Supreme Soaring Immortal Chapter 133

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Supreme Soaring Immortal

Chapter 133 Flying

"Hahaha…" The audience under the high platform all laughed. Liu Fei'ers face appears helpless:

"The results are out, and you're number one again."

"Oh!" Qin Shuang's face turned red, and she hurriedly got up from the chair and bowed toward Luan Feng: "Sorry, Master Luan, Qin Shuang was thinking about spirit patterns, and got carried away for awile."

The audience under the high platform is silent, but Luan Feng is full of satisfaction, sighing with admiration, he praised her:

"Good! Good! Good! It seems that you can win first place two times in a row, and it is your obsession with spirit patterns that has achieved today. You don't have to apologize, I wish every spirit teacher would be like you. Well, today we're done, tomorrow is the final round."

Qin Shuang and others bowed to Luan Feng then walked down the high platform, they were instantly surrounded by the enthusiastic audience.

"Seventh princess, I want to wors.h.i.+p you as a teacher, please accept me!" A teenage girl squeezed in front of Qin Shuang and looked at her eagerly.

Qin Shuang smiled and shook her head: "I just broke into the spirit pattern teacher realm not too long ago, how can I accept you as a disciple?"

"Can!" At this time Qin Shuang is surrounded by a dozen people. They are the spirit pattern apprentices she often encounters in the library, one of them said:

"As long as it is a spirit pattern teacher, you can accept, seventh princess please accept us."

Qin Shuang rolled her eyes: "You are all people of the Spirit Pattern a.s.sociation, naturally there is a Spirit Pattern a.s.sociation to teach you about spirit patterns, you also run to me and make a fuss."

"Seventh Princess, I have an unresolved question, please enlighten me."

At this time, a voice came from the side of Qin Shuang. Qin Shuang politely said:

"I dare not enlighten you, we'll discuss together…" Then she saw who the person was, and her willow eyebrows raised, she smiled, saying:

"Tianci, learning to play tricks on me?"

Tianci heard the words "trick", and his face became slightly white, bitterly smiling he said: "Shuang'er, long time no see!"

Looking at the sincere smile of Tianci, and the joy revealed in his eyes for her, Qin Shuang's heart became warm, softly saying:

"Tianci, nice to see you again!"

"Princess, Princess, you got two firsts!" Qin Yunxia and Xiu Niang squeezed over, excitedly holding Qin Shuang's arms.

"Shuang'er, you surprised me!" Lan Ming Yue also squeezed over with a smile.

"Lan Ming Yue!"

There was a sudden cold shout in the air. Qin Shuang and the others can't help but look up, they saw above a two-story roof, a person with his hands clasped behind him, wearing a purple robe. A tall and powerful momentum spread outward. Lan Ming Yue looks surprised, yelling out:

"Qin Lie, why are you here?"

"Hahaha…" The man laughed wildly and said, "You Lan Ming Yue are here. Why can't I, Qin Lie be here?"

"Qin Lie?"

Qin Shuang's heart jumped, thinking of Qin Lie, this person, he is the eldest son of the Daqin Emperor, Qin Zheng. That is, His Royal Highness Qin Lie, the Prince of the Daqin Empire.

"Why did he come here?"

"Less nonsense!" Lan Ming Yue's figure lightly flew up from the ground, landing on the roof, opposite Qin Lie, he said:

"Is it because you were defeated by me, couldn't accept it and chased over here?"

Qin Lie's face is red saying: "That doesn't count, I did not successfully practice the Violet Dragon Roar then, now I have mastered the Violet Dragon Roar, do you dare fight me?"

Qin Shuang soon realized, originally when Lan Ming Yue broke through to the Cheng Dan period, in the Daqin Empire, Qin Lie also broke through to the Cheng Dan period and they battled. The result was a defeat. But at that time Qin Lie has not yet mastered the Violet Dragon Roar. Now he's perfected it, and he's anxious to find Lan Ming Yue.

"Did you master it?" Lan Ming Yue's expression slightly changed.

"Of course!" Qin Lie proudly said: "When you hurriedly left the Imperial Capital, I thought you went somewhere. Didn't think you came here."

Having said that, he set his eyes on Qin Shuang's body, faintly saying: "You didn't run thousands of miles from the Imperial Capital to this remote corner just for this girl, right? You said that you put all your energy on martial arts, why do you cultivate here?"

"Shut up!" Lan Ming Yue shouts: "My business, you don't have to care about, but I am very curious, how did you know I came here?"

Qin Lie flung his sleeves and smirked: "You pig ah! You drove 5,000 horses all the way from the Imperial Capital here, such a big move, even a fool knows you came here."

"Princess, who is he? Is he very extraordinary?" Qin Yunxia saw Qin Lie's indifferent look at Qin Shuang, with even a little disdain in his gaze.

Qin Shuang looked at Qin Lie on the roof and said lightly, "He is the Prince of the Daqin Empire, Qin Lie."

"The Daqin Empire…Prince…" Qin Yunxia opened her mouth wide.

"Ming Yue, let's go out of town to fight."

"Who's afraid of you!"

Two figures flew from the sky, to the outside of Tianqin City.

"Flying…Fly……They're flying…" said Xiu Niang, with a stutter.

Wei Zhenyue's face in the VIP table turned pale. He saw Lan Ming Yue flying up, and his heart quivered, secretly thinking:

"He's…He's flying, so he's…The worst is the Kaidantian period…When I was… Fortunately, I've surrendered to the Seventh Princess…"

He raised his hands to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead, his heart is still afraid. Wei Tianhua in the crowd looked dismayed.

He…Can fly…Is he strong to this extent? Is he also after the Seventh Princess? Do I have any hope?


High martial arts, may not be able to get the affection of the seventh princess. I won't give up!

"Go, let's go and see!"

The eyes of Tianci release a glow of excitement, two masters battling, this is a rare opportunity to observe. How can Tianci with his maniac love of martial arts give up this opportunity?

Qin Shuang also has some antic.i.p.ation. There is no doubt that Qin Lie and Lan Ming Yue are famous talented individuals, and today's Qin Shuang is also a martial artist of their era. If Qin Shuang wants to stay in Tianqin Town for the rest of her life, then there is no need to understand. But the mind of Qin Shuang is not here at all, like Qin Lie and Lan Ming Yue, their world is the world that Qin Shuang wants.

"Let's go!"

Qin Shuang nodded, and the crowd rose and rushed away. Not only them, but Wei Zhenyue, Luan Feng and others are also rus.h.i.+ng outside Tianqin. Those spirit pattern apprentices who just surrounded Qin Shuang to wors.h.i.+p her as a Master are also rus.h.i.+ng outside of Tianqin. This small Tianqin City has never seen such a high martial artist, which makes everyone's curiosity rise to the peak.


From far away, they heard a huge rumbling sound, which came from the lake outside the city, and the crowd flew towards the lake. Then they saw two figures hovering above the lake, neither of them used their cold blades, but fought with their bare hands.

In the previous chapters I put Amethyst Dragon Roar, I am now changing it to Violet Dragon Roar. Also cultivation t.i.tles and grades are listed in Chapter 79.

Supreme Soaring Immortal Chapter 133

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