Supreme Soaring Immortal Chapter 189

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Supreme Soaring Immortal

Chapter 189 Yuan Fei Returns

Qin Shuang nods and says, "I have already won a place to partic.i.p.ate in the Grand Spirit Pattern Compet.i.tion."

"Then you don't have to learn spirit painting any more, spend all your time studying spirit patterns. After the compet.i.tion its not too late to study spirit painting again."

Qin Shuang shakes her head slightly and says, "Thank you Ms. Zhen, but I think that spirit painting also has a promotional effect in spirit pattern art. I also want to continue to studying here, I hope Ms. Zhen will allow."

Zhen Zining's face beams with a cheerful smile: "Of course your welcome, if you have any questions about spirit patterns, you can also ask me."

"Thank you, Ms. Zhen!" Qin Shuang is overjoyed and respectfully bows to Zhen Zining.

Leaving from Zhen Zining, Qin Shuang thinks all the way back to her residence. She said that spirit painting has a promotional effect in her study of spirit patterns, not to be polite, but because she really thinks so. She really did get inspiration from spirit painting.

She has two ideas, on one hand, she wants to try using the spirit brush and spirit paper to make attack and defensive spirit patterns. Spirit paper is much more convenient to carry than jade carvings. Imagine carrying a batch of spirit patterns made out of spirit paper with you, and when you encounter an enemy, you throw a bunch of them, thinking about that effect, its very cool.

On the other hand, she thinks that spirit pattern painting is still flawed. After all, it is using spirit patterns as a base and then painting. If spirit painting and spirit patterns can be used at the same time, what kind of effect will it have?

This is the perfect combination, and the effect must be a lot stronger than today's methods. And once the base is applied first, the painting is constrained by the spirit pattern. If you want to carry out those abilities at the same time, then you need a genuine spirit painting artist, who can reflect their state of mind in the painting process. Achieve a perfect artistic mood.

Back in the study, Qin Shuang can't wait to spread out the spirit paper on the table, and then she takes out the cinnabar on the ink stone, dripping a few drops of water, and then taking out a spirit brush. She wants to try painting an attack property spirit pattern.

Holding the brush, Qin Shuang thinks for a bit. She is ready to paint the simplest attack spirit pattern. A Fireball spell.

This fireball spell doesn't belong to the spirit pattern inheritance on the Martial Continent. There is no such spirit pattern on this continent. The spirit patterns on this continent are very limited. The spirit pattern art can only rely on weapons to have an effect, spirit painting is already an innovative method.

As such, Qin Shuang's fireball spell comes from the inheritance of the Merit Monument. She knows that her inheritance is completely different from that of this continent, if exposed, perhaps she would be treated as a demon sorcerer, so she has Qin Yunxia close the door of the study. And guard outside, then she begins to make the spirit pattern.

Even the simplest spirit pattern took nearly two quarters of an hour for Qin Shuang, and it cost her a lot of soul power. Qin Shuang puts down the spirit brush, joy fluttering in her eyes, looking down at the spirit pattern in front of her.


Right in front of her, the spirit pattern suddenly begins to disintegrate, without the slightest warning it disintegrates. The fireball spirit pattern is sc.r.a.pped. Qin Shuang looks stunned for a moment, but after careful consideration, she begins to paint the spirit pattern again, but the result is still a failure. There is a little frustration in her heart. Thinking carefully, suddenly she thinks, if I don't use the power of the soul, but with the power of the Sea of Knowledge?

Qin Shuang immediately repaints the fireball spirit pattern, and then puts it between her eyebrows, infusing it with the power of her Sea of Knowledge. This time, the spirit pattern of this fireball spell doesn't burst. Qin Shuang can't help but want to release it, but she knows that this is not a good idea, releasing the fireball here, will cause great trouble. So she endures the impulse in her heart and puts away the fireball spirit pattern spell. Then she begins painting again.

This time she tries to paint a picture while also painting the spirit pattern, but she just tried for less than a quarter of an hour before giving up, its too difficult. If you want to paint a spirit pattern, you will destroy the layout and mood of the painting. The picture will also turn out very ugly. If you want to paint, you can't care about the spirit pattern. This is not a task that a brush can accomplish.

"Let's wait to ask Ms. Zhen!"

Qin Shuang reluctantly packs things up, then begins to let the paper person copy the book, while she begins to carve spirit patterns, impacting the realm of the tenth level spirit pattern teacher.

The second day.


Outside its very noisy, students are standing around the Confucian gate, anxious to rush out of the gates and leave. Qin Shuang and Qin Yunxia are also interspersed within this excited crowd out of the Confucian gate, to their own residence.

After Qin Shuang knocked on the door, her face reveals surprise.

"Yuan Fei!" Qin Shuang looks at Yuan Fei standing in front of her with surprise.

"Miss!" Yuan Fei respectfully greets Qin Shuang, and then says to her: "Miss, these two are the Masters who came back with me from the Frost Empire."

Qin Shuang finally sees the two white-headed old men, she recognized the two men, respectively the weapons refiner Shen Haizhong and the spirit pattern teacher Zuo Zong Liang. Recalling a bit, these two were both ninth level weapons refining teacher and spirit pattern teacher, don't know what realm they've reached now. At this time, the two old men are also looking at Qin Shuang. A smile appears on Qin Shuang's face:

"Presumably this is the old weapons refining teacher Shen Haizhong, and this is Zuo Zong Liang, the spirit pattern teacher."

Shen Haizhong and Zuo Zong Liang look stunned for a moment, and then excited. In a trembling voice Zuo Zong Liang asks:

"How do you recognize the two of us?"

Qin Shuang smiles and says: "Master described to me the features of everyone in the house very carefully, so I recognized you two. I heard the Master say, you two are both ninth-level weapons refining teacher and a spirit-pattern teacher, don't know what realm you've reached today?"

Shame appears on the faces of the two men: "Its shameful to say, in these ten or so years, the two of us have only been promoted by a small order, and now we are only in the tenth-level spirit pattern teacher and weapons refining realm."

Hearing that, Qin Shuang's heart is a little disappointed, but her eyes don't show it. Taking the lead to walk inside, she says:

"Go, let's talk inside."

"Yes, Miss!" At this moment, the two old men cry out in tears, saying: "I didn't expect the Master to remember us."

The two of them didn't expect it, because when they were in Liu Meiruo's residence, they weren't paid much attention. After all, the two of them had a somewhat low realm, and they didn't see Liu Meiruo that much. But now they heard that Liu Meiruo also explained their two features to Qin Shuang, which made both of them excited. As soon as they enter the house, they sincerely say:

"Miss, you are the Master's only disciple, and although the two of us don't have many years to live, in our remaining lifetime, we will be wholeheartedly loyal to you."

Supreme Soaring Immortal Chapter 189

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