Falling For You Once Again 97 Saddest Truth

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Ziyi stared at the screen blankly...

Frenemy has left....the notification appeared offline status..!!

'BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM'...The string words made her feel like a string in his heart was violently stirred.

She has been breaking her head for the past five years.Why doesn't SHE want Jiang Chen to be hurt ? Why ?

She thought of numerous possibilities before...But never once she thought that the reason could be her...

The reason turned out to be the SADDEST TRUTH and BIGGEST JOKE of her life

Stream of uncontrollable tears flown from her reddish eyes. She, still continued staring at the message on the screen for a long time.


Zhang Wei left Jiang Chen's house after speaking with him for some more time after receiving an emergency call.

Jiang Chen clenched the DNA report in his hand tightly. The report belong to the accident victim five years ago, whom everyone a.s.sumed as Ziyi. But, the report was clearly falsified. Originally, after hearing about Ziyi's death, Chen lost his emotional stability...but now that his Ziyi is alive, he felt that it's necessary to investigate the matters five years ago. He started the investigation right from Ziyi's death. The death report was certified and issued by a major hospital in City A. But, the details of death were no where published in any news channels. Even the police has certified it as an unidentified body. Only Jiang family u0026 Lu family knew that the body belongs to Ziyi.

His grandma told him that since she is worried about his health, she didn't reveal it back then. According to him, his grandmother is an extremely smart person to be the patriarch of Jiang's family.. Given she knew, the importance of Ziyi in his heart, there is no way she would just simply acknowledge the DNA certificate issued by lifeline hospital alone. Definitely she should have asked the Jiang group's hospital for cross verification. But, why did she just believe it ?Also, how did she confirm that the 80% burnt body belongs to Ziyi's? There are so many questions.

But, now, someone sent him an another report stating the DNA report falsification as well as the Victim information. What surprised him the most was the victim in that accident, who was the closest buddy of Ziyi. But according to what he knew, she is still alive in Mainland China. But, why did that guy send the DNA Report stating that the person who died was w.a.n.g Fang ?

Jiang Chen's head ached vigorously due to the lack of sleep. Also, things are becoming more and more complex, after continuous investigations. He stared at the window opposite to balcony and murmured, " Ziyi...I will definitely find out what happened five years ago !!" in a firm tone.


The mysterious guy logged out of the chat room and shut his laptop with a bang. His brows were furrowed showing the displeasure. He again came back and stared at the graffiti portrait in his room.

His heart become pleasantly relaxed seeing the girl's smiling face. But her eyes seemed to be glaring at him.

"Are you mad at me ?", he questioned the girl in the portrait staring deeply.

There was a pin drop silence in the entire room.

He then got up and walked towards the closet. He keyed in a string of numbers and the closet opened immediately.

He took the two little s.h.i.+ning red books and sat on the couch again.

He opened a red book and looked at the girl, complained, " Remember, on the day of our wedding, you promised me that you will never be angry"

The little red book showed a wedding picture of the portrait girl and the mysterious man.The picture showcased the bright smile of a girl and an arc of the man's smile. The girl's eyes shone with the radiance while the man's eyes remained gloomy and aloof.

Next to the picture, the details of the groom and the bride are published.

Name : Su Muchen

Name : Zhang Ziyi

Married on **/**/2015 (five years ago)

Falling For You Once Again 97 Saddest Truth

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