Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! 376 Chapter 368: Wang Feng!

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"He.. is gone?" the Princess and her expedition party raised their head from the ground only to see that the Imperial Overseer was no longer to be found!

He disappeared as quickly as he came! What a person that was!

Heaving a sigh of relief, they quickly stood back on their feet.

To think that the Imperial Overseer of the Jiu Empire was so dominating, overbearing and so... scary!

Just recalling the scene where the Elder Lich was slapped continuously while being berated harshly sent s.h.i.+vers down their spine!

When they look at the other party, complex emotions ran through their mind.

One has to know that it was common to find a Lich or sometimes a Lich King when there were undead around, but an Elder Lich? That was an existence on the level of a myth!

Rumors said that for a Lich to become an Elder Lich, it would require at least a millennium years of existence as an undead!

At this point, their dark elemental power will be enough to cast a curse that can envelop an entire city at once, turning the whole populace to flesh eating zombies which made them a truly fearful opponent for the humans!

If rumors about its existence now were to spread, the nine empires would definitely send their top experts to bring it down at all cost! It was suffice to say that an Elder Lich's existence was a threat greater than the Dark Sect themselves!

Knowing this, they began to retreat slowly, afraid that the Elder Lich would become hostile after the Imperial Overseer left!

After all, the previous Skull Centipede Emperor was already a 4-star monster that they couldn't defeat, let alone the Elder Lich that controls it!

Even if they were now surrounded by spiritual Qi after the ceiling was torn apart, they dare not underestimate a being that could resurrect a thousand monsters with a single wave of its hand!

Who knows if it could summon another ten of the Skull Centipede Emperor on them? That would truly be the end!

"Hmph! I've no desire to do harm to humans.." the Elder Lich turned around and said to them when he saw how they were gradually becoming wary of him.

Clasping his hands behind his back, he continued as he stared at the blue sky with a saddened skeletal expression, "I've been an undead since the Empyrean dynasty was still standing, and I've seen the foolishness of humans time and again that it tires me to even interact with you lot."


"This is my home for countless years and I've grown really fond of it.. but because of you all.. now it was turned into this! Uwuu.." the Elder Lich began to weep once more with a sorrowful voice.

"..." all of them could only remain speechless at this mention. Somehow, they felt a bit guilty as the other party was right.

In a way, they were invading on someone else's house, and as if that wasn't enough, they even destroyed the roof!

Although technically, it wasn't really them..

"Tell me, just who is that person?" he asked towards Shen Murong, w.a.n.g Dong and Wei w.a.n.g.

The trio looked at each other.

"He is the Imperial Overseer of our Jiu Empire, one who stands even above the Emperor in terms of status and might!" they answered with a trace of pride in their tone.

"Also... he is the Lord that we serve!"

Cough! Cough!

Elder Cheng Chao, Princess Meixiu and her expedition party choked on their saliva. Right now, any lingering thought of still making an enemy of the trio in their mind was thrown out of the window.

So what if the trio possesses some Ultimate graded weapons that can dominate the world?

Unless one was beyond insane, no one would still think of trying to s.n.a.t.c.h them anymore!

Since the Imperial Overseer was their Lord, it goes without saying that those weapons should be his gift for his followers. Even if they do managed to steal them away, it wouldn't be surprising if they found themselves to be visited by the Imperial Overseer the next day!

Everyone swallowed their saliva recalling how close they were to offending such a terrifying existence!

This was especially the case for Elder Cheng Chao. The reason they dared to bring their private army into the Jiu Empire was because they underestimated the power supporting it, thinking that it would be inferior compared to theirs!

But now, she was definitely sure!

While their Doulou Emperor could probably show similar effect like this, the Jiu Imperial Overseer did it so effortlessly!

A casual slap to knock back a Skull Centipede Emperor?

How about choking an Elder Lich by the neck while slapping it continuously to the point that its head became a spinning top?

Perhaps their Doulou Emperor would soon found his head to be lopped off instead!

"Someone above the emperor themselves? Mmm that should be the case!" the Elder Lich nodded in agreement.

For all his undead life, he had met countless top notch and apex existences throughout the Tian continent back when his bones was still white. He had even fought against some of the legendary Children of Tian themselves!

While they were indeed formidable and he almost found himself to lose his undead life several times against them, in the end, he still emerged as the victor!

But the moment he felt the killing aura of the Imperial Overseer, it was like his life was already forfeit!

By instinct, he chose to run away, but even that was not enough to escape the jaws of the grim reaper!

To make matters worse, the other party had such a scary temper!

Take his cute pet for example, it was still tortured by the numerous elements right in front of him, and by the looks of it, those runic formation would trap others that tried to decipher it too!

Just the thought of being trapped and tortured like that would make him wish to never be an undead!


"What is his Excellency's name?" he started using a more respectful word to refer the Imperial Overseer, evidence that he was no longer a threat.

With a proud expression, the trio answered him at the same time;

"Duan Li!"


"Elder Brother! We have been tricked!" Ang Busheng shouted in panic and called out to his brother.

"Huh?" Ang Busano looked towards the ground pointed by Busheng and his face immediately paled!

There were countless rounded metal b.a.l.l.s planted firmly on the ground!

"This is bad! Everyone disperse!" he quickly ordered.

However, since his command was abrupt, the bandit cavalry around him was confused and some couldn't even hear him properly with the chickens clucking noisily below their mount.

From afar, Fei Longwei chuckled coldly, "Too late!" and snapped his index fingers!





The bandit cavalry was thrown into disarray as the explosion injured their mount and some of them were even killed directly!

However, Fei Longwei was only able to produce a small explosion per ball as his spiritual Qi was limited. As a result, even though the bandit cavalry was taken by surprise, only their mounts was severely injured!

"d.a.m.n YOU!! I WILL KILL YOU!!" Ang Busano screamed as the dust cleared, revealing his body that was devoid of a single scratch!

This was the resilience of a Golden Core realm cultivator!

Those who were killed were mostly on the Early stage of the Qi condensation realm, while those above that level only escaped with minor injuries!

Right after his outburst of anger, another scene happened right before his eyes!

Psha!! Psha!! Psha!!

A bunch of chickens began gliding from the air at super speed, slitting the necks of his bandit cavalry!

Busano and Busheng clutched at their head feeling frenzied!

What the h.e.l.l is this?

Are these chickens or eagles?

Screw that! Are they even animals?!

How can poultry chickens possess cultivation levels? These things are obviously monsters!


Busheng was so stifled and frustrated that he spurted out blood!


Just like that, Ang Busano, Ang Busheng and their men turned into a frenzy swinging their blades, spears, axes and hammers at the chickens flying and dodging through their ranks!

It was a total mess!

From afar, another two regiments of bandit cavalry arrived and when they saw this scene, their leader could not help but to become enraged!


A man riding atop of a wild black bear that was about two meters tall bellowed!

This person has his chest exposed and his body was bulging with extreme muscles! Two large waraxes was on each of his hand, and his bald figure was even larger than the bear he was riding, about three meters tall!

Hearing this shout, Busano and Busheng froze on the spot as they turned around with ashened look.

"w.a.n.g Feng!!"


Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! 376 Chapter 368: Wang Feng!

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