Quick Transmigration Of A Rotten Meat Chapter 16

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At the other side, Rong Yan stepped inside the drawing room. There, a young girl wearing a black garment was standing daintily at the left side of the room, her back on Rong Yan, looking at the paintings hanging on the wall… looking like she didn't realize about his arrival. Rong Yan coughed several times to break the young girl's admiration towards the paintings.

The girl looked like she was alarmed as she trembled while turning her body over, her movements were so graceful like she had been practising it million times over.

Rong Yan blanked once, how could he felt familiar with the young girl's appearance? He dazed for a while until the young girl lightly called out to him. He replied with an indifferent, immortal-like expression, walking to the master seat, he asked, "I have heard about the imperial tutor Li of the reigning Emperor… but I still don't know for what reason does Ms. Li visiting me for?"

The young girl looked at Rong Yan's cold expression. Pausing for a while, a thread of ruthlessness swept over her eyes, but she quickly resumed her sweet and gentle appearance as she smiled slightly, "Li s.h.i.+er pay a visit to Marquis Rong. My father often mentioned you as someone who has rich talent in literary… s.h.i.+er's heart has a strong admiration towards you, but  I haven't the chance to meet. This time, taking the opportune of being next door with Marquis summer villa, so s.h.i.+er come specifically to pay a visit." talking boldly in a roundabout way while clearly explaining about her own intention. Her cheeks were flushed red, her eyes shyly looking at Rong Yan…

Li s.h.i.+er: this Marquis Rong is indeed just like what father said, handsome and cold… but why is he not moved by me? Is it that he's already fascinated with other woman? How hateful…

Rong Yan looked at Li s.h.i.+er's appearance and finally recalled; the young girl and his mother had five points of resemblance… but thinking about it again… how can this girl be compared with his mother? However, it's funny that she thought she already covered herself nicely while her intention was as clear as day in Rong Yan's eyes.

Rong Yan's face completely held no expression at all, his white sleeve was raised up, taking the cup of tea from his attendant's hands, he never once mentioned for Li s.h.i.+er to sit down as he said lightly, "Since you have seen me, is Ms. Li still has any other matter?"

Li s.h.i.+er' face was ghastly pale, her body was quivering and her eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears, like she had just been attacked unfairly. That kind of appearance would surely attract many man's pity, but Rong Yan didn't feel anything even though she still had some resemblance with his mother…

"Will it be possible for s.h.i.+er to meet with Marquis' mother for a while?" Li s.h.i.+er made a wry smile, like she was trying hard to be strong as her eyes gracefully looked at Rong Yan…

The following words attacked Li s.h.i.+er more ferociously…
"Seeing that you would just casually visit a man's house like this, it's no wonder that Ms. Li is someone without a good propriety, do you think that you could meet this Marquis' mother as you pleases?!" His cold and poisonous tongue hurt her like a sharp jab. She looked in astonishment at Rong Yan who was clearly furious!

Li s.h.i.+er: It looks like Marquis Rong indeed is filial to his mother, but, why is it that something feels strange about this?
Li s.h.i.+er was feeling ashamed and resentful so she flung her sleeve and turned around to walk out of the door, saying in a fit of anger, "Marquis unexpectedly acted like this wanting me! [T/N: I'm not sure….侯爷竟如此想我] Li s.h.i.+er was wrong about you!"

Rong Yan laughed low like a devil. He raised his hand once, and a man wearing all black suddenly stood beside him. Rong Yan said a few words to him, then without waiting any second longer, the man vanished like thin air…
After Li s.h.i.+er walked out from the villa, she saw a middle aged man in black clothing walking towards her. Li s.h.i.+er was vexed, she beat him with her palm and said, "You have the impudence to be late in giving me notice! If this matter was turned over to father and I still haven't accomplish it, you won't be needing your life anymore!"

The middle-aged man lowered his head, receiving his punishment. Then Li s.h.i.+er said again: "Quick! Quickly find some men…" the last few words were whispered near the man's ear, n.o.body could hear what she said!


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Quick Transmigration Of A Rotten Meat Chapter 16

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