World's Greatest Militia Chapter 13

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Published at 23rd of October 2019 06:33:25 PM Chapter 13
13 . First Mission (3)

“Let’s head out . ”

Having secured medical supplies and pract.i.tioners, there was no reason to stay here any longer . The team nodded and led the way out of room 1501 .

Kw.a.n.g Hwi extended his arms . “Wait . ”

“W-what’s wrong?” The restrained general looked at Kw.a.n.g Hwi with puzzlement .

“You can’t come with us,” replied Kw.a.n.g Hwi . A high ranking official was both useless and risky . “I’m the leader,” Kw.a.n.g Hwi continued . “I don’t know who you are, but I can’t let you go around acting like some kind of big shot . ”

“W-who said I’d do that?!” His fl.u.s.tered reaction gave away his intention to do so . From the general’s point of view, the sky was the limit with an armed force such as the one in front of him . Unfortunately, due to Kw.a.n.g Hwi’s unique relations.h.i.+p with his militia, it was painfully obvious to everyone that his chances of success were slim to none .

“Either way, you can’t come with us . ”

Kw.a.n.g Hwi walked away and the general’s face paled .

‘W-what should I do?’ He bit his lip—he couldn’t have begun to imagine how poorly this situation had gone . He had hoped that his men would eventually come save him, but given the current circ.u.mstances, he had to cling onto the man in front of him to survive .

“Wait! Let’s make a deal!”

Kw.a.n.g Hwi stopped and turned to the general . He fiddled with his gun and played with his finger dangerously close to the trigger .

“…A deal?”

“If you can ensure my safety, I can promise you something useful . ”

“Something useful?”

“A Heron . ”


Kw.a.n.g Hwi furrowed his brow . ‘Does he mean…?’

“Are you talking about the UAV Heron?” he asked .

“What other Heron could I be talking about?” The general sighed with relief . The general wagered that the leader of a militia group would be interested in military equipment .

‘A Heron…’ Kw.a.n.g Hwi’s expression belied his interest . The Heron was a medium-alt.i.tude UAV manufactured by Israel’s IAI . It was extremely popular in South Korea, able to operate continuously up to 52 hours at a time with a range of 3,300 km—enough to scout both China and j.a.pan from South Korea . While it wasn’t needed right this moment, it was a necessary component to grow by leaps and bounds in the future .

He paused . He was willing to accept the offer, but what if it turned out like the guns? He rationalized to himself that it wasn’t a firearm . While some UAVs had weapons attached, the Heron was fundamentally a reconnaissance vehicle .

『IAI UAV Heron』
『Price: 1,000,000 MP . 』
『Would you like to purchase?』

Under [Communications/Reconnaissance], the Heron cost an astronomical 1,000,000 MP . When Kw.a.n.g Hwi thought about the paltry 190,000 MP he had gained so far, he was flabbergasted .

‘I guess it’s worth the risk . ’ If he only had to save one person, it was worth the trouble . Plus, if his hypothesis was correct, there was an opportunity under the surface .

“Alright, deal . But …” His apathetic eyes bore down on the general . “If you try anything funny…”

“I—I know!” The general choked out the words and failed to meet Kw.a.n.g Hwi’s eyes .

The two of them were the last to leave the VIP hospital room . Without warning, a Blister ambushed them . The general recoiled in shock, but Kw.a.n.g Hwi casually aimed his gun at the Blister and stepped in the way of the Blister and its prey . Until Kw.a.n.g Hwi claimed possession of the Heron, he would treat the general as a VIP .

The Blister’s abdomen burst apart from the spray of bullets and it collapsed .

“Please give me a gun…” the general pleaded .

“No . ” Kw.a.n.g Hwi’s sharp glance made the general curb his avarice .

The team and the survivors were already waiting in vehicles .

“Alright, we’ll be going back to base . ”

The line of vehicles turned around and left the hospital . Unlike when they arrived, Kw.a.n.g Hwi’s SUV led the way, while the Medium Tactical Vehicle carrying survivors and supplies brought up the rear .

The Blister Lord watched the men depart from his perch . He had been curious as to what humans would approach him so recklessly and had chosen to simply observe from afar for the time being . He quickly realized he had made the right choice—these humans slaughtered countless of his minions in the hospital . For now, there was nothing to do but bide his time .

“To the boss! Salute!”

The patrol guards hurriedly raised their hands to salute their commander . He noted with satisfaction that the exterior walls of the containers had been painted black, making them even more daunting than before .

As soon as he entered the base, notifications popped into view .

『Mission Complete』
『Secured the necessary medical supplies from Dongd.u.c.h.eon General Hospital . 』
『You have obtained 300,000 MP as a reward . 』
『Unlocked Armored Vehicle category . 』

“Keep an eye on him around the clock . He is not allowed out of sight . ”

“W-what! I said I wouldn’t do anything strange!” The protest was in vain .

After commanding his subordinates to keep the general under heavy military surveillance, Kw.a.n.g Hwi headed to his office . Soo Min, who was talking to the other soldiers, stopped and greeted him warmly .

“You’re back, boss! Did you get what you needed?”

Wordlessly, Kw.a.n.g Hwi went to the whiteboard .

Supplies – On Demand (Secured Medical Supplies)

“This time, I brought doctors and nurses from the hospital . Establish a medical system around them . ”


Satisfied, Kw.a.n.g Hwi entered the Merit Shop, and selected the [Armored Vehicle] category .

『IFV K-21』
『IFV LAV-25』
『IAV Stryker』
『APC BTR-90』

The category started off with all kinds of armored vehicles used in Korea, the USA, Russia, and so on .

『K1A1 Tank』
『K2 Black Panther』
『M1A2 Abrams』
『AMX-56 Leclerc』
『Merkava Mk . 4』
『Leopard 2』
『Type 99』

As he went through the list, it even progressed to tanks . Hundreds of vehicles were listed . Vehicles with a big and beautiful cannon, a st.u.r.dy looking armored plate, and a continuous track that looked like it could crush anything in its path . With great reluctance, Kw.a.n.g Hwi tore his glance away from the tanks in front of him . ‘Not yet . ’ A tank certainly had its appeal, but he needed to prioritize transforming his team into mechanized infantry .

He paused, as his eyes lit up as he scrolled through the APCs .

『APC Namer』
『A heavy armored personnel carrier developed in Israel . Shares the same body frame as the Merkava Mk . 4 . Widely considered to have the most superior defense amongst APCs . 』

Kw.a.n.g Hwi had heard of this vehicle before . It was an APC from Israel designed to protect the relatively small Israeli armed forces . The more he thought about it, the more he realized his situation was similar to Israel’s . He was short on combat personnel . Naturally, he couldn’t stop looking at the Namer . ‘Do I even have enough?’

『Price: 320,000 MP』
『Would you like to purchase?』

After his latest mission, Kw.a.n.g Hwi now had 490,000 MP . He resolved himself and purchased it .

『Purchase complete . 』
『Please confirm the location to deploy vehicle . 』

A red rectangle appeared in front of Kw.a.n.g Hwi . He focused the rectangle to the parking lot in front of the house . A Namer appeared on the gravel out of thin air . Its body was painted in khaki, and a machine gun and a 30mm autocannon were mounted . Inside, a RCWS system was installed to remotely control the autocannon . The people standing nearby jumped back in surprise . Soo Min stared blankly at the APC, and then back at Kw.a.n.g Hwi .

“Boss, is this also your ability…?”

Kw.a.n.g Hwi nodded resolutely . “Who do we have that can operate an APC?”

“Including Jackson, 3 people . ”

“That’s more than enough . ”

World's Greatest Militia Chapter 13

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