." Howard said. "I a.n.a.lyzed the replays, but it's not the same as being present during the match. From what I can tell, she got the skill and everything, but there were also many holes in her plays."

"Did you a.n.a.lyze all the games? She played better in the next ones. I pushed her b.u.t.tons too much in the first game, that's why she looked bad. C'mon, just let her pa.s.s~ You know you want too~ You even praised her defense during the early game, remember? I know she has some faults right now, but don't you agree she looks very promising? Forget what she lacks right now, think about what she can become in a year with more experience"

"You're not going to let go, are you?"

"Nah ah."

"Give me a break, woman." Howard sighed. He knew the bottomless depths of Ellen's persistence better than anybody, what a pain. "How about this: we'll host a voting. If Julia gets at least 5 votes, we'll take her over Jaiden. Is that alright?" He turned to Aron.

"Do as you wish." Aron shrugged. "She's going to be your responsibility next year, I'm not going to stop you."

"Alrighty then." Howard addressed everybody in the room, including those who spent the whole meeting fiddling with their phones and paying zero attention. "Those who think we should choose Julia over Jaiden, raise a hand."

"Oh! Me! And me too!" Ellen raised both arms.

"That's one."

"I guess it's fine." Gilbert raised his hand. "She played a pretty convincing Blitz Pyromancer, I liked it."

"Alright, that's two. Anybody else?"

No reaction. Some exchanged glances, others scratched their heads.

"My, you really gonna let this chance slip by?" Ellen addressed the indecisive bunch. "You don't want another cute girl in the club? She doesn't have a boyfriend by the way."

"Alright, that's four votes now... You're a real snake, huh." Howard smiled wryly.

"Teehee~" Ellen smiled innocently. "Then it's settled, right? Because obviously you gonna be the fifth vote."

"Nah, I'm abstaining." Howard declared. "If I vote, it's like giving you two votes. That's not fair."

"My, you're so cold, darling. Aren't you supposed to support me and everything?"

"I already went out of my way to arrange this voting. Sorry Elly, but I can't play favorites here. This is an important decision and I'm letting the club decide."

"Hmph, meanie." Ellen puffed her cheeks and pouted.

"I'll give you one more chance to persuade somebody. If you can't, then it's game over."

"Aren't you a doll, darling." Ellen made a face and scanned the room. What were her options? Howard already declared he wasn't gonna help, that big bad meanie. Aron and Dan were out of question, they were set on picking Jaiden and she had no idea how to sway them. Sam didn't even pay attention, he was absorbed in his phone. It's unlikely he'd go against Aron's decision, so it was a lost cause.

The only one left was... [that guy]. She didn't like it, but that's the only option she had left. Things were about to get ugly for real..

"My, I'm impressed you haven't voted yet." Ellen addressed Trever. "Weren't you aiming to become a professional skirt chaser?"

"I... I'm not gonna vote just because she's a chick." Trever averted his eyes. Just recalling that dreadful match made him feel sick. Besides, didn't that chick have a boyfriend? At least, he had the impression she was into that Trickshooter rookie.

"Then don't vote because she's a girl, vote because she played well." Ellen said.

"I was kinda out of it during the match, so I don't remember how she played, haha..."

"Then let me remind you." Ellen insisted. "Remember how you were killed by the Trickshooter and fell into a slump like a crybaby?"


"Well, guess what? Julia also got killed by him, but she didn't throw the game. She pulled herself together like a responsible player and went on a killing spree, she even killed that Trickshooter once. Pretty impressive, don't you agree?"

"Yeah, I guess..."

"You 'guess'? I'm saying this girl is a thousand times better than trash like you. Not to mention that you're responsible for ruining her exam, since your feeding destroyed the balance and turned match into 4v5. The least you can do is help her pa.s.s-"

"Enough already." Aron interrupted. "What Trever did or didn't has nothing to do with Julia's skill. You're exerting the vote out of him."

"Tch, always quick to defend your boyfriend." Ellen clicked her tongue. "Why don't you two just marry already?"

"Enough, Elly." Howard said.

"Okay, okay. I got it, jeez." Ellen made a face. "It's just, if you ask me, I don't think it's fair to reject July when she's clearly better than one of our current members. Why do we even keep that tr I mean, [that guy] in our club? He lost his spot on the first string and he can't even properly help with rookie exams. So, we can just kick him out and welcome both July and Jaidy into the club, don't you think?"

"You really like running your mouth." Aron glared at her with a terrifying expression.

"Ahaha, I just-"

"You're implying we should kick out a senior? Just who do you think you are? Trever has been a member way longer than you and he's always willing to contribute, unlike somebody who refused to partic.i.p.ate in the exams because she's lazy."

"B-But I helped in the end, didn't I?"

"Yes, because there was no other choice and I begged you death. Maybe I should kick you out instead? Want to take a hit for your favorite rookie?"

"Sorry, my bad. I got carried away." Ellen joined her hands in apology. She miscalculated, getting on Aron's bad side was a huge mistake. She failed, or so she thought. "Oh my?"

Trever's hand... it was raised. He voted for Julia.

"You don't have to do this." Aron said. "She's trying to make you feel guilty."

"Nah, it's cool, bro." Trever waved his hand. "I know I messed up in that match, but that's not the point. I just remembered how desperately that chick fought, even though..." He took a deep breath. "Even though I dragged the team down, she didn't give up. Chick had one heck of a fighting spirit, it was something else."

Trever wanted to forget everything about that dreadful match, burying it at the deepest depths of his mind. However, Ellen's words made him recall one important detail: while he was busy sulking about his s.h.i.+tty performance, the girl sitting beside him poured her everything into the match. He remembered hearing lots of "s.h.i.+t!" and "die!", but that's besides the point. The point was that, no matter how rough the match became, she never gave up, she kept fighting her best till the very end.

"That's why I think she deserves it." Trever smiled wryly. "That unyielding fighting spirit makes her a compet.i.tive player, at least that's what I think. Besides, she's a chick. I've been saying for ages we need more girls in the club, haha."

"My, I see you can say good stuff sometimes." Ellen nodded in approval and turned to Howard. "That's five, right? Here you go, bully."

"Alright, it's decided then." Howard put down the list. "Along with Taison and Gregory, who pa.s.sed the first rounds, the three who pa.s.sed the final round are: Yuel, Lars and Julia."

With that, the meeting came to an end. After lots of hard work: Yuel, Lars and Julia finally made it into the club. They took one step closer toward Cla.s.smancers' compet.i.tive scene.

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