Fragrance Beauty Chapter 9: Step By Step (3)

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No, how could Ann Brocade be mentioned? She was a delicate creature who even didn't dare to trample ants. The beautiful woman who was always patient in everything and silent all the time.

"Who wants you to hurt her? She has been patient step by step, but you have bullied her by all means. What is it for? " Shadow asked coldly.

"I… I…" Longxiu's mind was unclear. She murmured something in a low voice and fainted.

The shadow bent over to listen to her, finally sneered and quietly disappeared in the darkness.

The sky was dim, and from the calm Yuexiu Palace came a big news: Longxiu was crazy.

The troublemaker in Yuexiu Palace, Longxiu, who had been bullying ladies of the same palace, was suddenly poisoned by carbon when she fell asleep last night. As a result, she suddenly went crazy when she woke up. She kept saying that ghosts were coming to harm her. In her confusing remarks, people heard some names of the ladies who died strangely in Yuexiu Palace long time ago.

In addition to Tuan'er, there were also Iris, Lily and so on. These vague and long-standing names suddenly recalled many people's memories. Those were all outstanding beauties among ladies, but somehow, they were driven out of the palace or died inexplicably.

With so many names linked to mysterious cases, the imperial punishment department's attention was finally attracted. In a state of panic, the imperial punishment department took away Longxiu, who talked nonsense. At the same time, Mammy Chen was also taken away, who had always been amiable.

The imperial punishment department also sent a message that people in Yuexiu Palace should not go out without permission these days and should be waiting for the review of the department at any time. Everyone in Yuexiu Palace was worried.

Emerald Lotus and Qingqing stayed in the room. Ann Brocade, who always got up early, was still sleeping soundly in bed.

Emerald Lotus pulled Qingqing's sleeve in horror: "Sister Qingqing, Longxiu murdered so many ladies. It is said that Mammy Chen directed it. Why? "

Qingqing was a bit elder than Emerald Lotus, and was much calmer in this drastic change. After a pause, she said, "What other reason would it be? Just because those ladies were too beautiful or talented, and they were in the way of someone n.o.ble. "

"n.o.ble? What n.o.ble people? " Emerald Lotus panicked and said, "We are all women who lost the election and didn't gain any t.i.tles. Whose way can we block?"

Qingqing sighed, "Have you ever heard a word? A sparrow that flies to the high branch can become a phoenix. In the palace, being beautiful is also a crime. Some ladies cannot be selected not because they are not good-looking but because their family background is not good enough. Think, how can the chosen consorts tolerate women who were more beautiful than them in the palace? "

Emerald Lotus thought it was a matter for rejoicing that her face was not very beautiful. She suddenly looked at Ann Brocade, who was asleep in the bed. She s.h.i.+vered and was still scared: "Luckily Longxiu has been crazy; otherwise, the next one will be Sister Brocade."

Qingqing's eyes were filled with grat.i.tude: "Yes, it's good that there was retribution. Who knew that Longxiu had suddenly gone mad and informed against Mammy Chen. It's good to eliminate one of the major harms in Yuexiu Palace. Alas! I didn't expect that the amiable Mammy Chen could secretly instigate Longxiu to kill people. Sister Brocade is really lucky. "

The sleeping person on the bed suddenly opened her eyes quietly with a slight smile. Yes, she was really a lucky person.

The truth in Yuexiu Palace soon came to light, because no one could stand the torture of imperial punishment department. In the past five or six years, Mammy Chen had instigated Longxiu's murders of six women in the palace. Longxiu, as a p.a.w.n of Chen Mammy, bullied other women in Yuexiu Palace and stole many things from them.

After pleading guilty, Mammy Chen could not resist torture and committed suicide in the imperial punishment department the next night. Crazy Longxiu was also driven out of the palace and left to fend for herself.

In this cold weather, the mad maid was alone in the street. Death was a matter of time.

Imperial punishment department's investigation had always been carried out in detail. In Longxiu's house, some boxes of jewelry and coins belonged to the dead were found. And the last roommate of Longxiu, Ann Brocade, was also summoned for questioning.

Fortunately, Ann Brocade was proven to stay with Emerald Lotus and Qingqing that night. Two people testified that she was seriously injured and had not come out of the house. The testimony cleared the suspicion of Brocade.

A thin eunuch in imperial punishment department, looking in the eyes of Brocade, said in a strange voice: "In this case, you are very blessed. Fortunately, you are not in this room; otherwise you would not have escaped death. "

Mammy Cheng on the other side trembled, "Lady Ann always behaves well and never causes trouble. Please trust her."

The eunuch snorted, and a silent eunuch suddenly said, "Did you follow Lady Intellectual Chen to study the way of fragrance?"

Ann Brocade looked up to that speaking eunuch who was hidden in the shadow and lowered her head, "Yes. I just learned it a month or so ago."

The thin eunuch frowned, "Chang, what did you find?"

Eunuch Chang was silent for a long time. He said in a cold voice, "Nothing, just curious."

The skinny old man felt dull, "Well, this is over. We are going back. "

He said, taking people away from Yuexiu Palace. The whole Yuexiu Palace was greatly relieved to see off so many 'evil spirits'. Even Mammy Cheng, who was the most serious figure, wiped her cold sweat frequently.

As soon as she saw the ladies standing still, she waved her hand. "Go back and have a rest."

All the ladies came back to their rooms. Mammy Cheng looked at Ann Brocade who was left behind and frowned. "Didn't you go back to Longxiu's room that night?"

Ann Brocade's face was calm as lake, "Mammy Cheng, you are the wisest person. Brocade dare not lie in front of you."

Mammy Cheng looked at her up and down for several times. She hesitated for a long time and let her leave with a sigh.

Ann Brocade made a curtsey and left, behind her suddenly came the voice of Mammy Cheng.

"Brocade, you are the most clever and calmest lady I have ever seen, but also the most unpredictable girl I have ever met. I hope you will be careful not to be tainted by this court."

Ann Brocade paused in her steps and finally slowly left Yuexiu Palace.

She walked slowly along the straight road to the most remote corner of the imperial garden. Over there, the water was gurgling, not frozen in winter. The water flowed from a hot spring in the deep palace, pa.s.sed around the palaces, and then followed the ca.n.a.l to the outside of the palace.

The originally clear spring water got dirty after circling around. She looked at her blurred face in the running water.

This was the waterway nearest to the outside of the palace, with a tall palace wall separating two parts of the sky. Fu Cold Fragrance outside the palace had been dead. The one standing inside the palace wall was Ann Brocade, who was quiet, walking on her own way step by step.

The running water gurgled, and her thoughts returned to that day. On the day the Su family got married, which was a happy day filled with red color like blood.

Fragrance Beauty Chapter 9: Step By Step (3)

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